The Dimension of Weirdness

Chapter 12. A Way Home

Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Tiara and Leanne had finally reached a portal that looked similar to the big blue and green round whirly thingy. "If I could just get your name," Leanne asks the farmer.

"My name's John," answers John. "Everyone should line up and get ready to go back to wherever you all came from," says John.

"Er… How do we prepare?" asks Gohan.

"Just think about the land you live in and so forth," answers John.

"The quicker we get this over with the better," grumbles Vegeta. Vegeta steps through the portal when John gives the signal.

"Next!" yells John. "Always wanted to do that," he says to Tiara, who is the next in line. Tiara raises her eyebrows and steps into the portal.

"Nice meeting ya, Bob," says Goku as he walks into the portal.

"My name's John," says John. But it's too late.

"I'll make sure he understands," says Gohan.

"Might take a while," says John. Gohan laughs and steps through the portal.

"I'm lucky last," says Leanne. "Good luck with your inventions and all that," says John.

"Wait, how did you know?" asks Leanne.

"Lucky guess," answers John as he pushes Leanne into the portal.

John wipes his hands on his overalls. "Too bad they'll never know," he says. "They were fun that lot. Too bad it had to end so soon. Oh, well. Time for some new recruits I think. John's figure twists and turns into the big blue and green round whirly thingy. "Mutated killing androids, here I come!" yells John as he floats into the portal.