I apologize because THIS IS THE SHORTEST CHAPTER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. I've been all upset because, reading over previous chapters, I've come to the conclusion that my story sucks. But apparently you guys don't think so, so I resisted the temptation to delete the story and rewrite it. Lucky you.

However, I will probably be writing more to this story soon because I managed to get on our messed-up computer and email the files to my other one! Yippee! But I mourn for our other computer, which has been slow ever since we got it fixed (how would that even happen?). I have come to the conclusion that it was broken by the printer. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, then that's what happened. If not, then it was gremlins.

Gremlins, you ask? Yes. I truly believe that that's how, in the last year or so, we have had:

-Two broken computers,

-A nearly-broken treadmill,

-A dead microwave,

-A practically new toaster that up and stopped working,

-A plasma screen TV, also somewhat new, that completely went kapooie (I was mad about that one)

-A printer that, when plugged in, will not allow our computer to start,

-Another printer which has stopped printing anything from just one certain computer,

-My ability to write, which shut down a couple of months ago (yes, I'm blaming that on the gremlins too)

And, my god, this author's note is already longer than the chapter. Which, by the way, is short-short-short (I'm reeeaaallly sorry!) But someone pointed out that I can't post an author's note as a chapter (I feel like an idiot for not realizing that) so I shan't be doing that any longer.

"PILLOW FIGHT!" Raven hollered, chucking a pillow randomly at the first moving figure she saw. Everyone else followed suit, ducking and dodging and hurling pillows every which way. Within five minutes, forts had been constructed of every sofa cushion, sleeping bag, and pillow in sight (several of these "building blocks" were being snatched off of the fortresses and flung at someone else's). Eventually a few of the Titans informally teamed up, so it began to look as though it was: Starfire and Robin (no surprise there) vs. Raven and Beast Boy (this was still rather odd-seeming to the others, but they got over it) vs. Argent vs. Cyborg vs. Bee vs. Kid Flash and Jinx (though those two ended up bombarding each other after a while).

But after all, the Titans are teenagers, and teenagers have notoriously short attention spans. So after about ten minutes of endless pillow bombardment, the fighting drew to a close and everyone drifted over to the quickly-diminishing pile of junk food.

"So where were we?" Raven asked, scooping up a handful of popcorn. "Oh, right – Hey, Robin. Truth or Dare?"

He pondered for a moment. "Uh...Dare, I guess."

"Great," Raven said slyly, a rather wicked-looking grin spreading across her face. Robin gulped. "Robin, I dare you...to kiss Starfire."

I know, I know, I hate me too! But I had to get something out there, or this story would be dead right now. At least this just got the ball rolling. And now, READ THE NOTE BELOW!

Okay, y'all, check out this page I found (Go to my profile, I put it right at the top and labled it "Teen Titans Go!", you can't miss it). It includes scans and a brief summary of the latest Teen Titans Go! volume, number 42. This storyline is one of the most clichéd fanfiction plots! Get this - due to some carelessness on Beast Boy's part, Raven's mirror gets broken and her emoticlones escape! I find it absolutely hilarious that they actually made a comic with that plot. And get this: they finally acknowledged the existence of the Beast Boy-Raven fans! Hahaha! ('Cause we all know that's the best us BBxRaven fans are ever gonna get.) I love the panel where Starfire is hypothosizing!