Stuck in the Future – A Phil of the Future Fanfic

by Jose Chung

Author's Note: After I saw the potential series finale of Phil of the Future, Back to the Future, my mind filled with ideas on how to continue the story. So I began reading some fanfiction to see how other creative minds would take the story. I quickly realized that my vision was unique enough that I might as well put my thoughts into words. Before you read here's what you should and shouldn't expect. Don't expect Phil to be reunited with Keely anytime soon. That story has been told to death and doesn't particularly interest me. My story will be about getting them back together. But on that note, don't expect either Phil or Keely to move on, or a complete lack of any Pheely moments either! Do expect a story that largely takes place in the future, from Phil's point of view, that is heavier on narrative than it is on dialogue. Do expect a grander adventure that would be more suitable for a movie than a 20 minute episode. The following is just a prologue to whet your appetite. I plan on continuing the story regardless of fan support, but if support is overwhelming, it may motivate me to write in a more timely fashion. If you read this, please leave comments, and please be critical. In fact, be brutal if you must. I am writing this for fun, but I also want it to be as good as it possibly can be.


Phil Diffy was buckled tight into his seat in his family's time machine, along with his parents, Barbara and Lloyd, and his younger sister Pim. Phil and his family were returning to the year 2121 from a prolonged time vacation. The Diffy's time machine had broken down in the early 21st century, where the family was stranded for nearly two years. Phil met some amazing friends during his stay in the past, including girlfriend and love of his life, Keely Teslow, and a caveman he had named Curtis.

After traveling to the Stone Age, Curtis stowed away on the Diffy's time machine and became a member of their family in the 21st century. When Lloyd finally managed to fix the time machine, he and Barb decided it was best to return Curtis to the Stone Age where he belonged.

So Phil Diffy was faced with the very real possibility of never seeing some of the greatest friends, in the truest sense of the word, a person could ask for. Yet you wouldn't know it by looking at his face. There was no hint of sadness or regret on Phil's face; no blank stare or signs of emotional shock. And while Phil Diffy wasn't particularly known for wearing his emotions on his sleeves, he never tried too hard to keep his feelings inside either. Phil's face was not expressionless; clear emotions were there. They just weren't the types of emotions one would expect from a person dealing with the type of loss Phil was dealing with. Rather than like a person in emotional despair, Phil's face read like a person who was confident and determined. That's because, for Phil, there was no chance he would never see his friends again. He'd be time traveling back to them very soon, and he knew exactly how he was going to do it.

Back in the year 2006, Keely Teslow was eating lunch by herself under a tree in the field behind H.G. Wells Junior/Senior High School. Like Phil, emotions could clearly be read on her face. Keely's face, however, read more like you'd expect a person who was facing the proposition of never seeing her boyfriend again. Then Keely looked up at the tree she was eating under and read the message her not then yet boyfriend had written only a few short weeks ago: "Keely and Phil Friends Forever." She smiled for the first time since Phil had left. Still, she wished that she and Phil would be remembered eternally as more than just friends…

The Diffy's return trip to the year 2121 had been rather uneventful, until suddenly, the machine began rocking much like an airplane flying through turbulence. The time turbulence was accompanied by loud beeping and buzzing, and finally, without Lloyd's prompt, the machine's final destination changed from 2121 to 2123…