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Will She Believe In Second Chances?

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Chapter 1

Logan's POV

I stood in front of my gold plated full-length mirror. Yes, I still like my mirrors. Anyway, I looked at my reflection. I was getting ready to leave for the reunion. My hair and face looked great, as usual. I was wearing a suit ("We haven't seen some of these people in five years! Everyone needs to make a good impression!" Mrs. Matthews had argued when I'd questioned her choice of black-tie attire.) and tie. Definitely not my favorite thing to wear, but I was used to it.

After one final mirror check and spritz of cologne, I got in my Mercedes (Little Miss Thinks-She's-The-Boss-Of-Everyone told me I couldn't show up in a limo so the Mercedes is the next best thing.) and hit the road. After about 15 minutes, I got to the house of Chase and Dean Matthews herself. For someone who hated me most of the time we were in school together, she sure wants to see me a lot. She insisted that I go up to the school with them. I pulled up in front of their quaint little house in their quiet little neighborhood and honked the horn loudly. Well, so much for quiet.

Chase's head popped out of their front door. "Dude, do you have to do that?" he exclaimed. "You scared Zoey half to death!"

"Yeah, yeah. Are we going to this reunion or what?" I shouted back.

"We'll be out in a second. And don't honk the horn anymore!" he told me.

I knew that meant "Just sit in your car and be quiet, Logan," but I've always been a rebel. As soon as Chase's head disappeared from the doorway, I turned on my radio – full blast. I have a convertible, of course, so music soon filled the neighborhood. Moments after, the garage door opened and the Matthews' station wagon (Chase had bought it after finding out Zoey was pregnant) backed out of the driveway.

Chase pulled up alongside of me. Zoey had her hands over her ears. "Do you have to be so obnoxious?" he asked.

I smirked. "Just for my best friends," I shot back.

Chase shook his head and began driving. I followed, turning off the radio. Dana better be at this reunion.

I'd spent three hours driving around the town. Unfortunately, when I agreed to drive down with Chase and Zoey, I didn't realize that we were driving down 2 ½ hours before the reunion started. I wasn't about to sit around there waiting for Dana. She was going to have to sit around and wait for me. So, about 30 minutes after the reunion started, I started driving back to PCA. By the time I got there, the reunion had been going on for about 45 minutes.

I pulled up in my Mercedes, getting a lot of stares, just like I planned. I didn't see Dana though. Damn. But Chase, Zoey, and the others weren't there either so they must all be inside. I gave my keys (and specific instructions on handling my car properly) to the valet then walked inside. I spotted Chase's bushy hair (I forgot to mention that it's still bushy, but it definitely is) over at the table we all use to sit at for lunch. I made my way over to them. I was still practically three feet away when I heard a scream that was undoubtedly Nicole. My theory was proven right because a split-second later, the air was being squeezed out of me.

"Logan!" she squealed. "You're here! How have you been? I've been great! Isn't that great? Have you been great? I hope you've been great! I haven't seen you since Zoey and Chase's wedding! I'm so glad they got married! Aren't you glad they got married? It's so great they got married! So, how have you been? Have you been great? I've been great! I hope you've been great!"

I had to cut her off and quick. Some people never change. "Yeah, I've been ok," I told her.

"I'm engaged!" she announced, flashing a diamond ring in my face.

"Hey, that's great! Congratulations!" I declared. I was happy for her because, no matter how annoying she is, she's still my friend. But also, I didn't really care. I wanted to get by her and to the table so I could talk to Dana. "Who's the guy?"

Nicole sighed dreamily. "Aaron Emerson," she informed me.

"Is he here with you?" I asked.

"No, he can't come until tomorrow," she explained.

Wait a second. "Tomorrow?" I repeated.

She gave me a confused look. "Yeah, tomorrow," she proclaimed again.

"Wait, how long is the reunion?" I questioned.

"It's for the whole week. Didn't you read your invitation?" she quizzed.

"No! I thought Zoey and Chase told me all the details, but apparently not!" I shouted angrily.

