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"UNSCHEDULED OFF-WORLD ACTIVATION!" Jack made his way down to the gate room. He wondered if it was a surprise visit from Thor again, Carter wasn't due back for 2hrs.

"Close the iris." He commanded, Walter reached for the scanner when he stopped.

"Sir, when getting a ID code. It's…its SG-1 sir." He sounded surprised.

"That's Carter, she's back early. Med team and defence to the gate room!" Jack ran to the bottom of the ramp as Carter came through. Time froze. She came through, her clothes ripped and bloody with her jacket missing, two young children, obviously distressed clinging to her legs. One with the jacket wrapped around them. Blood. Blood on Carter. That went down as time to panic in Jack's books, but he couldn't move.

"Delete the address!" Sam yelled and then collapsed on the ramp. The children went down with her holding onto her so tight Jack was afraid they might break her arm.

"Address deleted." Came Walter's reply. The medical team ran forward following Jack who was already at Sam's side.

"Sir." "Sir please, you have to move, we need to check her out." "Sir!" Jack was pushed out of the way and others were trying to remove the children. They screamed loudly and started crying hysterically.

"No! No! Mustn't be taken away! No!" The children were severely distressed, that much was clear.

"Whoa! Stop!" Jack yelled, the med team instantly obeyed. Sam stirred, her eyes opened wide.

"Grace! Evelyn!" her hands searched for the girls, "It's ok. Mummy will look after you. It's ok" Not even the SF's at the door could keep from staring at her. Every head whipped round and the silence almost crackled with electricity. Sam didn't seem to notice. Painfully she started to stand up and walked slowly down the ramp.

"Carter?" Jack said slowly. She was pale, probably going into shock. She was heading towards the infirmary with Jack close behind, signalling two airmen to follow. He wasn't taking any chances. Sam could be in shock… or under alien influence.

Once in the infirmary she let go of the children, two little girls, and collapsed again. Jack was quickly by her side and lifting her onto the bed. The girls dragged behind, holding onto Sam's hand. Jack lifted them both up and put them on the bed. Whatever was going on, these three were not to be separated. Janet came racing through the door, yelling at the med staff for so many things Jack got dizzy. She looked at the children then at Jack. He knew they had to be moved. "They won't be moved Janet, they're hysterical. You saw them in the gateroom."

"I'm sorry sir, but Carter could be bleeding internally I have to check her out, she may need to go to theatre." Jack sighed; it had been along time since he'd been with kids. Well, beside Cassie. He bent down, wincing at the cracking in his knees. He took a closer look at the girls now. They looked about the same age, one with chestnut hair and the other butterscotch in colour. They looked human. Jack lent over to the one wrapped in Carter's jacket, gently stroked the butterscotch hair. He watched as the girl's fingers turned white around Carter's arm.

" Hey, it's ok. Your safe, nothing's going to hurt you. You need to come with me, your…" he struggled, "…mummy... is very hurt. The doctor needs to look after her." The little girl shook her head violently.

"No, mummy said we must stay with her. We mustn't go anywhere." Jack didn't like it, but if he had to, he would pull the girl off. He put his hands on her waist and tried to gently pry her away. Sam woke with a jolt.

"No! Give her back! Let her go!" She grabbed for the girl, pure terror in her eyes. Jack was taken aback, he had never, NEVER seen that look in Sam's eyes before.

"Carter, it's ok. It's me." Sam didn't seem to hear.

"No! They must stay with me! Can't let them go." Jack bent down so he was eye-level with her.

"Sam, trust me, they'll stay with me. They're safe." Sam stopped struggling and looked at him, recognition flashing across her face Slowly she released her hold on the girl. A nurse went to get the other one, but Sam shouted.

"No! Don't touch her! Sir, you can't let them take her! Please!" She now had tight grip on the chestnut haired one.

"It's ok, I'll get her." Jack walked over and took the girl from Carter's arms. They started struggle.

"Evelyn, Grace. You're ok now. You stay with him, you hear me? Sir please, don't let anyone take them. They mustn't leave you!" she was getting hysterical and the girls were now tightly wrapped around Jack.

"I'm going to have to put her out, her body can't take this. Get her to theatre now!" Jack was shoved aside, two wailing girls clinging to him as he heard the flat-line go on Carter as they rushed her to theatre. He sank down the wall as Daniel and Teal'c burst in.

"Jack what the-" Daniel skidded to a halt when he saw Jack.

"Don't touch them!" He pulled the girls against him. Daniel backed away, shocked. "Ah Christ, I'm sorry Daniel. I don't know what's going on. Carter told me to take the kids. She won't let anyone else near them. She's hysterical." He tried to steady his breathing and could feel his body shaking from adrenalin. Daniel went off to get some pillows and blankets while Teal'c got some water. Jack was near shock, so Daniel organised the pillows and blankets around him as best he could and Teal'c helped him drink. The girls buried themselves into Jack their wide, frightened eyes staring. 20mins later and Jack was somewhat normal again.

