The Noises

There were some very disturbing noises coming from that room, Aeris decided. Several groans. A couple of thumps. A female voice crying an ecstatic "Yes!"

Very disturbing noises indeed, Aeris concluded, frowning. She had been standing in front of the door for nearly ten minutes, hand hovering over the handle, in doubt as to whether to intrude or not.

Eventually, she decided that she should enter. It was her house, after all, no matter the occupants right now. She had a right to freely enter her own house. So she did, fair cheeks more rosy than not, and green eyes determined.

She turned the handle – already unlocked – and grimly marched in to the living room she hadn't been able to see due to her beloved lacy curtains.

Sephiroth was kneeling in the middle of the room, silver hair hiding his expression, emitting small moans.

A little whirlwind darted about him, whooping – and suddenly Sephiroth looked up and saw Aeris.

In a strained voice, he gritted out, "The little focker kneed me in the crotch!" He moaned again, lips tightly compressed, and – constant black leather not confusing the view too much – his hands pressed tightly against his groin in protective agony.

The whirlwind stopped suddenly, becoming a little dark-haired ninja, panting and happy. "Yup!" she informed the pink-clad flower girl, almost insanely proud. "Got him square in the balls!"

Aeris fled the scene to her safe little bedroom, and closed the door behind her. Then she laughed. For a very long time.

Who'd have thought the fortieth fic would have been so bloody random? And from the FFVII section, too… I'm writing a lot of FFVIII stuff lately. I think it has something to do with reading great (hilarious) fics and watching the movie over and over again. xD Excuse the randomness. It just came to me. Don't even ask why Yuffie and Sephy were in there in the first place, either – I have no idea, and I wrote the bloody thing. Suggestions are welcome :sweatdrop:

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