The Dimension of Weirdness

Part One Chapter 1. The Three Saiyans

Vegeta, Gohan and Goku (though hard to believe) are now good friends and are walking across a large field. There is no one in sight.

"I can't believe we used to beat the crap out of each other for fun," says Goku.

"I can," says Vegeta. "I could always beat you, Kakarott."

"Oh, you wish," answers Goku.

"Ahhh!" Gohan suddenly screams. "A big blue and green round whirly thingy!"

"What?" says Goku stupidly.

"I do believe, Kakarott, that your son has finally gone mad."

"Why do you call me Kakarott all the time?" asked Goku. "I told you to call me Goku, just like every normal person."

"Are you saying I'm not normal?" says Vegeta, starting to get annoyed.

"Well… yeah," says Goku. "That's it," screams Vegeta. "You're going to die."

"Oh, you wish," says Goku.

Goku backs up into a Kamehameha position and Vegeta starts to pounce. Gohan's next sentence interrupts the two warriors concentration. "It's getting closer!"

Vegeta ends up on the ground and Goku forgets what he's up to in his Kamehameha Wave. "Ka me ha me ha me ha me ha, dammit, I keep losing count."

"It's a good thing your son screamed out like that," says Vegeta, getting up from the dirt ground. "Otherwise you would be smashed into the ground."

"You wish," says Goku with a laugh.

"Stop saying 'you wish' Kakarott," says Vegeta.

"Stop calling me Kakarott then," says Goku smugly.

"You want a piece of me?" shrieks Vegeta.

"I think I could find a place on my shelf," answers Goku.

"You're dead Kakarott!" screams Vegeta.

"You wish," says Goku.

Vegeta and Goku pounce towards each other. They go rolling around in a circle, beating the crap out of each other. Goku and Vegeta suddenly stop fighting to reveal that Goku is on top of Vegeta; Vegeta in a headlock and Goku with his leg twisted. They suddenly release each other from their grip and stand up. "Oh what happy times we had," states Goku.

"Indeed Kakarott," says Vegeta.

"Dad!" yells Gohan, "Listen!"

"No need to yell Gohan, what's the problem?"

"That!" screams Gohan pointing. The big blue and green round whirly thingy pulls the three Saiyans into its depths.