The never ending battle of forks vs. spoons and Laria vs. Seto.

Battle of the Eating Utensils

Battle 01: Forks vs. Spoons

The clash of metal against metal was similar to a medieval sword battle. Mokuba sat on the couch with a large bucket of popcorn to his right. To his left there was a dish full of cat treats and beside it was a white cat with blue eyes, eating them while enjoying the show just like Mokuba was. Sometimes the battle would get so exiting Mokuba would get confused and eat a cat treat instead of popcorn. He didn't appear to notice, but the cat was getting annoyed. Sure she liked Mokuba and all, but those were her snacks.

"Give up Lar!" Seto held his spoon against Laria's fork, pushing the eating utensil towards his sister.

"Never!" Laria would not give up. The spoon had somehow gotten stuck between the fork and they couldn't get them loose.

"Chibi baka!"

"Deck stacker!"

"Chibi baka!"

"Deck stacker!"

"Chibi baka!" Seto pulled the spoon, getting it loose from the fork.

The fork appeared to be slightly bent and the spoon had a small scratch. "My fork!"

"My spoon! No matter I have more." Seto went for the attack again.

Laria quickly blocked.

Mokuba watched and ate another cat treat by mistake. Blue Eyes White Cat was at the end of her patience. Why couldn't her master's little brother eat his own food?

The sound of metal against metal was continuously heard in an epic battle. Laria moved backwards.

Seto approached, attacking none stop. "Give up Lar you're trapped!"

"Never!" Laria ducked under the table that was behind her and Seto followed. The battle continued under the table.

After bumping his head for the fifth time, Seto had to retreat out of the table. "Cheater!"

"All is fair in love and war!" Laria continued the attack.

"So what do you think it is, Blue Eyes White Cat?" Mokuba asked. "Is it sibling love or an all out spoons vs forks war?"

"Meow, meow, meow!" Blue Eyes White Cat's reply translated to 'I don't know, but leave my food alone!'

"Yeah that's what I thought," Mokuba petted the cat. He had his own way of interpreting what she said.

Mokuba turned his attention back to the fork and spoon duel in time to see Laria's bent fork knock Seto's spoon out of his hand. "No!"

"I got you now!" Laria called victoriously a little too soon.

"It's not over yet." Seto pulled a spoon out of his coat. But it was not just any spoon. It was as big as a sword made of white gold with sapphires shaped like a Blue Eyes White Dragon. How he hid that spoon in his coat is a bigger mystery than why it defies gravity.

"That's not fair! Why don't I have a duel monster golden sword fork?" Laria complained.

"Because Mikari wrote this fanfic and she likes me." Seto stuck his tongue out. He had the advantage or that's what he thought.

"Ew!" Laria nearly dropped her fork. She countered by showing Seto her own tongue.


Mokuba took a handful of cat treats and ate them. "This is getting weird, don't you think?" He asked the cat sitting beside him.

Blue Eyes White Cat did not answer. Instead she took his bucket of popcorn in her mouth and ran away with it.

"Blue Eyes White Cat, come back!" Mokuba chased after her.

"You might have your white gold sword spoon of the Blue Eyes White Dragon, but I have the Millennium Earrings!" The golden hoop earrings Laria was wearing, shone in a bright golden light. They had the power to send things to the shadow world.

Feeling his white gold sword spoon of the Blue Eyes White Dragon start to vanish, Seto attacked once more knocking the fork off Laria's hand just as the spoon with the long name disappeared. Now, they were both unarmed. The first spoon and fork that started the battle were both on the floor.

"Chibi baka!"

"Deck stacker!"

They both rushed to pick up their weapons.

Laria got hers first but when she was about to claim victory Seto disappeared before her eyes. "Seto?" She touched the Millennium Earrings wondering if for whatever random reason they activated by themselves and accidentally sent her brother to the Shadow Realm. "Seto!"

Suddenly the spoon started to float in the air heading towards Laria as a ghostly voice called her name. "Lar... Lar..."

"Ah! Seto I didn't mean to send you to the Shadow Realm!"

"Seto's in the Shadow Realm?" Mokuba returned with an empty bucket of popcorn. Blue Eyes White Cat walked pass him with a satisfied look on her face. She jumped on the couch and got comfortable to take a nap, human food wasn't too bad every now and then.

"It was an accident!" Laria replied.

Mokuba looked like he was about to cry.

"Don't cry Moky, I'm right here." Seto appeared holding the spoon. The little Blue Eyes White Dragon golden statue around his neck was glowing.

"The Millennium Bangle, its power still works!" Laria realized. The gold from that dragon was originally the Millennium Bangle, which Laria malted into a Blue Eyes White Dragon and gave it to Seto as a present.

"Yes and now that I figured out how to use it, I have two millennium items!" Seto's evil Kaiba laugh echoed.

"Two items?" That's when Laria realized he was also wearing the Millennium Belt."

"I thought you didn't want the millennium items!" Laria accused.

"I changed my mind. With the power of the millennium items and my technology, I shall take over the world!" More Kaiba evil laughter followed.

"No!" Laria yelled.

"Hey, weren't you arguing about forks and spoons?" Mokuba was confused with the turn of events.

"Spoons are better, you know that, right Moky?" Seto showed Mokuba an unlimited credit card.

Mokuba smiled.

"Don't do it Moky! Don't take it!" Laria yelled.

"Think of the video games and the candy and the duel monster cards!" Seto waved the credit card back and forth.

"How come you never give me one of those credit cards?" Laria complained.

"Because you're a Chibi Baka!" Seto yelled.

"Don't call me that!" Laria yelled back.

"Can't you two get along?" Mokuba asked with the chibi eyes look.

"Does this mean you don't want the card?" Seto asked.

"Of course I want it!" Mokuba took the card. "But I also want you two to be nice to each other." More cute chibiness.

"Aw Moky!" Laria hugged Mokuba.

Seto glared.

"Group hug!" Mokuba insisted.

Feeling like he had no choice, Seto joined the hug and whispered to his sister so Mokuba wouldn't hear. "Dueling arena number ten, after school."

"I'll be there," Laria whispered back.

End of Battle 01

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