The sun rose over the sleeping village of Konoha on another beautiful morning. Birds sing their songs and people awoke to start their busy usual day. Another day in the hidden leaf village as it seems...

Light slipped it's way through Naruto's window shade and the slivers of warm light beamed on him. He is awoke from the warmth on his face, fluttering his blue tired eyes. He sat up with a streatch and long yawn after a peaceful night of sleep, one that he needed with all the training he had been putting himself through.

"Isn't today the day Kakashi comes back from his mission?" He thought to himself and realized that it was. He was excited to see his teacher and show off his improved skills, which only made the day seem a lot more cheerful.

Naruto slipped out of bed and headed to his bathroom to freshen himself up for the long day ahead of him. He slipped out of his puppy PJs and turned on the hot water for his shower. He stepped in and as soon as the water hit him, his mind began to wonder into a mediative state. "It's been two years since you left...Sasuke." He thought to himself. "I wish things could go back to the way they were before you left." He sighed deeply as he shook the thoughts of Sasuke out of his head.

He turned off the water after a ten minute shower and stepped out grabbing a towel that he would wrap around his waist before making his way toward the kitchen. He turned toward his kitchen area and was suprised to see Sakura with her back turned to him, as she seemed to be cooking something. Sakura looked over her shoulder at him and saw him in his towel and quickly turned her head back around, blushing in the process. Two years ago she would have scolded Naruto for looking that way in front of her, but things changed between them during the times Sasuke left. They became better friends and Naruto finally understood Sakura better and vicea versa. Still Sakura held strong feelings toward Naruto...

"Sorry!" She said with embarassment in her voice. "I should have knocked instead of letting myself in!" She saw how Naruto cared for her, even with the fact that he can sometimes be hard headed. She always thought she would go for the quiet smart boys, but found herself falling for a numbskull badass with a head full of dreams and a heart full of pride. "I thought that I would make you something to eat!" She said with a smile as she continued to prepare the food. "It's such a beautiful morning..." She thought as she peered out the window.

Naruto moved over to his bed on the opposite end of the room behind Sakura. "Thanks Sakura-chan." He said as he took his towel off. "I'm going to change, so don't turn around unless you wanna see something you don't wanna see."

Sakura's cheeks redend even more with blush. Two years of hard training and maturing made Naruto something special in her eyes. His body wasn't that of a skinny little blonde idiot. It was now lean and cut. His hair was getting longer and more spikier and his eyes seemed to glow with desire to become great. And there she was, standing with her back turned to a naked Naruto and she thought to herself to turn and ask him what he said as if she didn't hear him, just so she could catch a look of his whole anatomy, but she pushed the thought away and continued her task in front of her. "So...I heard that Kakashi-Sensi was coming back from a mission today." She said, trying to strike up a conversation.

Naruto, who was pulling up his pants looked at her. "Yeah! Finally! Maybe he could train me some more before he takes another mission!" Kakashi never had time to train Naruto anymore. Sure Jiraiya is a great teacher, but Kakashi made things seem impossible. Naruto loved it, because it presented him with a challenge that he knew would be hard from him to overcome. He slipped on his black t-shirt and looked at Sakura. "You can look now if you want, Sakura-chan."

Sakura turned and looked at him. Her eyes ate up the visual image of him, even when he was in clothing. He took her breath away and he didn't even know it. She re-focused herself. "Your food is ready!" She said with a smile. She never thought that she would see the day she would love to please him.

Naruto's nose caught the smell of the wonderful cooking before his eyes. His stomach sqeezed. "Mmmm...smells great Sakura-chan!" He said happily as he walked over and fixed himself a plate. She had made him a hefty meal of French toast, sasuage, fried patato slices, and scrambled eggs. He sat down at his table with his full plate. "Itadakimasu!" He yelled before he dug into his food.

Sakura felt her heart warm up as she watched him eat her food with delight. She made herself a plate and set it on the table across from Naruto, then grabbed two glasses and set them on the table. She got some of Naruto's milk and checked the experation date on it, seeing that Naruto has a bad habit of keeping spoiled milk. It was fine and she poured milk into the two glasses and slid Naruto his glass. "Here you go Naruto-kun...Oh!" She covered her mouth in amazement that she called him 'Naruto-kun'.

Naruto looked up at her with a confused look on his face, but quickly disregarded what was said after he laid eyes on the glass of milk. "Thanks again, Sakura-chan!" He drank some of the milk to wash down the wonderful food. He looked at Sakura, who was eating her food bit by bit. "Don't you have training with Granny Tsundae today?"

Sakura looked up at him. She used to get mad at Naruto for calling her that, but she is used to it now. Her mind nearly floated off into the thoughts of how cute Naruto is, until she caught herself. "Uh...yeah! I do..." She looked off to the side some. "More surgical training and things like that." She looked at the clock. "Oh my! It's 7:30 already! I have to leave soon!" She ate what she could and walked over to the sink with her plate to wash it.

"Well have a nice day then Sakura-chan!" Naruto said with his mouth half full. Even after two years of training, he still couldn't get table manners right.

"I will now since you told me to, Naruto-kun..." She thought to herself with joy. She finished the plate and headed to the door. She looked back at Naruto with a smile. "Drop by the hospital sometime and visit, okay?"

"Sure!" Naruto replied as he waved with a smile. "I'll see you later Sakura-chan!"

Sakura waved back. God it drove her insane at how cute Naruto is. She hated herself for awhile because of how she use to treat him in the past, but she can always treat him better for the future. She walked out the door and started her walk toward the hospital.


Outside the gates of Konoha, Kakashi, Genma and Aoba landed on the ground. They felt the welcoming breeze pass by them as their ears picked up the sound of the village coming to life with people on the streets and vendors yelling their goods out to passing customers. All in all, it felt good to be back home to the three of them from a long mission.

"Home sweet home." Genma said as he looked at the gates. He played with the senbon in his mouth as he looked to Aoba. "So what are your plans for today Aoba?" He asked.

Aoba looked at him and adjusted his glasses. "I'm not really sure. I was thinking about going to a resturant or something later."

"We can all talk about our future plans later..." Kakashi interupted the conversation between the two Jonin. "First we report to the hokage for our mission debrifing. After that, you guys can do what you want." Kakashi hasn't changed one bit in two years. His only real change is that he took on lots of class A missions and ANBU missions. "Let's move."

"Yes!" Genma and Aoba said as all three of them disappeared in a flash into the village.


A ways from the village a ninja holding another wounded ninja on his back peered over Konoha as he stood on a cliff. He felt his fellow shinobi's warm blood on his back and her breathing becoming more and more shallow. "We are almost there..." He said as he leapt from the cliff side toward the forest.

"We've made it this far...please don't die now..."