The Prices of Family

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Writing Harry's friends should not be this hard. Snape thought. He was getting fed up. How do you 1) Tell two Gryffindors that you, the most hated teacher in the school, are their best mate's father, 2) That he's sick without giving details or cause for worry, and 3) Why you've been a bastard to your son without it sounding entirely imature? Snape sighed. He tried what was the third draft of a letter to Hermione.

Miss Granger, and Mr. Weasley

You may be unaware as I'm sure Professor Dumbledore has not related any facts about Harry's whereabouts by what you've written. Harry has recieved your last letter and asked me to fill you in as he in currently unable. I am sure you ARE aware of Harry's situation at home, with his aunt and uncle, if not let me enlighten you. His home life is by no means paradice. He has been negelected and mistreated and I'll admit, I didn't see it. The signs were there but I, as the other Profeesors, believed he being The-Boy-Who-Lived made him a celebrity in every household. This summer I discovered the truth and removed him from their care, or lack there of. There is another fact that I should mention concerning the identity of his father. James Potter was not his father, I am and loath am I to admit this as well, I screwed up. Leaving him with those muggles was not one of my best brainwaves but I believed the living memory of his mother in his aunt would be better than myself as a father. As a result of my mistake, his aunt and uncle's neglegence has led to illness. I will be sure to have him write you when he is UP TO IT. (that was his hit for them not to try and visit and he knew Hermione would realize it as such.)

Professor Severus S. Snape

Hogwarts Potions Master

That last bit was unnessesary but it reminded them of his authority. He sent the letter of with Harry's owl and returned to his place at Harry's side. He watched as his son's chest rose and fell in a rhythm that was slightly disrupted by the occasional cough. This boy had been through more in 14 years than most had in a lifetime. Yet he was still a boy. No matter how many times he faced the Dark Lord, battled the Deatheaters, or put up with Dumbledore's meddling, in the end he was just a boy. A boy who had been told from a young age that he was worthless, a freak, and not worthy of anyone's love. And then from there jumping into the role of Savior of the World. It was too much to expect that from any boy. Snape stood and went to his private library. Even Hermione would kill to have these many books, this much knowlage. He selected a book and returned to his son.


Harry groaned as he woke, his head was pounding. He opened his eyes. Where am I? What the hell-- Oh. He'd spotted Snape and everything came rushing back. He looked at Snape. He'd fallen asleep in the chair beside Harry's bed. Harry turned and picked up the photo album. He started to flip through it agian. Then he saw him. In the picture of James and his mother's wedding was Snape. He was hidding in the backround of the picture, quitely observing Lilly and James. On his face was a look of sadness and pain on his face.



Snape watches from the door of the church.

"Do you, James Harold Potter take this woman to be you lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Snape felt as though his heart had ripped in half. Even though this was a ruse, it hurt to think he couldn't be with her.

"And do you, Lily Elizibeth Evans to be you lawfully wedded husband?" How he wished she could say no.

"I do." his heart felt as it had been torn out and stomped on. He turned away.

"I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." A silent tear ran down his face as he walked away from the ceremony. Oh how he already missed his Lily, his little flower.

-Dream Changes-

"Hello Severus."

"Oh Lily, I missed you." he said as he picked her up and twirled her around.

"Severus, meet your son, Aaron Orion Snape." she said as James handed her the child and she placed him in his father's arms.

"My son."

"Right now he's Harry James Potter but when this is all over..."

"Oh Lily, he's..."

"Beautiful, yes." James agreed.


"Severus, I'm not jealous. He's your son, I know it."

"Thank you James, it means alot."


Snape woke and saw Harry was awake to and looking at the album agian. Harry looked up.

"You're in this one."


"This picture, you're in it." Snape moved around and looked at the picture. The dream he'd just relived for the millionth time.

"Yeah, I am." he said sadly.

"Dad, don't feel bad, you were only trying to protect her."

"Yeah well a fat lot of good that did her or me."

"if there's one thing I've learned after all of my encounters with Voldemort is not to dwell on the past. Its not healthy." Snape laughed.

"Now I know you spend too much time in the hospital wing, you sound just like Poppy." Harry laughed too.

"It comes with the territory of being a trouble magnet." he said. Then he stopped. "Dad, what's my real name. Harry Snape sound like crap. I'm sure mum did not name me that."

"No your right. Its Aaron Orion Snape. Aaron for her father, Orion for mine."

"Hmmm, that's got a sort of ring to it."

"That's just like what Lupin said. And then Black said now he wasn't the only constillation in the group." Snape said with a chuckle.