The Warrior of Lyoko

By: Demongirldog

Chapter 7- The final battle, and a lovely warrior returning.

"How do we get to XANA?" Yumi asked.

"Odd will take the left side, and Yumi will take the right side. Ulrich, you are going to take the middle. I'm going to get XANA." Laura said.

"Do you think it is going to work?" Yumi asked.

"I know it is going to work. Good luck everyone." Laura said.

"Let's do it!" Odd said as he started shooting arrows at the XANA's monsters. Yumi threw her fans at the monster, and she killed ten with one fan. Ulrich was running. He had his two clones with him. Laura followed him.

"Well, well it looks like they want to die. They are fools." XANA said. Laura jumped over the monsters, and she landed behind XANA.

"XANA, why do you want to rule the Earth?" Laura said as XANA turned around.

"This Earth needs a commander. It needs rules." XANA said.

"No it doesn't. It is just fine the way it is." Laura said.

"Who is going to stop me? Is it going to be you?" XANA asked.

"It is not only me, but we will stop you." Laura said as Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich walked right beside Laura. They had killed all XANA's monsters. XANA and his two shadows were left.

"How did you kill my entire arm?" XANA asked. He was getting scare.

"Like I told you, XANA, we will kick your butt every time." Laura said as she started to walk up to XANA.

"There is nothing you all can do. I will rule the world. I will have you, warrior, as my queen." XANA said. He turned, jumped to the platform, and he ran to the park where the statue of the warrior stood. XANA looked up at it. The gang followed him.

"See XANA, she stands for the love. She die trying to keep this world safe from evil." Odd said. XANA's two shadows followed the gang.

"You all forgot my two helpers. They can destroy you all." XANA said.

"No they can't." Ulrich said. XANA was getting an uneasy feeling. He knew that he lost, but he wasn't going down with a fight. In his left hand, a sword formed. He charged at Odd. He got Odd in the shoulder. Odd fell on to the ground. The gang ran up to Odd.

"Odd, are you ok?" Laura asked as she sat down next to Odd. Odd was loosing too much blood.

"Laura, you have to get him. Don't worry about me. I will be ok." Odd said as he left his hand to Laura's face. He touched it.

"Odd, please don't talk like that." Laura said.

"Don't worry about me. I will be ok. You know what you have to do." Odd said before he passed out.

"NO!" Laura yelled. Ulrich felt for a pulse.

"Laura, he is still alive." Ulrich said. Laura looked at him.

"Ulrich, you and Yumi take Odd." Laura said as she got up.

"What about you?" Ulrich asked.

"I want to end this now." Laura said.

"Laura, don't do it." Yumi said. She had tears in her eyes.

"I must kill XANA even it means I die too. He will pay for what he did to everyone." Laura said. She started to have light blue flames around her.

"Please be careful, Laura." Ulrich said as he and Yumi picked up Odd.

"Yumi, tell Jeremy and Aelita that you all were the best friends I had. Ulrich, you are the best brother I had. I love you all, and please take care of each other." Laura said.

"Please come back." Ulrich said.

"I will try. I promise. Now go." Laura said. Ulrich and Yumi started to walk away with Odd.

"Did I kill you boyfriend?" XANA said in a joking mood. He saw Laura angry.

"I'm sick of you, XANA. First you try to kidnap me, then you tried to take over the world, and now you hurt my boyfriend. I won't take that. Now get ready to die." Laura said as she grabbed an arrow. She got her bow and arrow ready. She shot the arrow, and it hit XANA in the chest.

"Is that the best that you can do?" XANA said.

"No it is not. This time when I send you away, stay gone. GATE OF TIME!" Laura yelled as she touches the ground with her hand. A gate formed behind XANA. Laura charge at XANA, and she pushed him and his two shadows helpers into the gate. She went into the gate too. The gate disappeared.

The supercomputer started to act weird.

"What's going on?" Jeremy said.

"I don't know." Aelita said scared.

"Laura must have destroyed XANA. Go down to the scanners." Franz said. Jeremy and Aelita headed down to the scanners. The middle scanner opened, and Franz Hopper stepped out. Aelita ran up to him, and she gave him the biggest hug.

"No way." Jeremy said.

"Laura must found a way to free me, but how?" Franz asked.

"I don't know. Let's head up to the supercomputer." Jeremy said. They went back up to the supercomputer. When they got there, they saw Ulrich, Yumi and Odd in their earth form. Odd woke up. The spot where XANA stabbed him disappeared.

"Where am I?" He asked.

"You are back at the factory." Ulrich said.

"Where is Laura?" Odd asked. The gang turned their heads away.

"Laura sealed XANA back up, but in the process, she.." Yumi couldn't finish saying it.

"She what?" Odd asked.

"She is gone." Ulrich said.

"No she can't be gone." Odd said as he got up.

"She sealed XANA and herself." Yumi said.

"No" Odd said.

"Yes she did. Please understand, Odd. She did what she had to do." Ulrich said as he putted his hand on Odd's shoulder.

"She must be alive, and I'm going to find her." Odd said as he brushed Ulrich's hand off his shoulder. He headed to the elevator. The gang followed him.

Meanwhile, Laura was floating between Earth and Lyoko. Laura had her eyes close. A voice started to talk to her.

"Warrior, do you want to go back to Earth?" The voice asked.

"Yes more than anything." Laura said as she opened her eyes.

"I will send you back, but in payment you have to shut down Lyoko for good."

"How are you going to send me back?"

"All of your friends' love."

"Who are you?"

"I'm the one who made Lyoko."

"You are Eric Hopper, Franz Hopper's brother."

