"I cant believe it, I just CANT believe it."

"You know, its not all that bad..."

"HA! Yeah...not that bad my foot!" Lily stomped to emphasize her meaning. To say the least, James got it.

"Why is it every time you are in my company you start spouting off hexes without even missing a beat? Sometimes I feel you single me out..."

"Oh Merlin Potter...How could you tell? And stop moaning, we're lagging behind." Lily jogged up to the game keeper, Hagrid, who she had the unfortunate privilege to serve her detention for. 'Why?', do you ask? Hagrid's not a bad guy...just has a bit of an un-proportioned judgement of evil, hairy, poisonous, carbon-based life forms who usually end up eating ones limbs or luring them into their cave and making them their pets. Yeah, well, that brings us to the problem at present. Lily's unfortunate punishment, for being late to class for the first time in her life, arriving right along side Potter, was receiving a smack-dab detention and Lily was horrified at her timing. That morning went a little bit like this:

"No, Potter, I will not go out with you. Now please leave, because I'm going to be late for class. And if you make me late you will endure dire consequences. Do I make myself clear?" Lily shoved past James without even letting him reply. He, however, easily caught up with her and continued to bug her, no matter how brisk she set her pace.

"Come on Lily...but you do know the bell has already rung and that if we're both late together you get to serve detention with me. How does Saturday night sound?"

"Potter, my idea of a fun Saturday night is NOT scrubbing bed pans with Filch's toothbrush with the one person in the world I most detest."

"Now, that's a bit harsh, don't you think? It's usually Ms. Norris'." He grinned. Lily tried REALLY hard not to smile, but could not help the corners of her mouth twitch upwards. "Now, there, that's a bit better. It'll liven up this cheery conversation."

"Oy...Sometimes I wish you weren't so witty...and NO-" for a smile lit up on his face and he was about to say something along the lines of "You think I'm witty?" "-that is NOT a compliment. Please, move." And then something made her heart stop. The sound of the late bell. And for the first time in ten minutes, Lily realized the hall was completely empty. Her heart caught in her throat. She thought she was going to be sick...

"Told you we'd be late." James said gruffly, folding his arms. Lily shot off though as if she hadn't heard what he said, though she fully well did, and arrived at class, pink-faced and out of breath, and the Slytherins immediately began sneering.

"Miss Evans, Mr. Potter" (for James had just arrived at her side) "You two are late and will both be recieving detentions. And please stop that twitching Mr. Malfoy, it does not become you. Potter, Evans, sit down. I will think of your punishment and inform you at the end of class." Professor McGonagall crisply arranged a leaflet of papers and proceeded with the class. Lily thought she was going to cry...Potter actually had the decency to look ashamed and a bit embarrassed for being caught late with Lily.

And that brings us back to the present. The snow crunched under their feet, and several times Lily slipped on the melting slush.

"Stupid snow..." she muttered. "And Hagrid, how on earth are we supposed to help you bring in the trees? We're not nearly as strong as you are."

"Well, you 'ave a wand, an' I don'. Does 'sat answer yer question?" Lily blushed.

"Oh, yes, how could I forget..."

"'Is ok, 'is ok. Ever'one 'as their moments." They walked in silence for a bit, until Lily tuned to James and asked,

"Why are you so quiet? Usually, right about now, you'd be asking me where I sit in the library and study or what my favorite class is, or what kind of dog I own, or—"

"You always sit at that little table behind the special charms shelf so that when you finish your homework you can read up on some spells, your favorite class is, obviously, charms, and your dog is a Golden Retriever." He said, not even looking at her. Lily gaped then turned away once she realized what she was doing. "So..." he continued, thinking of something to say.

He failed terribly.

"Tree's...they're...big...and green...until autumn of course...but then after that they just go right back to green, right...?"

"I suppose..."

"Up here, a bit more!" Hagrid called over his shoulder. Lily sighed in relief, thankful that because they were closer they would be done quicker and she could get out of the snow...until she saw the direction they were going.

"Oh, dear, Hagrid...? Why the forest, of all places?" she pleaded.

"Because it has trees." Hagrid yelled back, rather not having to as the answer was obvious.

"And what color are the trees, James?" Lily asked smirking.

"They're...er...green?" he answered, confused, causing Lily to laugh. He smiled.

"Your stupidity is amusing."she said.

"Well, I guess that's the best compliment I'm going to get out of you for the rest of the year...I shall cherish it and record it into my diary."

