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Hyotei L-O-V-E-S Sakuno

Pairing: Ootori x Sakuno

Household Chores

He was waiting for her in a beautiful park. Many people pass his was but he never saw her. Well, he was already used to her tardiness. He will just have to wait for her for a couple of minutes or even worse a couple of hours.

He sighed. He thought why on earth he was in love with the girl anyway. She's not that attractive, not good at tennis, really clumsy and not that smart. (Sakuno is not Ootori's girlfriend for the meantime. They're just good friends. For the meantime, anyway.)

"Why did I like her anyway?"

The reason is quite simple actually. The girl has a pure heart and thinks about others before herself. She was very kind. Her smile warms everyone up. You don't see that kind of girl nowadays.




His thoughts were interrupted when his cellular phone rang.


"Sakuno-chan, where are you now? You're really late you know." Said Ootori

"Gomen, Choutaro-kun. I can't spend today with you. Obaa-chan left me in the middle of doing the household chores and left all the cleaning to me. I thought I might finish soon but it is really hard. I'm cleaning the attic you see and waah!

"Sakuno, Sakuno-chan! What happened?"

"Ittai… Choutaro-kun, I just tripped over something. No big deal." Sakuno said with a laugh.

"She's really clumsy."

"Sakuno-chan, listen to me. I'll come over to your house and help you clean up."

"Eh! You don't have to, Choutaro-kun. I can handle this!" Sakuno protested.

"It's fine. You won't be able to finish that quickly if you work by yourself and you are most likely to hurt yourself."

"Umm… Okay then… if you say so…" Sakuno couldn't protest anymore.

Ootori hurriedly went to Sakuno's house. On his way there, he passed a cake shop and saw a strawberry cake that Sakuno might want to eat. He entered the cake shop and bought it. He heard the girl at the counter say to her co-worker:

"The cake must be for his girlfriend. It's a really popular cake nowadays. I envy the girl who will get that cake. That guy was really handsome and nice too."

When Ootori heard that he blushed furiously.

"Girlfriend! Sakuno-chan's not my girlfriend! We're just good friends! Yeah, just good friends. Ootori had a frown on his face when he said that. Well, I hope we become more than friends. Hey! Where did that come from? Scratch that!"

Ootori resumed his walk over to Sakuno's house while putting his thoughts at the back of his mind.

Ding… Dong…

Ding… Dong…

Ding… Dong…

Ootori rang the doorbell.

"Oh! That must be Choutaro-kun. Just a minute!" Sakuno shouted.

Ootori waited outside and heard some sounds inside like crashing, clashing, screams and many more.

"She really is a clumsy girl."

The door opened revealing a very tired Sakuno.

"Good afternoon huff Choutaro-kun. Thanks puff for coming huff all the way here puff."

"It's alright. At least we can spend the day together, ne?

They cleaned the attic which was really hard because there is a lot of stuff there and the light was broken. It was really hard to move. But there faces would be seen for both of their faces were bright red because of some "accidents" like the occasional bumping to each other, holding each others hands and many more.

But a real accident really occurred. When Sakuno was up a ladder to get a box from the top shelf of the cabinet her foot eventually slipped due to her clumsiness ands was about to fall when Ootori caught her. Too bad Sakuno was quite heavy even though of her small frame.

Boom! Oof! Bam! Crash!

"Ittai… that really hurts! Sakuno cried.

She tried to stand up when she realized that Ootori was under her and their faces were just inches apart. They were almost kissing! Again, they were blushing again.

"Gomen, Choutaro-kun! I'll stand up immediately." Sakuno was really embarrassed.

When Sakuno tried to stand up again she felt the pain in her foot so she just move to the sides and sat up.

"Sakuno-chan, are you alright? A worried Ootori asked.

"Ha-hai… but my foot hurts." Sakuno answered meekly.

Ootori inspected her foot and it seemed that Sakuno twisted her ankle.

"I'll carry you downstairs and then I'll bandage it."

Ootori carried Sakuno bridal style. It was so sudden Sakuno didn't have the chance to protest. She was just blushing the whole time.

Ootori carefully sat Sakuno at the sofa. He got the first-aid kit and bandaged Sakuno's foot. The two of them were really silent.

Ootori broke the silence when he said that he bought a cake for Sakuno and that they should eat it now after their hard work. Since Sakuno was injured, Ootori was the one to prepare their tea and cake.

"Gomen, Choutaro-kun. You're my guest and you ended up serving the both of us tea ansd cake. Gomen." said a sad Sakuno.

"It's alright. I assure you. It's only tea and cake anyway. You apologize too much. Besides, you don't look pretty when you're sad like that."

The words just slipped Choutaro's mouth that he himself didn't know he said that. Sakuno blushed at what Ootori said.

Ootori looked at Sakuno and noticed that she was beet red.

"What's wrong Sakuno-chan? Do you have a fever or something?" While saying this, Ootori placed his hand on Sakuno's forehead to check her temperature.

This action made Sakuno redder.

"Choutaro-kun. I'm fine, really."

Sakuno removed Ootori's hand away from her forehead but never let it go. It took awhile for her to notice that she was still holding Ootori's hand. They both blushed madly and Sakuno released her hand.

"Sorry about that." Sakuno said again.

"I-it's nothing." Ootori managed to speak.

They resumed on their snacks and Sakuno took a bite at her slice of cake.

"Wow! This is really good! Thank you Choutaro-kun." Sakuno smiled at him and it made Ootori blush.

Her smile. It makes me feel really warm inside."

Ootori smiled back at her.

"Sakuno-chan, I really had fun today even though some things didn't work out right."

"Me too!"

Both of them chatted and laughed all afternoon.

When Ootori was leaving Sakuno halted him. With all her strength, she managed to stand up and walk towards Ootori. She tiptoed towards him ands gives him a small peck on the cheek.

Ootori was shocked yet happy at the same time. He placed his hand on the cheek where Sakuno kissed him.

"Thanks for today." Sakuno said and smiled.

Ootori just smiled back at her.

When Ootori was walking home, he was now very determined. Determined to make Sakuno his and get another kiss!

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