A whole week? I didn't even pack anything! They're lucky it's not too long of a drive. But…oh no. "Wait – does that mean people are going to be coming and going all week?" I wondered.

"Yeah. Zoey encouraged everyone to come on the first day and stay until the end but if people can't come today – like Aaron – then they can come tomorrow – like Aaron!" she clarified.

I groaned. Dana might not even be here today! "Let's go over to the others," I suggested and walked around her towards the table.

She was rambling about something – probably Aaron – but I wasn't listening. Just like old times. I got to the table. "Ok, ok, Logan Reese is finally here – the party can start," I declared with a smirk. Hey, just like old times, right?

"Hey man!" Michael exclaimed, getting up and coming over to me. "I haven't seen you since the wedding! How you been?"

"Ok. How about you man? Anything new?" I asked.

Michael grinned from ear to ear. "Yeah. Logan, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Monica Riley. Monica, this is Logan Reese, my friend and roommate from PCA," he introduced.

"Hey Logan, nice to meet you," she greeted.

I decided to make a good first impression. "You too," I replied. Then I decided to look around the table.

Michael had sat back down. Next to him was Monica. Nicole had sat back down next to her. Zoey was next to Nicole, with Chase on the other side of her. Then there was a space for me to sit so I'd be between him and Michael. No Dana. I had to act like it didn't faze me. Even after all those years, no one knew that she'd told me that she was leaving before she even left. No one knew about how I'd blown my one shot.

"And how are the two lovebirds?" I teased, sitting down at the table.

"The same as we were three hours ago when you ditched us," Chase informed me.

"How come you wouldn't just stay here?" Zoey questioned.

"Logan Reese arrives in style, with a grand entrance, and fashionably late," I announced. Whatever. It had been pointless. I drove around for three hours for absolutely nothing. I was still ending up as the one sitting there waiting.

The group talked about stuff – catching up, reminiscing, filling in Monica in our crazy times at PCA. I barely heard a word of it. I couldn't keep my mind off of Dana. That day was playing through my mind so much. It was almost unbearable. I couldn't take it anymore. "So, the original six is almost here," I piped up casually. "Hey Zo, did you ever hear back from Dana?"

"Of course! She said she'd be here. I don't know what's taking her so long. If she's not here soon I'll call her," Zoey decided.

Yes, there are some advantages. "Where's she coming from anyway?" I quizzed.

"She flew in to New York from France two nights ago. Yesterday afternoon she was supposed to fly into Los Angeles," Zoey explained. "She should be here soon."

"Did you say France?" I checked.

"Yeah. She said she just stayed there after she graduated," Zoey informed me.

She'd stayed in France. And it was all my fault. Wow, when she said she was never coming back she sure meant it. Until now. For once, I am so thankful I know Zoey. Everyone had started talking about something else again, but I'd already tuned them out. Dana better get here soon.

I have been sitting at this stupid reunion for two hours. Dana still isn't here. She better have a good excuse because I'm about ready to murder her. Oww, what the heck? Nicole just screamed bloody murder and–

"DANA!" she shrieked.

Dana. Nicole's already gone. Michael and Monica are going over. Chase and Zoey are too. I can't move. This was a stupid idea. She wouldn't give me a second chance then, why would she now? No. Of course she will. I'm Logan Reese.

Alright. I can do this. I slowly stand up and turn around just in time to hear Nicole scream, "MARRIED?"

I sit back down. Dana's married? This can't be happening! No, it's probably not. Nicole's just Nicole. She doesn't know what she's talking about. I stand up again and make my way over to the group. I can't even see her, everyone's crowded around her. I push my way past Zoey and Chase so now I'm face to face with Dana.

I smirk at her. "Hey Dana. You miss me?" I tease.

First, she looked surprised. Zoey obviously hadn't mentioned that I saw her and Chase almost constantly. Then her face changed to hurt. It was the same hurt look she'd had 9 years ago. We were both reliving the memories. In the next split-second though, her expression became angry. Out of nowhere, she slapped me. Before I could even react though, she was gone.

Everyone was staring at me. "Dude, are you ok? What was that about?" Chase questioned, coming around in front of me.

