He looked around before setting another milk carton delicately on top of the others. It was actually starting to look like a sculpture now.

It was a good ting the park was deserted, he concluded, biting his lip and surveying his masterpiece from beneath a red fringe. Otherwise, someone might think he was crazy – well, crazier than he already was, anyways.

He concentrated, smirking a smirk that reached his wicked green eyes as he summoned a little ball of flame to his fingertips. He gently touched it to the tip of an Oreo wrapper crowning his nearly-metre-high sculpture. It caught, and slowly died as the plasticky stuff shriveled.

Perplexed, he tried again.

"What are you doing?"

He lurched to his feet, widening his stance to let his black trenchcoat hide his source of entertainment. A dark-haired girl watched him curiously from beneath one of the red-leaved trees, arms folded over her black and white vest.

"None of your business," he replied shortly, turning back to it and still trying to shield it from view. A chip packet rifted away, and he silently cursed. Axel hated his fun being disrupted, meager as it was.

He glanced around shiftily. No girl. She must've taken the hint and backed away. Expanding his flame just a little, he tried torching an egg carton instead. It caught easily and he grinned wolfishly.

There was a snort and giggle from behind him; he whirled to find the petite girl there again, stepping out form behind the tree. She glanced at his work, then at him. Her mouth twitched.

"Dude." She said, hands on hips. "You are such a pyro."

Words: 273. Drabble, then. No… the authoress has not set fire to all these things before, to know how they burn… . possibly most random thing I've ever written. Yes, I am aware of how many possible holes there are in this – maybe one day I'll edit it, and it will become a full-fledged oneshot. But face it. Who's gonna read like three to four pages of Axel setting fire to stuff? :so would, but the authoress herself doesn't count: xDDD So yupyup, Yuffie just walks out on all this... if I was Axel I wouldn't stop laughing and playing with fire. But I guess that's whata pyro is. Well, just because Tally has been labelled by the local fire brigade as one of the most likely terrorists-in-training (after Harrison, dammit the bastard beat me in something) and just because Tally actually has the top four fire hazards all operating in her home even after becoming a firefighter...

But thaaaat's Tally. Always thinking of how to keep others in employment. Even if the fire brigade is a voluntary service... :sweatdrop: && anyone else notice that my fics are including a lot of autumn lately? I'm hanging out for all the leaves to fall so I can rake them up... my idea of heaven...

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