Well everyone as you might have noticed I have disappeared for an ungodly amount of time. Well long story short I've been traveling the world and have started graduate school, which has been taking up an abundant amount of my time. However, after the fires here in San Diego this past week I realized that I just need to take it easy with school and just enjoy life a little bit more and get back to the things I enjoy.

So as to the story, I'm going to have to kinda read back through some of the previous chapters and figure out where exactly I was and then I plan to write the next chapter this following weekend after my midterms are all wrapped up. I figure it's time I stop starting things without finishing them and I thought I would start with this story. Initially I stopped writing mainly because the main storyline shifted so much and characters were getting killed off so I was more afraid that my story wouldn't really fit well in the context of the manga anymore. Well who really cares. It's a fanfic. So Hopefully the next chapter will be up for those who actually care.


Miller Tran