My Lover


HK: Must I repeat all that TT

Wolfram: No you do not.

Yuuri: but what if some people don't know all that?

HK: Yuu-chan this is the next chappie ;

Wolfram: She has a point.

Yuuri: Oh yea this is the chapter where we find out that you mmph ;;mouth was covered;;

Wolfram and HK: DON'T SPOIL IT!


Wolfram: WIMP!

Yuuri: ;;can't breath;;

(" ) Oki now on with the story! ( ")

The small, yet well built, blonde stroked the growing mound that was the babies growing inside. Oh how said blonde couldn't wait to finnaly see the babies...

"Papa!" A small yet happy brunette girl clung to the boys side. He smiled down to her and patted her head.

"Well Greta I see you're doing well how is Holan this morning or did Yuuri already take her for breakfast?" Wolfram was now in the middle of his second pregnancy with Yuuri. Oh how he wished he could tell the dark-haired-boy the great news about the pregnancy. He had just returned from his early morning check-up with Giesela Von Christ. The pregnancy was going very well and apparently Giesela was about to become a big sister soon.

"Daddy!" Wolfram looked up and saw his husband walking twards them holding their child with one arm while hugging Greta with the other. He looked up the the blonde and stood up before walking to him and kissing him softly.

"How did the check-up go? Is my lil one okay?" Yuuri rubbed his stomache and he felt a slight kick agaisnt his hand and he pulled away startled. "What was that?" He blushed.

"Wimp that is your sons they seem happy to see you." Yuuri gaped at him.

"Sons! As in more than 1! Twins oh my god Wolf this is great!" Of course Holan was not happy about this as she began to cry.

Sighing Wolfram took her in his arms and began to try and soothe his daughter while Yuuri stuttered apoloiges. "Yuuri, stop stuttering and get her Binky(1)" Yuuri nodded and pulled it out of his pocket placing it in front of the baby girl and she took it in her mouth shutting up instently. They both laughed slightly at this.

"Hey wolf... How are you feeling? Carrying twins must be a strain on you." He remembered their wedding and how weak Wolfram was with just one child.

The queen shrugged. "I'm fine koi, but if you could bring Holan her bottle and me the usual morning dish." He began to walk to the room they both shared and yuuri went to ask the maids for the requested meal.

After a few minutes Yuuri emerged with a bottle of warmed formula and Wolframs dish. He handed his daughter the bottle and took her so the very pregnant blonde could eat.

Wolfram almost devoured his food plate and all. Yuuri cringed wondering how he could eat such a combination. Two slices of bread, chocolate and pickles, with not only scrambled eggs but mayonaise as well. Yuuri felt like he was going to be sick...again.

The queen finished his meal and licked his figures. "Yuuri are you going to be sick again." He gave him a glare. "If my eatig is making you sick then don't watch me." Said king sweatdropped.

"I know but you just look so cute when you eat." A small coo and claps was heard from the small child in Yuuris' arms. "Awww look at you, our lil chibi!" Wolfram wanted so badly to hit the boy upside the head, but their baby daughter always knew how to change the mood. He waddled to them and kissed her on the head. Her green eyes looked up to him in question.

He smiled down and laughed when she started gurgling loudly. While clapping her hands reaching for Wolframs' hair. Wolfram shook his hair at her and pulled his face away, of course Yuuri didn't so she latched onto his pulling for all it was worth. "Ahhh. Owww." Wolfram giggled and untangled his daughters fist from his husbands hair. Said man smiled and sweatdropped.

"I'm still not use to that. No matter how many times she does it." The blonde shook his head and took her into his arms humming a small tune.

"Sleep my baby, sleep my baby,

dream of somewhere far away,

do you remember still,

how i hope you always will,

keep the memory of the day the world was born."

Yuuri smiled, he could always remember that, that was the song Wolfram's mother had taught them. It worked like a charm, soon she was fast asleep. "Just like a small bearbee." Yuuri sweatdropped.

"I was going to say more like an angel." He picked her up and placed her int he crib his mother had given them.

"Yuuri, I also have news to tell you." The dark-haired boy blinked and looked at him. "I'm not the only one pregnant anymore." Yuuri looked confused. "Wimp. Gunter's expecting now."

Needless to say Yuuri fainted.


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