Ding-dong….the Bell of Ayame's shop chimed happily as Yuki walked in followed by a nervous looking Kyo. They had walked here together after school, enjoying the long peaceful walk talking about things that didn't really matter at all like most normal couples do. But now that they were inside, Kyo was paralyzed with his fear of whatever Ayame would do to him; he was a nutcase as far as Kyo knew so there was no telling how he would react.

Suddenly a large maroon and silver object flew out of the back room and practically pounced Yuki happily screaming, "Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuki!!!"

Kyo froze and his eyes grew wide as he watched Ayame shower his brother with excess affection. Yuki finally got him to stand by himself and that's when Ayame noticed Kyo.

"Ah….Kyonkichi! The man who unfroze my little Yuki's heart! What made you fall so deeply in love with him, was it the cream colored dress? It's very romantic I admit, but if it conquered you my creations are even more powerful than I thought. But then again it was created with the intention of making my dearest Yuki into a beautiful beautiful man worthy of love and affection, not that he wasn't already, but just put it out there more. He looked amazing didn't he Kyonkichi, tell me didn't he? Come on, I know he did. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!"

Ayame whined at Kyo until Kyo practically yelled, "Fine! Okay! He looked amazing! Are you happy now!"

Ayame for once in his life couldn't speak for four seconds. "….Yes! Now come along both of you, Mine and I are going to make you marvelous!"

Kyo suppressed a groan and looked over to see Yuki smiling and holding back laughter. He sighed and gave a half smile back at him, it was good to see Yuki smiling he looked so beautiful when he did that Kyo almost forgot he was being dragged by the back of his shirt by Ayame.

Kyo was alarmed when Mine suddenly appeared and stole away Yuki to fit him in some creations that Ayame had apparently made since his last visit. Ayame pulled Kyo into another room and pulled out a bright pink tape measure and began to take his measurements.

"My aren't you fit!" Ayame said jotting down his measurements, "Your body frame reminds me of Shii-chan when he was young."

Kyo made a face as Ayame sighed, but made not comment. He stood very still as Ayame began to throw all sorts of fabric samples on him while also showing him dress sketches.

"Okay, do you like the soft red or the hard purple? The pink velvet or the green chiffon? The ruffled lace or the pin lace? The cross straps or the halter?" Ayame chattered on barely waiting for Kyo to answer.

"Wait! Am I picking these for me or for Yuki?" Kyo said, his head was spinning from all the questions.

"Oh! I would never let you pick your own! I'm just finding out what you like. Seeing what type of man has caught my Yuki's fancy." Laughed Ayame.

"So that was pointless?" Kyo growled.

"Not entirely."

Kyo rolled his eyes, but said nothing.

After a while of sitting around in the back of the store watching Ayame's fingers fly with a needle and thread and effortlessly use the sewing machine, Kyo found himself being forced into an outfit. To his surprise, it wasn't anything compleately outlandish. Ayame had dressed Kyo in a pair of well tailored dark brown jeans, a button up white shirt (with the top couple buttons open of course) and an army green cargo jacket that set off his orange hair nicely.

"So? What do you think." Ayame said in a surprisingly serious voice.

Kyo was staring at himself in the mirror, he looked pretty good and Ayame had done something to his hair that made it look stylish. "It's….good." Kyo grudgingly approved.

"Fantastic!" Ayame exclaimed, "I'm going to see how Yuki's coming along. Sit tight Kyonkitchi."

Kyo stood there for a couple seconds and then Ayame came hurtling back in like a cannonball.

"He's ready!!!" Ayame laughed excitedly, "HA HA HA!!!"

Ayame led Kyo to where Mine and Yuki had been and Kyo could barely keep his mouth from dropping open. Mine had put Yuki into a front-snap, sleeveless jumper type dress that seemed to be a longer more feminine version of Kyo's jacket. Yuki had on a long sleeve white tee-shirt underneath it as well as a cute square billed army cap. His shoes were clunky tie-up shoes and were worn with cute white socks.

While Kyo was looking over Yuki, Yuki was looking over him and nodded his approval to Ayame who grinned and did a silent thumbs up.

Kyo walked up to Yuki and kissed his cheek so he could whisper, "You look amazing" into his ear. Yuki blushed, but didn't say anything to let Ayame or Mine know what Kyo had said.

"Ah! Love is in the air! Can't you feel it Mine!" Ayame swooned.

"Yes! And no better couple, such beautiful people, such beautiful clothes!" Mine said gesturing.

"Indeed, clothes make the man. In Kyonkitchi's case, this is most definitely true. I, Ayame, took my dearest brother Yuki's wild rogue and cleaned him up, made him a man worth showing off. A regular piece of arm candy that one!" Ayame boasted tossing rose petals in the air.

Yuki and Kyo didn't even break eye contact to cast disparaging looks at Ayame's antics. Ayame noticed this and pulled out his wallet. He began brandishing large amounts of bills at Kyo and Yuki and exclaiming, "Lovebirds! Oh star-crossed lovers! Yoo-hoo!"

Finally he got Kyo and Yuki's attention and handed them the money, "I want you to go out, have a date…like a normal couple would. I'll even call Hatori to give you a ride if you want."

Kyo was speechless and Yuki was so moved, he hugged his brother. "Thank you…" He said, "But I don't think Hatori should drive us, it would make him liable to tell Akito and I don't want to cause any problems for him."

"Ah…you're right." Ayame said, "Either way, you're going on a date. I'll call Gure-san and inform him of your tardiness. Now get along you two!"

Kyo smiled and snaked his hand into Yuki's, they were going to be like a real couple and go out on a real date. Yuki sighed, this was going to be great, all he really wanted was to be normal anyways and this was about as close as he was going to get.


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