"You own a diary?"

"Yep...then I could carve it onto my bed frame...if I could find any room...Sirius seems to think it's meant as a GIANT post it note where he can carve each little thing he needs to remember...including how many times Dumbledore twirled his beard at this last start of term feast...in TALLY marks...at least that was his excuse last time." They were in the forest now.

"Ok, you two, find the tallest, fullest, greenest trees you can." Hagrid yelled, already hacking at the base of a trunk with an axe he had brought along. Lily's eyes flew up and she began scanning for a tree fit to satisfy Flitwick's harsh eye.

"Hey, Lily!" James yelled, laughing, after a few minutes. He began to snort and pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the tree behind him. "Haha...pine tree...because I pine for you...haha...it's a pine tree of LOVE!"

Lily slapped her forehead.

"Come on Potter...I think I see a good one up ahead."


"Right there!" She angrily took a step forward and tripped over a tree root. She screamed then hit the ground.

"Ow..." she muttered. James chuckled and offered his hand. She took it without thinking.

"Cut it down." she commanded. He raised an eye brow at her.

"Yes, your Majesty." He mock bowed and with the flick of his wand a huge gash appeared at the bottom of the trunk and the tree began falling in their direction. Lily screamed and ran out of harms way. James' scream was more...manly...and he too, at the last second, jumped out of the way.

"OY!" Lily yelled at him, "What are you! The biggest moron that walked this earth!"

"I don't know!" he yelled sarcastically, rolling his eyes, "why don't you ask my arch enemy. She goes by the name of Evans."

"I'm not your arch enemy!"

"You're not!" He asked, genuinely shocked. It was Lily's turn to roll her eyes.

"No...I just dislike you very much." He sighed in a frustrated way.

"You know—"

"Now hover that tree a little to the right, its in my way."

"Bloody MERLIN, sometimes I think you enjoy bossing me around like a grouchy house wife!" He saw Lily look away to hide her blush.

"Please don't make references to me and being your wife." He came closer to her.

"What does it matter?" he said, his voice lowering. "Do you like it or something?"

"No." she answered, a bit to quickly to be truly believed. James took a deep breath.

"Will you marry me Lily?" She stopped and blinked at him.

"W-What? Why?" she sputtered. James' heart soared; she hadn't yelled or cursed him, she just asked why.

"Because I've been in love with you for the last six years! That's why! Isn't that reason enough?" He said, rather impatiently. Lily noticed, and did not like his tone.

"NO! That's not good enough! You don't know barely anything about me that you haven't learned from my best friends and I, for sure, don't know anything about you!"

"My favorite color is blue, I love Italian food, I love to cook, and, if I could, I'd stare at your hair for the rest of my life because I think it's the most beautiful thing god ever created and allowed me to see. Is that enough? Or perhaps we can go on a date and you could learn more...just a date, to find out stuff about me, not like anything personal, because you wouldn't go out on a real date with me even if your life depended on it—" he said quickly.

"I would too!" She protested stubbornly.

"Then prove it!" and he angrily split another tree and let it fall to the ground with a deafening crash. He was seething with anger.

"Why do you make me like this!" he yelled angrily, his face contorted in so much rage that Lily actually cowered, and not because of his height. But then his face softened and he gave her a defeated look. He waved his wand in a wide arch in front of his body and the tree he had just cut down flew next to the others. There was now six and Hagrid yelled at them that they could just hover them back up to the castle and then be done. James hovered one and ran ahead; Lily walked in his snowy footprints, trailing a tree behind her as she did so. She had made James angry, really angry...and she felt horribly drained from it. James had let off his tree at the great oak door then dashed off, his long legs striding magnificently as he ran away and toward the Quidditch Pitch. He was probably going to go fly and let off some steam. Well...Lily thought...I guess I deserve that...I might as well get to work on moving those trees...

Lily had only moved two more, leaving two left, when James came flying out of nowhere, riding on a broom and carrying another with his free hand.

"Get on." He demanded.

"I beg your par–"

"I said GET ON!" and Lily immediately swung her lags over the broom and flew up a few feet.

"We have to finish down there!" She protested, glaring at him. He glared abck with as much hostility that she had given him.

"Hagrid can finish that. Follow me." And Lily really had no other choice but to follow.


This IS NOT a one shot...It was originally going to be but...I changed my mind. So, yes, I hope you liked it! Its kinda...angsty I guess...oh well! Review please!