"So any idea who they are? Or ummm, what they are? Daniel asked, watching the two eat some bread and water. He and Teal'c were sitting across from Jack, any closer and the girls panicked.

"Not a clue Danny. But I'm pretty sure they're human. Hammond's contacting the Tok'ra and Thor now to find out what on earth happened. Carter and these two obviously went though severe trauma. They won't talk." Indeed the only noise the girls had made was when anyone other than him came near them. " I think the brown haired one is Evelyn, the other Grace."

"Are they not twins O'Neill?" Teal'c asked. He was sliding plates of bread across the floor when the girls had finished their slice, unable to get closer.

"Yeah, I think they are. Wherever they came from though, they're not going back. Carter ordered the code deleted." Daniel looked puzzled.

"But it was just a peaceful mission, we've been to P4X 729 before, she was helping them mine naquada."

"I do not believe that is where Major Carter went. Was there not a problem during her transmission through the wormhole?" They had all been there when the computer went dead in the middle of Sam's progress through the gate. It had come on a minute later though and showed she had travelled successfully. She even radioed through. They'd thought nothing more of it.

Just then and one of the nurses came in. Daniel saw Jack's arms tighten around Evelyn and Grace.

"How's Carter? Is she out yet?" He stood up slowly, lifting both girls.

"They are still operating sir, the outcome is uncertain. However we have run quite a few tests and it is definitely Major Samantha Carter, no clones or anything. Dr. Fraiser requested I check over the children." Jack walked to the nearest bed and put them down. The girls immediately began gripping at Jack and yelling when the nurse came close.

"It's ok, she just needs to check you out. You may be hurt." Jack tired to soothe the girls but to no avail.

"No, she's not allowed to touch us. Mummy said not to let anyone take us!" Jack sighed, well he'd promised Carter. He pointed at the nurse.

"You take notes, I'll check them over." He bent down to the blond one and slowly took off the jacket. "It's ok, " he murmured softly when the girl pulled back, "I'm not going to hurt you." Underneath the jacket, the girl wore a torn, blue dress. Her arms and legs were covered with dirt, blood and what looked like ash. Her feet were bare and red raw. Jack's heart clenched. What on earth happened? It looked like they'd just walked out of a war zone. He saw the girl's eyes rolling. With adrenalin starting to wear off they couldn't stay awake any longer. He gently lay her down and pulled the blankets over her.

"Sir-" The nurse started but was cut off.

"I know they need to be cleaned up but let them sleep. They're not leaving here until Carter comes back." The nurse huffed and walked off.

"This one's not much better, Jack" Daniel had lifted the other one onto the next bed and was gently removing her jumper. She'd fallen asleep, but he was still very gentle. Not at all wanting to have her wake up and start screaming. Jack seemed caught between the beds.

"I will stand here O'Neill, no one will come near." Teal'c stated, positioning himself at the head of the bed. Jack smiled gratefully and went over to the other girl. Her dress, orange in colour, was also torn and her arms and legs in much the same condition as her sisters'. Jack was sure they were twins now. Their hair was startlingly different but their faces very much alike. He pulled up a chair between the beds and fell asleep, one little hand in each of his.

Carter was brought back 4hrs later. Janet followed, her face radiating exhaustion.
"We lost her 3times sir. She was bleeding internally, behind the stomach and liver. She has a broken wrist, collarbone and fractured ankle. The bruising and cuts will heal in no time but with the obvious trauma I can't be certain on what to expect when she wakes up. She could still be hysterical." She glanced at the girls. "While they're out, I'll take some blood samples." She picked up a needle, but Jack jumped in front of the girls.

"No!" Janet took a step back shock and hurt written across her face.

"Jack…" Her voice was shaky.

" Please Janet. I promised Sam. We don't know anything about them. Maybe there's a reason she doesn't want anyone to touch them. It's not that I don't trust you. Please don't think that. C'mon, how many needles have I let you stick in me?" Jack tried to lighten the mood, but his eyes were pleading with Janet. A small, but genuine smile appeared on her face.

"True. Ok, I'll leave it. But just…watch them." She moved slowly towards her office, clearly exhausted, but having to write another entry in Sam's already overflowing file. Daniel excused himself and went to grab some coffee. For Janet and himself.

"Oh I will, I will." Jack answered.

Daniel and Teal'c had been gone about an hour when one of the girls began to stir.

"Mummy! Mummy!" Seems Janet's prediction went for the girls as well. Jack was there in an instant.

"Hey it's ok, you're safe. No one's going to hurt you." He stroked the girl's hair until she calmed down and peered over the edge of the sheet. A huge grin suddenly appeared on her face.

"Daddy!" She squealed and flung her arms around Jack's neck.