Greetings friends, your friendly neighborhood Xenocide here. This is a one shot that had been bugging me for quite a while, until I wrote it down.It has no coherency whatsoever so...yeah.Enjoy! (And review of course)



The world has moved on.

What was once a land of light and unity is now naught but a decaying husk of insanity and loneliness.

Once, there had been a bastion for man's goodness and strength, a place where all that was right in the world took a last stand against all that was not.

The ruins of the great city lie deep in the forest, the withering touch of time having long since begun reclaiming the broken stone and wood as its own.

The white mountains that tower over the city's remains now bear little resemblance to the five visages that once graced its granite face. Wind and storm are staunch allies of time.

Once my friends, this city was a well of knowledge and wealth. No man would want for anything for all of his days.

The shades of the dead would have laughed at the sheer irony of that statement. But the world had moved on. There was no such thing as laughter.

Demons and the very Gods themselves would clash here, leaving their mark upon the land for all to see. You can see that more often than not, the Demons won.

In these days, fighting is the only thing worth doing, worth the very effort of living. There were no more Gods, but Demons were in abundance. The only thing left is blood and death.

Uzumaki Naruto would have understood. Endless whispers of ageless horror had permeated his heart every moment of every day. Not all Demons were where one could see them.

Ah, but what days! There were no more tears, for they had all been wiped away.

What ignorance. In these days, tears are a fact of life. Those who are left mourn the passing of a time far happier than their own. They mourn for the loss of hope, that precious commodity that was so very rare and yet commonplace.

But Haruno Sakura would have understood. Though she tried, all the tears that she shed couldn't stop the world from moving on.

A man could always rely on his friends.

Friendship? Highly overrated.

Uchiha Sasuke had understood the true value of friendship.

Absolutely nothing.

He traded it for power and never looked back. The world had begun moving on, you see.

Best to keep up with the times.

There is a white stone in the middle of a rapidly shrinking clearing, close to the city. It bears the etched names of fallen heroes, who died protecting the city itself. It was supposed to be an eternal reminder of their bravery.

But now, the characters are worn and faded. And none now live who can read them.

Except for a pair of crimson spiraling eyes set in an angular, serpentine face. Occasionally, he would be compelled to visit this spot. For what reason, he knows not.

A small part of his soul seemed to feel...something...whenever he stood before this worn monument. He did not like it, nor understand it. The time for sentiments were past. He tried to supress that tiny spark of himself that still insisted that he visit, and it seemed that he was succeeding.

The days began to stretch in between his visits.

Until finally, he ceased completely.

Orochimaru understood why.

The world had moved on.