Since the day Orochimaru had first set foot inside the Academy in Konoha village, he had always been aware of the Three Vices of a Shinobi. They were the sins that could bring a ninja down if over-indulged in; Money, women, and alcohol. He was also aware of how these played into his former teammates' faults, regardless of their skill.

Tsunade loved money, that was apparent; She had gambled Konohagakure deep into debt, according to a few of his sources. Coupled with her title 'The Legendary Sucker' and the fact that her prescence was always greeted with enthusiasm in gambling dens, even a fool could tell that she was guilty of the first vice.

Only slightly less obvious to Orochimaru was Jiraiya's obsession with women, but even the Snake Sannin had heard of the wildly popular erotic novel he had written, Icha Icha Paradise. When he wasn't peeping at girls from behind the cover of bushes, Jiraiya made it his personal responsibility to surround himself with beautiful young women whenever he could. In short, he was a lecher of the purest variety.

Yes, that's all true, but there's one you're leaving out; What about alcohol? A nasty little voice inquired, sounding accusing. This made Orochimaru suddenly lift his head from his arms, tightening his fingers around the sake cup in his hand almost out of reflex. That, he decided in the back of his bleary mind, was a question best left unanswered.