Yuki was ticked, he had had enough of the "Prince Yuki Fan Club" following him around. Ever since Motoko had accidentally seen him walking down the street, he had been followed the whole day. She had even called in back up so now the whole club was following him. Luckily…or maybe not, Ayame's store was right next by.

Dashing in, Yuki sat down on one of the many sofas and cringed as he saw his fan club trying to hide but still watch him from the store's front windows.

"YUKI!" Came Ayame's loud voice, "What a delightful surprise! Oh I was just telling Mine, 'Mine, it would be so lovely if Yuki came to visit today' HA HA HA!" Ayame said boastfully.

"Oni-san…..don't get too excited. I'm just hiding." Yuki said coolly.

"Hiding from who?" Ayame said.

"Look out side the windows…" Yuki mumbled hiding his face in his hands.

Ayame lean to the side and saw the fan club hiding rather terribly out side the store. "Oh, I see. My my they aren't very good at this are they?" He said shaking his head.

"They've been following me for about an hour…" Yuki sighed exasperatedly.

"Well, I know exactly what you need." Ayame proclaimed.

"What, please I've got to get away from them…they're just plain…creepy…." Yuki said giving a slight shudder.

"Yes, well having good looks such as ours often cause slight problems like this. And the easiest way to get around them is by disguise." Ayame said.

"Disguise? What…the hell….there is no way you could disguise me that would fool them." Yuki said raising an eyebrow.

"Oh really? Let's just wait and see." Ayame said pulling Yuki into the back room.