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Chapter 1:

"Hey Naruto.. are you ready to do this?" He stood there looking at Jiraya and then back into the mirror.

"Yea Ero-sennin, I can't believe it's really going to happen." He had a smile on his face. He had never been so happy and ready to do anything as he was now.

"I can't believe you're gonna do this before I am. But I guess when you know there's no denying it" He placed his hands on Naruto's shoulders. He had become equal in height to his sensei these past years but it wasn't just in height that he had grown. He had a calm about him now while still being able to hold that optimism inside him that gave him that unique power of making anyone want to be his friend

"Yea I just cant believe it took me so long to realize that this is what I really wanted"

"Well the whole village is going to be turning out for this so it's gonna be quite a celebration"

He looked down at the pressed lily that he had long ago pressed and dried in order to preserve. He had it sealed in a little card and he stuck it in his pocket.

"Hey Naruto, what's that thing you're putting in your pocket there?"

"This... " His eyes glanced out the window as his mind began to wander It was as if the past three years began to flash through his mind. "I got this a little after I came back from retrieving Sasuke. It was when I saw this flower that I knew. Well ….I didn't know it then that I knew but looking back it was seeing this flower that first time that I knew I couldn't be without her" His thoughts began to trail back. The world had seemed to go by in the blink of and eye, the fight wasn't over yet but today was a day of celebration.

"I just wish old lady Tsunade could be here..." it had taken some time to accept what had happened but he had come to terms with the events that had taken place.

"Yea... I do to but you know she lives on in all of us"

He grasped the crystal that was around his neck that he had won from Tsunade "Yea….It all seems like it happened just yesterday..."

3 years earlier…

The sound of the tea being poured could be heard throughout the halls of the Hyuga Clan. It was a quiet place since her mother had passed away some years ago but she continued to fill each of the two cups and placed them on a tray. Walking out to the courtyard she placed the tea on the steps for her father and Neji as she had become accustomed to doing early in the morning before leaving for her own training. Yet as she walked back down the halls all she could think about was what had happened a little over a week ago.

After his long awaited return she still could not believe that he was back. She sighed, as all she could now remember was how she had passed out again when they ran into each other. He had left again on his mission to retrieve Sasuke but she had not heard any word of how it had gone or if he was back again. Silently she continued down the halls the thoughts still running through her head. As she rounded the corner her father's figure came upon her

"Good morning Otoo-san, I'm leaving for my training for the day with Kiba-kun and Shino-kun. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave."

"Did you prepare the tea?" He looked over her shoulder as he rarely looked at her face directly.

"Yes Otoo-san"

"Very well, don't mess up again today then"

She looked down towards her feet, as one of the things she had longed for was her father to only accept her. After Naruto had left she had tried to gain his acknowledgment, but still after becoming a Chuunin he had still looked upon her as what she thought was a defect. It was this lack of faith that made her feel like she was a failure. Her mindset had caused her to fail many missions but still she pressed on remembering the promise that she had made herself three years ago when Naruto had left.

I will work hard too.

The thought of that promise she made herself drove her as she felt if she did not work hard she would be letting him down.

"Yes…Otoo-san" She continued out the corridor down the steps and out the gate. The day was overcast as the sky seemed to be full of clouds ready to poor their rain upon the earth but still she did not want to stay home, all she wanted to do was train. So she continued down the street half depressed while the other half clung to the promise she had made herself, the promise she felt like she had made him.

"Yamato, are you feeling ok?" Tsunade stood over his bed as she looked down upon him. She had treated his wounds and now she wanted explanations. Having returned from their mission the hospital now had four new occupants.

"What happened out there? You managed to get everyone back alive except for Sai."

"Yea… the end Sai wasn't so bad after all. He saved Naruto from Orochimaru's attack at the cost of his own life." Yamato who was no sitting up in his bed paused before he continued to inform Tsunade about what had happened in their mission.

"Orochimaru…..he's dead." Silence fell between the two again, Tsunade mainly from shock before her voice came back to her.

"What! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! You guys were strong enough to defeat him?" She glared at him as her eyes opened in shock.

"No we weren't…." He could still see the vivid images of the battle as if it were happening before him. "Itachi and Kisame did"

"WHAT! Why were they there? And if they were there how the did you get Naruto out of there before they captured him!" Tsunade's voice had risen as the events that had taken place had just stunned her.

"They saved us from Orochimaru but turned their attention to Naruto. That's when Sasuke stepped in to try to kill Itachi but he still wasn't strong enough. Him and Sakura ……when she tried to help him were both caught in the Mangekyou Sharingan. That's when it happened for the second time." She already knew what he was going to say. There would have only been one way for them to have escaped.

"So it was Naruto then…" the realization of what happened finally hit her.

"Yes. Seeing his friends trapped in the Genjutsu and no chakra of his own left he unleashed the power of the Kyuubi…. He immediately sprouted four tails... At the time I didn't stop him right away as we didn't have much choice if we were going to keep them from getting him and escape ourselves."

"So did they get away?" Tsunade's interest had only intensified after hearing that Naruto had used the power of the Kyuubi.

"No not both of them only Itachi. He had been drained from using Amaterasu to kill Orochimaru along with his use of the Mangekyou sharingan so he had no choice but to run. Kisame though met his fate. He was crushed by a blow from the four tails as they slammed him into the ground followed by a burst of chakra from I guess the foxes mouth you could say." Yamato was just silent now after he told Tsunade everything that had happened.

"Alright then Yamato. Job well done. Sakura and Naruto are back now and they should be ok. The mission was completed. Sasuke is back. From what you have told me we were lucky this time."

The day had eventually given way to night and only a few scattered clouds remained in the sky. There was no moon this night so only the light of the stars could guide the way. The wind rustled through the air and the streets of Konoha as she walked down the road alone.

She had trained all day with her team but still she found herself wondering if Naruto was alright and if she would be able to talk to him next time. It had seemed like everyday since she saw him that the same thoughts would run over and over then repeat themselves again in her mind. Still, it did not bother her as the more vivid her thoughts of him were the harder she would work.

She continued down the streets until she had reached the building complex that belonged to her clan. For a second she stood there looking at the sign on the outside of the building and wondered if her father had been right.

Am I too weak to lead our clan?……

She slowly began to walk in through the entrance into the courtyard where she could see some light in her father's room as a shadow appeared to be looking out at her before the light was turned off. She lowered her eyes back down to the ground and began to walk to her room.

She slipped out of her training clothes and slid on her pajamas. Turning off the lights in her room she covered herself with her blanket and turned to her side to look out the window.

Come back safely Naruto-kun…

Authors note: I will be making a side story of what happened against Orochimaru and how it was that Itatchi killed them. That's what the first two chapters used to be. However i want to do justice to Orochimaru's death so It wont be up for a week or two. It will be a long one of maybe two chapter side story to explain what happened if you ever really want to know what did in this Naruto world