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SOLDIER Bros.:Chp 1

On top of the Shinra building, three smiling Turks stood tall in the middle of the night. The lights of the surrounding buildings made everything glow. Reno proudly held up three red, crescent moon shaped pieces of paper decorated with gold writing.

"It's been a long wait, you guys", Reno announced. "And finally, tonight is the night that all of our dreams will come true!".

The two Turks at his side grinned. Rude and Elena were also looking forward to the event.

The next morning, Aeris ran eagerly around the corner of a building and into the Seventh Heaven bar where everyone usually met in the morning.

"Good morning, everyone! I saw something really, really strange outside", Aeris said quickly.

"What was it?", Zack and Cloud asked in unison.

Everyone looked excitedly at Aeris. Nothing exciting had happened in the past few weeks, so this seemed very interesting.

"Everyone outside is holding these red papers with gold writing all over them. And the papers are shaped like a crescent moon!", chirped Aeris.

Red tilted his head to the side curiously. "Show us", Cait Sith said.

Aeris led the gang outside and true to her word, everyone was holding red crescent moon shaped papers with gold writing on them.

"I want one too!", Yuffie whined.

Zack looked shyly to the ground. "So do I", he mumbled.

"Let's ask someone where to get one", Tifa suggested.

The whole gang walked by the park where Denzel and Marlene were having a mock sword battle with their red papers. When Marlene climbed to the top of the jungle gym, she spotted everyone.

"Hi!", Marlene called out. Barret smiled at her.

"Where did you get those papers?", Yuffie asked.

Denzel looked to Marlene who nodded quickly. "Some blonde haired lady was giving them out near the water fountain. She was nice", Denzel said.

Aeris thanked them and they all ran off to the water fountain, but nobody was there. Tifa pouted and slumped to the ground.

"We'll never get one of those papers", she sobbed.


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