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NOTES: This is my first attempt at an actual HP series. I tend to write stuff then become disinterested but I'm going to try to actually finish this one. *crosses fingers* Anyway, it's mostly about some of the more minor characters. This is the prologue and it's probably the most you're going to see of Harry, Hermione and Ron for the rest of the series.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Harry Potter stared out from his dormitory window. He couldn't sleep. For some reason, the heavy rain beating down on the Quidditch field was fascinating him. Every now and again a bolt of lightning would crash down and light everything up like it was on fire. Other than that you could barely see anything besides the light in the window of Hagrid's hut. Harry wondered what Hagrid was doing up so late. Of course, if he went down to ask, Hagrid would ask him the same thing.

Harry sighed. His sixth year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardy was rapidly coming to a close. Things had changed so much for him over the years. He didn't want to leave this place for the summer. He wanted to stay but Professor Dumbledore wouldn't let him. He closed his eyes and imagined himself at home with his Godfather, Sirius Black. That dream, of course, was impossible. Sirius was still on the run.

Neville Longbottom snored loudly and made Harry jump. The chubby boy rolled over but didn't stir. Harry wished someone else was up so he'd have someone to talk to. But that was highly unlikely. His best friend, Ron Weasley, rolled over in his untroubled sleep. Ron didn't have as much to worry about as Harry did, so he could sleep peacefully. Everyone else could sleep peacefully.

Harry turned his attention back to the window. Another crash of lightning illuminated the field. Harry peered intently out the window. He thought he had seen a man- a tall man with shaggy, black hair and ruffled robes. He was probably just seeing things. It couldn't be. Could it? He willed another lightning bolt to come so he could see again.

As if on cue, the field lit up again. There was a man. He hadn't been seeing things. "Sirius," Harry breathed.

Harry hastily put on his school robes. He tripped trying to get his shoes on and fell right onto Ron's bed.

"Harry?" Ron asked blearily.

"Shh!" Harry hushed him. "Sirius is outside."

"What?" Ron asked shocked. "Harry, it can't be Sirius. You said he was somewhere sunny. Are you sure you're not just seeing things because you're worried about him?"

"No!" Harry protested. "It's him. I know it." He finished dressing and made a lunge for the door.

"Wait!" Ron called after him. "I'm coming with you."

The pair ran down the stairs. They had gotten dressed in record time. "Wait." Ron stopped Harry again as he was about to disappear out of the portrait hole. "We should get Hermione. She'll want to talk to Sirius if it's him."
Truth be told, he wanted Hermione because she would be the voice of reason and Harry was obviously off his rocker.

"Oh all right," Harry sighed impatiently. "Go get her." Ron scrambled up the stairs to the girls' dormitory. He tried not to look at anything he shouldn't. If they knew he was in their room, they'd have a fit. Ron poked the sleeping Hermione. "Get up. Harry's going crazy and he wants us to be there for the show."

* * * * *

The three students raced down the hallway with reckless abandon. Harry was anxious to see his Godfather and the other two were just trying to keep up with him. He didn't seem to care that he was making a lot of noise or that if a teacher found them they would be in a boat load of trouble.

Harry reached the doors and plunged into the dark, rainy night without looking behind him to see if Ron and Hermione had kept up. The ground under his feet made audible squishing sounds as he streaked across toward the Quidditch field. It had been raining so
much that the earth was saturated with water.

He reached the Quidditch field, panting heavily. There was no one there. Ron and Hermione came up behind him, just as out of breath, a few seconds later. They
looked around for Sirius but found no one.

"Harry..." Hermione began in a soothing tone.

"No!" Harry wouldn't listen. He looked around wildly. There was still no one in sight. "I was sure I saw someone," he added despondently.

"It was probably just a trick of the light," Hermione said logically. "Anyone could've made that mistake."

Ron snorted. He tried not to let Harry see him laughing. "Anyone who's mental-" he began, turning toward Hermione. But Hermione was gone. She had simply vanished from her place. "Hermione!" he called out. No answer. "Harry!" Harry turned to him. Hermione is gone."

"What? But where-?" Harry came over and stood next to Ron. The boys looked around.

Ron turned to his friend intending to say "She's just gone," but he suddenly found himself alone. Harry had disappeared as well.

"Harry! Hermione!" Ron called out again. Now he was panicking. He felt fear grip him and he gasped. There was a man standing in front of him. Ron's eyes went wide as he recognized his attacker.

"Oh bugger," he swore and felt darkness engulf him.

Another crash of lightning illuminated the empty Quidditch field.