Title: David's Revenge (Epilogue)
Author: ImhotepsGoddess
Summary: David isn't dead. And he wants revenge. How will he get it, and could he possibly find a way to bring the Pack back to life?
Disclaimer: As we all know, the WB owns The Lost Boys and all of the characters therein. The only thing I own is Annabelle but don't tell her that. However, if they wanted to give me Dwayne I wouldn't object ::sigh::


The Pack had watched as Lucy and Grandpa took in the carnage before them, Lucy breaking down into sobs and Grandpa just holding her, himself in shock. Laddie was hiding behind Lucy's skirt but he wasn't afraid of the Boys. No, he was afraid of what they might do to his new family. He wanted to be with them again, but he also didn't want to leave Lucy or the man he had begun calling Grandpa either. He didn't want the Pack to hurt them.

David stepped into view first. "You bastard! You killed them! You killed my sons!" Lucy screamed, clutching onto her father for dear life.

"I took my revenge. It is done," he said quietly.

"What...what do you mean, it is done? Why spare us?" asked Grandpa quietly, almost wishing for death.

"No, he needs you," David replied, pointing at Laddie.

"You care for Laddie? Why?" Lucy asked, confused and afraid.

"He is Pack. He will always be Pack," Marco said, smiling at the child.

"You want us to take care of him?" asked Grandpa.

"Yes, he needs a childhood," said David, who knew how hard it would be for him to be a child forever. He learned that from Annabelle.

"But, I want to stay with you guys! You said I'm Pack so why can't I stay?" Laddie cried, angry and confused.

"Laddie, you are a child now. You will not want to still be a child 10, 20, or 30 years from now. Age into young-adult hood. We will come for you then, we promise," Annabelle said softly, and when Laddie looked into her eyes he knew that she was telling the truth.

"You really promise?" he asked, hope in his voice.

"We promise," the family said in unison.

Lucy took Laddie's hand a fearfully led him away from the vampires. Laddie turned back, giving them one final glance. Grandpa followed her but stopped and turned around at the last minute. "We...we want the...bodies," he stammered, eyes glazing over with tears.

"Yes, of course. But this ends it. No more retribution. It's over," David said, his voice calm but threatening.

Grandpa nodded his head, knowing that he could never do it anyway. Then he was gone.


The cave was once again still and David turned to his family with a smile. "So, we hunt?" he asked.

"We hunt." they answered.

With that the group ran up the steps and out of the cave. Soon all that could be heard was raucous laughter and the rumbling of motorcycle engines. And then, nothing.

~~ The End ~~ (check out the sequels, Fangs, Leather, Love and A Vampire's Word. AVW's finished!)