Betty was enjoying her birthday party in the backyard when her bracelet chimed.

"Uh-oh! Duty calling! Well, hopefully it's nothing too terribly important..."

She hurried away from the moonwalk where her friends were jumping and squealing, past the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game, the balloons and the flying confetti and the melted remains of the star-speckled ice cream cake, into the kitchen. Betty's parents had gone away for a few minutes, but she knew her friends could look after themselves. A touch of her bracelet, and a three-dimensional hologram of her begilled superior officer buzzed to life.

She saluted. "Atomic Betty reporting for duty, Admiral!"

"Happy birthday, Betty. Unfortunately, that's not the reason I'm calling. Our galactic tracking systems have picked up a major villain in system 42, planet 7A5."

"Why--that's Earth! I've never gotten an assignment to my home planet before. Where on the planet is it, Admiral?" She tingled, thinking of all the places she'd learned about in school but had never gotten a chance to see. "China? The Middle East? A South Seas island?"

"Hmmm, let me see. Ah, yes. The exact location relayed by our scanners is region 27, sector 12, grid 3.992."

Betty calculated it in her head; then she scrunched her eyebrows. "Are you sure? That's..."

She heard the living front door open and close, and the singsong voice of her parents: "Oh, Behhh-ty! We're home, and we have a special birthday surpriiiiiise!"

"Gotta go, Admiral. I'll call you back." She clicked off the hologram just as her parents burst into the kitchen. Without missing a beat she turned and gave them a smile. Her dad was holding something behind his back.

"There you are!" mother gushed. "Betty, we're just so excited, because we've got the best birthday present for you ever! Ready?"

Her father positively beamed. "Heeeeere it is!" And he brought it into view.

Betty stared. Her jaw dropped. No. It can't be. It can't!

Her mother was saying, "Remember how we talked about adding to our family, and you said how much you'd like a baby brother? Well, we went to this new adoption agency..."

There, gurgling contentedly in dad's arms, was a baby indeed. But not a cute baby, or a normal baby, or even (though no one but Betty could have known this) a baby from this earth! No, this green, snaggle-toothed, beady-eyed brat resembled Ming the Merciless, and could grow up to become just as bad. For this baby was...Infantor!

Betty gawked until her mother said, "Isn't he keee-ute?" Infantor leered at her and giggled.

"Betty?" Her father looked concerned now.

"I...ah..." She took a step backwards. "I'm just so happy I'm gonna cry, and that would be embarrassing so I'll go to my room--"

She fled, slamming her bedroom door shut and flinging herself on her bed. Mind reeling, she activated her bracelet. "Admiral DeGill! You'll never guess what happened! The villain is Infantor, and he's--" she choked--"my brother!"