My Lover…


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Warnings: Rape and angst.

Parings: Yuuri/Wolfram

Summary: This is the Sequel to "Bound By…" If no one likes this then don't read… you have been warned! LOL


: Wolfram P.O.V. :

I don't know what happened to him. He just appeared in the tub while I was bathing our baby daughter, and Greta. Of course she was in the smaller tub at the end of this bigger one. But when he just floated to the top I placed the chibi in it's little tub bobber (It's the thing that you can put in the tub so the baby won't drown, I can't remember the name of it sorry..)

As soon as I made sure she would be okay, I walked over to him and gasped. His eyes were open but shaking slightly, his cloths were torn and barely on his body, he was beaten, bruised, and cut.

His breathing stopped for a second and he began to sink.

Quickly I grabbed him and told Greta to go get some help. She looked over and saw Yuuri and grabbed this robe that Yuuri must have brought for her from his world. And she ran out and began looking for someone.

I brought him over to where our daughter was and laid him down on the floor, then I began to dress quickly.

"Wol….fram…" He faintly said.

"Yuuri I'm right here." I grabbed his hand and held it. He looked up to me and tears fell from his eyes. "Yuuri what's wrong? What happened to you?"

He couldn't answer, he just grabbed me and cried. "I tried…to…run away…but they….." He couldn't finish.

I held him tighter and one of my older brother's, Conrad, came in. He saw me holding him and quickly knelt down to check him. The baby began crying and I had to get to her but I didn't want to let go of my husband either.

Conrad smiled and took Yuuri as soon as he saw he should. As soon as he was lifted from my arms I picked up our daughter and followed him to our room.

My husband was just going to his world to make sure that his...our…mother was okay and he said he would be right back. But he didn't return. And that was 2 weeks ago!

What could have happened to him?

I looked down at our daughter. The naming ceremony had to be postponed because he didn't return. So now we have to reschedule it for a later time. But now… What are we going to do?

Conrad laid him down on our bed and called in the maids to clean him up as much as they could. I just sat there feeding our daughter.

"Yuuri!" Greta yelled running in fully dressed. "Wolfram what happened to Yuuri? Is he okay? Who could have done this to him?"

I shook my head. "Oh Greta… if only I knew…" hot tears made there way down my cheeks as I sat there watching him.

"Wolfy…" It was my mother who said my name. "It's okay dear. Mommy's here." I hated it whenever she said that but this time I let it pass, and I cried on her shoulder.

Yeah I know what you're thinking too. But you try having the one you loved in this state! He may be a pathetic wimp but I've grown to love him all the same.

Suddenly I heard my brother take a slightly quick intake of breath. And he began to quickly pump his chest.

"Wolfram! Come over here I need your help." He commanded.

I walked over to him and saw that Yuuri's face was turning slightly blue.

"Konrad! What's wrong with him! Is he choking!" I still held the baby, but I knew what Konrad wanted me to do.

I placed the chibi in his arms and began to place my lips on my husbands, and began to breath into his lungs as much as I could. Konrad handed my daughter to my mother, then he began to pump his chest once I took my lips away from Yuuris'. And then I repeated the action several times.

It took a while but soon Yuuri began to choke up water and he rolled over on his side, coughing. That's when I noticed that his eyes where red and puffy. 'Has he been crying? What could have happened to him to make him this way?' I asked myself.

"Wolfram… Wolfram!" He lunged himself into my arms and cried. "I'm sorry Wolfram… I…I..I tried to get away sooner but…but…" He began to hold on tighter and I embraced him trying to get him to calm down.

"Yuuri what happened to you? It's okay I'm not angry, just tell me what happened." I gave everyone in the room a look that said 'please leave for a few minutes'. They got the message and left.

After about an hour he calmed down enough to talk.

"Wolfram…I hate having you to see me like this." I raised his head up and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Wimp, stop crying. Now tell me what happened, okay. Why were you gone for two weeks?" He took a deep breath and laid his head on my chest.

"I was on my way to get my mom something from the store and…. These thugs grabbed me…" his voice was scratchy. "They threw me into this alleyway and…" He began to shake slightly. "They r…ra…raped me."

My heart stopped. "Wh..What!"

He nodded. "Then the cops started to arrive and they grabbed me and took me to some place. I don't know where. They kept me there as a playtoy." He began to cry again. I rubbed his back telling him it was okay. That I won't let that happen to him again. And I won't.

"Do you want to take a bath?" He looked up at me confused. "So you can wash away all this dirt."

He nodded and mumbled something I couldn't hear what though.

"What?" He bit his lower lip.

"I said would you take one with me. I don't want to be flushed down alone right now." I did something that I only do around him or our daughter's, I smiled.