"Yes I am. I made you to kill XANA, and you did your job. Now I can give you one wish."

"You know what I will wish for."

"Then I will send you back." The voice said as a white light surrounded Laura. Laura felt herself returning to Earth.

Odd and the gang stood by the statue of the warrior. They putted flowers around it. Everyone who wasn't turned to stone saw the whole battle. They came and putted flowers around the statue. The others who were stone soon learned about the battle. They left the gang alone. A white light suddenly appeared behind the gang. The gang turned around to see it. Once the white light disappeared, Laura was laying on the ground. The gang ran up to her. Odd fell next to Laura. He picked her up in his arms. He began to cry.

"Laura, please wake up." Odd begged. The gang stood around Laura and Odd. They were crying now too. Franz Hopper went down, and he felt for a pulse on Laura. He got up and turned to the gang.

"She is…" He said with a sad face on. He looked at the ground.

"Is she dead?" Ulrich asked. He was worried. Franz lifts his head up with a smile on his face.

"She is alive. She is sleeping." Franz said. The gang cheered in happiness.

Two weeks later, Laura opened her eyes. She found herself in the hospital. She heard snoring, and she found Odd sleeping by her. She moved a little, and Odd woke up. He looked at Laura.

"You are awake."


"I thought I had lost you."

"You will never lose me. I told you I will be back."

"Laura, you are an angel."

"Odd, how is your arm where XANA stabbed you?"

"As soon you sealed XANA, the wound disappeared."

"That's good. Where are the others?"

"They are in the waiting room. Why?"

"You should go get them."

"Ok" Odd said before he kissed Laura on the lips. He broke the kiss.

"You know how long I was waiting for you to do that?"

"Forever" Odd said.

"Since the first time I met you." Laura said. Odd started to walk to the door.

"I will be right back." Odd said as he left the room. In few minutes, Ulrich, Jeremy, Yumi, Aelita, Franz, and Odd came in to the room. Ulrich hugged his sister.

"Laura, you scared me. I thought I lost you." Ulrich said.

"I'm fine, Ulrich. Like I told Odd, I told you I will come back." Laura said. Aelita hugged her. Aelita had tears in her eyes.

"You saved the world." She said.

"I know, but we saved the world. All of us, not just me." Laura said.

"How did we save the world? We didn't seal XANA up." Odd said.

"No you all didn't, but you helped in different ways. Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd destroyed the monsters. Jeremy, Franz, and I made the program that allowed Odd, Yumi, Ulrich, and I transform into our Lyoko forms. Aelita was the one who pulled all of together through it all. I sealed XANA up." Laura said. Jeremy hugged Laura.

"You are amazing. You almost die to save the world. How did you were able to come back?" Jeremy asked.

"Your love brought me back." Laura said as Yumi hugged her.

"Please don't do anything like that again." Yumi said.

"I promise that I would back, and I kept it." Laura said. She yawned. The gang saw the yawn.

"We better let you get some sleep and thank you for freeing me." Franz said.

"No problem." Laura said before she closed her eyes. The gang left the room.

A few days later, Laura was release from the hospital. Ulrich's and her parents came to see her. They hugged their daughter.

"My daughter saved the world." Their mom said.

"You mean all of us mom." Laura said as she putted her hand in Odd's hand. He turned to her, and he smiled at her.

"We are proud of all of you." Their dad said.

"Thanks Mom and Dad." Ulrich said. Everyone walked back to Kadic from the hospital.

Five months after the battle, the press finally forgot about the gang. The gang was relief. Sissy was nicer to the gang. The gang sat on a hill in the forest that over looks the city. They couldn't believe how their life changed. It is almost the end of the school year. Laura had her headed on Odd's lap while Ulrich had his arm around Yumi's shoulder. Jeremy and Aelita had their hands in each others. Laura was asleep.

"I can't believe school will be out in two weeks." Jeremy said.

"So what is everyone is doing this summer?" Yumi asked.

"Aelita is going to meet my family, and she is going to stay part of the summer with me. She and I are spending the part of summer with Odd. How about you? " Jeremy asked.

"My parents are letting me go to see Laura and Ulrich. Then I'm going to spend the rest of my summer with Odd. How about you, Ulrich? " Yumi asked.

"Laura and I are going have Odd and you for the summer, and than we will be going to Odd's for the rest of summer." Ulrich said. He looked at Laura. He knew that she had been the most. She found out she had a brother, she fell in love, is the recantation of the warrior who sealed XANA, and she saved the world. She had been a lot. He knew that he will be there forever for her. She was an angel. She was sent to save the world twice. Ulrich watched her. She started to wake up. She saw Ulrich, and she smiled at him. Then she looked up at Odd, and he smiled down at her.

"Well good afternoon." Odd said as the others looked at Laura. Laura sat up.

"How did you sleep?" Yumi asked.

"Better" Laura said.

"That's good. I'm glad you are not like Odd. He snores." Ulrich said laughing.

"I do not. Watch it; I might just say that you sleep with Yumi's picture." Odd said as he got up.

"Odd, you are dead!" Ulrich yelled as he got up. Odd was half way down the hill.

"Here we go again." Laura and Yumi said as the same time. Jeremy and Aelita were laughing. Laura and Yumi just rolled their eyes while Ulrich mad Odd ate dirt.

Deep in the shadows in an old building, a shadow watched the gang.

"You think you have killed XANA, but you all are wrong. He will be back." The shadow said.

(Author's Note: This is the end to this story. There will be part 2 to this one. I want to thanks to knightx for reviewing. NO FLAMES PLEASE! )