Oh no – she is NOT getting away again! I push Chase to the side and run after her. "Dana!" There's no way she's going to stop for me. Damn, if I'd known I was going to have to chase after her, I would've prepared myself a little more. I haven't run this fast in ages.

I see her! She's running into Butler Hall. Of course! Zoey must've put the three of them back in their old building. Not room though. Zoey would probably take room 101 for herself and Chase. Nicole and Aaron would probably be 102. Then either Dana, or Michael and Monica in room 103. I'm probably in room 105.

I push open the doors of Butler Hall and run up the stairs. "Dana, come on!" I yell after her. I hear a door slam. Damn, I'm too late. "Dana! Open the door!" I shout. Damn it! I still don't know which room she's in.

Wait a second. Yes! Zoey is good for more than one thing! She wrote the names of the people on the boards that are on the doors! Room 101, Zoey and Chase. I was right. Room 102, Nicole and Aaron. Right again. Room 103, Michael and Monica. Ok, couples first. Room 104, Dana Cruz. Perfect. I start pounding on the door.

"Dana, let me in!"

Whoa, flashback. That's what she yelled at me on that stupid day. Wait! That gives me an idea. Yes! The door's unlocked! Am I a genius or what? Actually, it might be the what. A genius wouldn't have blown his one shot.

"Dana?" I call, wandering into the room. The room was pitched black. I flicked on the light and there's Dana, sitting on one of the beds, facing the wall. "Can I come in?"

"Isn't it a little late to be asking that?" she snaps.

Ok, she has a point. I close the door behind me and slowly and cautiously make my way over to her. I sit down next to her on the bed. She turns to face me. Can I do this? "Dana," I begin, gently taking her hands in mine. "I–"

No. Nicole can't be right. Nicole's never right. I feel a ring. No. No ring. Please no ring. Hesitantly I look down at her hands. Oh God, there's a ring. I lift her hand up slightly. "Nice ring?" It's a question. It's meant to be. I must be dreaming.

"I'm married," she confirms.

No. No, this can't be happening. I really did blow my one shot. So what if she believes in second chances – I can't get one…because she's married. She's married. No. No. Please no.

"M-married?" I repeat. She nods. No! She nodded. Why did she have to nod? "To who?"

"His name's Pierre. I met him in France," she explains.

No. My world is falling down around me. She's married. She can't be married! "Why'd you go and do something stupid like that?" I shout. What the heck? Where did that come from?

She's glaring at me. Great. I probably just blew the second chance I didn't even have. I can't look at her. She's not saying anything though. Why isn't she saying anything? Now when I look up, she turns away. Wait, why is she turning away? I gently turn her head back to face me. Oh God, she's crying. Dana Cruz…crying. Actually, she's not even Dana Cruz anymore. God, I don't know her anymore. That's what I get for blowing my one shot. I haven't seen her in nine years. NINE years!

"What's your new name?" I mumble.

She looks at me, confused. "New name?" she questions.

"Well, you're married now. So, I guess you're not the same Dana Cruz," I point out.

She blinks, as if she just realized this for the first time. I wonder how long she's been married. How come she didn't tell anyone? I mean, I didn't expect her to tell me, but Zoey sounded like they'd kept in touch.

"When did you get married? How come you didn't tell anyone?" I quiz.

She pauses for a moment. "Last week," she announces. "We eloped."

I can't say anything. I'm taking it all in. I was too late by a week! That made it even harder. I close my eyes for a moment to keep myself calm and civil. "So, you still didn't answer. What's your new name?" I ask again.

She looks down at her hand. I can't. That stupid ring. I was too late. A week too late. I blew my one shot. There is no second chance. "I'm still Dana Cruz," she tells me.

"You are?" I check.

She nods. Slowly, she lifts her head up and looks me directly in the eyes. Oh God, she nearly made my heart stop. "You were wrong," she informs me, shaking her head, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "I am the same Dana Cruz."

I watch her stand up and leave the room. I just continue to sit there. She says she's the same, but how can she be? She's married. Nothing can ever be the same.

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