"Wimp, of course I will. Do you think I would leave you alone anyway?" He smiled a weak smile and began to get up but winced in pain. "What? What is it?"

He looked up at me and looked away. I got the message perfectly clear. I sighed and picked him up even though it was possible that I could be pregnant again. (Before Yuuri left they… well you get the picture! -.-;)

But he doesn't know that yet.

He cuddles up to me quickly as I call for a few maids to bring him a clean pair of cloths for him and me.

Upon entering I notice that there was already new cloths and soap. And sitting beside all that was my mothers perfume! God sometimes I think she wants me to bear at least a hundred kids for her.

I sat Yuuri down and began to undress myself, he just watched me in amusement. Once I was fully undressed I began to carefully undress my husband. He tensed some but calmed down after he was as naked as I was.

I could almost cry at the sight of my husbands beaten body. A complete change from when we had our honeymoon a couple of weeks after the birth of our daughter.

I shook the thought out of my head and began to pick him up and place him in the bath when he lunges at me and kisses me. My state of shock only lasted for a few minutes and I began to kiss back just as eager as he was now kissing me.

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Before I could comprehend anything he had me on my back kissing his way down my throat. I moaned.

His tong began lapping at my nipple and I nearly lost it. But it didn't last long cause I stopped him and held him to me. My breathing was not as controlled as I would have liked but I'll deal with it.

"Yuuri are you sure you want to? I mean after what just happened to you." He began licking his way up to my ear, knowing full well that was my hot spot. I moaned louder this time and gasped when he began whispering in my ear seductively.

"Wolf…Please I want you to take away all this filth that I've endured up until now. Please take me!" With that he ground his erection into mine and I nearly screamed.

Oh God! He knows exactly how to give me hard-on. Shit I get one anytime I see him changing into his night cloths! And now…Ahh fuck he's pumping my dick with his hand!

"Ohh..Ahhh..AHHH! Yuuri don't stop! Oh God! YUURI!" I screamed.

"Hmmm… you like that don't you… then this will feel even better." His body shifted down mine and began nipping at the insides of my thigh. Then lower and lower…

"AHHHH! YUURI!" I fell back and withered. I couldn't believe the sensation! His tong was sliding up and down my shaft while he started to deep throat me. He placed his right hand on my waist to keep me from thrusting to hard into his mouth. But…. Oh GOD! He started to suck hard.

Soon enough I spilled my seed into his mouth. My ears began ringing and I couldn't hear anything Yuuri may have said.

I didn't even realize that Yuuri was kissing me until I felt his tong stroking mine telling me what he wanted me to do, with his tong and mouth.

I flipped us both over so I was laying on-top him, straddling his waist. I lowered my head and kissed him hotly. But I soon pulled back, worried.

"Yuuri what is it you want me to do? You want to take me or…" He pressed his figure to my lips and silenced me quickly.

"Wolf… I want to take you but I want you on top okay… I'd love for you to take me but…" he looked away. And I placed my hand on his cheek lifting his head up to look at me.

"Yuuri I love you, wimp. And I'll kill those bastards as soon as I find them." He smiled some and kissed me. I returned it.

The kiss soon turned fiery, hot, and passionate all at once. I almost lost all train of thought. God Yuuri how can you do this to me with just a kiss?

Breaking away I looked into his eyes and saw lust, need, and desire. But also a hint of fear. I began to gently nip at his neck, and moaned when I felt his now lubed figures pressing into my tight entrance.

Once he got three digest's in I was already on the verge of a second orgasm. Lifting myself up quickly I placed him over my entrance and plunged down hard. A little to hard cause a sharp pain shot through my whole body. I whimpered.

"Wolf… careful I don't want you to be in pain." He panted. He had a pained expression on his face, I could tell. But also something else was going on that I had no idea of. That is until he rocked his hips and hit my prostate, making me pant for more and losing all ability to think.

"Yuuri! Harder! Faster!" I moaned, riding him like some whore. I was relieved when he began screaming in bliss as he found his orgasm. I soon followed.

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I didn't even notice we had both fallen asleep until I heard Guntar banging on the bathroom door yelling something about noises and about the results coming back positive.

Positive? What the hell was he talking about. Then it hit me.

"Yuuri! YUURI!" I began to shake him awake. His eyes opened slowly and once seeing me he quickly grabbed me and held me.

"Wolf… What's wrong Iitoshii?" Yawning, he slowly became aware of what was going on around him. "Why is Guntar screaming "It's positive"?"

Ilooked at him with a serious look inmy eyes. "Yuuri…I'm pregnant again."

Taking one last look atme, Yuuri feel back with a shocked look on his face.


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