The Prices Of Family

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A/N: Hi, now I know I haven't finished A Son's Tale but I can find the rest of it that I had saved so I have to go chapter hunting. (shhh, I'm hunting chapters in Elmer Fudd voice) heehee. Sooo until then, I'll start the next story in my notebook. So sit back, grab your snacks, and enjoy another fun little story. Enter the world of Harry Potter, about the middle of the summer after his 4th year...

"How could you!" Snape yelled, standing up from his chair and slamming his fist on the table. "How could you leave him with them when you knew the whole time what they do to him!"

"He's safe there, the protect him." Dumbledore said, calmly.

"Safe there! Protect him! Albus they beat him! Oh he's really safe, some protection. What in the bloody hell are you thinking old man?" Snape exclaimed, angerly.

"Its blood protection Sever--" he was cut off by Snape who was now shaking with rage. The candles started to flicker.

"HE'S MY SON ALBUS! He is not a weapon, not a little pawn in your game, he's my son. And you never thought to leave him with me? I've stood back all these year, watching my son grow up without me. Do you know how much that hurt Albus? How much I've wanted to help him but can't. He's been through more than most full grown wizards have ever had to bear. You took my son, my only son, my only connection to her away from me and now this. Albus, how can I trust you after what you put my boy through?" Dumbledore hung his head, finally realizing what he'd done to both Severus and his son.

"Severus, let me apologize. I never realized--" he was cut off once more.

"APOLOGIZE! NOT REALIZE! Albus, its not me to whom you must apologize, its him. I'm getting him out of there, and he'll never go back.He's staying with me as he should have from the begining of this whole mess. And no more meddling in his life from you Albus. And no more spying from me. He is my first priority and I will not endanger him or his happiness by satisfying the Dark Lord's fettish for torturing his supporters and enemies the same." and with that, he left the room, his black cloak billowing behind him. Dumbledore put his head in his hands.

"Another old man's mistake," he sighed. "What have I done?" He got up from his chair and looked out the window. He watched as Severus strode out of the castle, across the grounds, through the gates, and disappear.

"I'm so sorry Severus, I'm so sorry Harry." then he smiled slightly.

"He'll be a good father to that boy, its just what they both need, a family."

A/N; The next chapter will hopefully be up tomarrow but here's a little preview.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY DURSLEY OR I'LL HEX YOU INTO THE NEXT MILLENIA!" Snape yelled at the fat man before him. Just then a boney woman entered followed by a whale of a boy Severus assumed was Harry's cousin.

"Hello Petunia." he said, silkily.

"" Petunia Dursley stuttered.

"Me, now where's my son."