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"I can't do this!" Sam grunted as another contraction hit. She squeezed Jack's hand tightly as she rode out the pain. Jack smoothed her hair back.

"Yes you can Sam. You're the most clever, brave and strongest woman, hell person! That I've met. You can do anything." He kissed her forehead as Sam heaved in lung fulls of oxygen as the pain subsided. Unbidden tears slipped down her cheeks and she shook her head.

"Jack, hold me." She pleaded and he looked at Janet for confirmation.

"Whatever makes you comfortable Sam." Jack manoeuvred himself onto the bed so that Sam was now sitting between his legs. He grasped both her hands in his and linked their fingers. He whispered,

"We made this little miracle Sam, and together we're going to bring our baby into the world." She nodded, and her panting increased as another contraction began. She pushed back against Jack who bit his lip at the pain it caused in his groin. He bent down to Sam's ear. "Sweetheart, if you push like that again I don't think we'll be having anymore children," and simply smiled at the glare his wife shot him.

"More kids?" Sam said breathlessly, "if we have anymore, you can give birth to them!"

"Me?" Jack answered innocently.

"Yes you! I'm a scientist I'll-" she grunted with the next contraction "-figure out a way." He kissed her temple.

"You do that sweetheart."

Meanwhile in the Corridor

"Daniel Jackson, your pacing is beginning to disturb me." Daniel had been walking up and down the hall for the better part of 2hrs, much to the amusement of Evelyn and Grace, who were now asleep on Teal'c, still dressed in their uniforms.

"Sorry Teal'c, but jeez! They've been in there for ages! I want to know what's going on! You think they could at least send someone out and give us a clue!" Teal'c sighed audibly; Daniel had not stopped pacing.

"A birth can take many hours Daniel Jackson. I remember waiting 23 of your hours for the birth of my son Rya'c. I believe we should go to the comisionry for some refreshments." He stood up, easily holding the sleeping girls. Daniel was about to protest when George Hammond appeared.

"Sir!" Daniel said quickly. Hammond smiled and waved his hand.

"Retired remember? And I would take Teal'c's suggestion. If Samantha is anything like her mother, we'll be waiting for a while yet."

"You were present at Sam's birth?!" Teal'c was already up ahead and Daniel hurried to catch up to Hammond.

"Yes I was. I still remember waiting outside with Jacob. He'd been kicked out because he kept yelling at the nurses to give his wife something for the pain or he'd pull rank!" They both laughed at this. "You remind me a little of him with your pacing, anyone would think you were the father." Daniel smiled.

"If only Jacob were here now."

"Oh he is. Probably banging on the door, demanding to be let in." Hammond replied seriously, "now lets get something to eat, we have a long wait ahead of us.


"Ok Sam, I need you to push now, I can feel the head." Janet instructed. Sam huffed.

"Well it's about bloody time!" She gripped Jacks' hands and pushed.

"That's it Sam, the head's crowning." Janet wiped her brow. If she was tired she hated to think of the state Sam was in; and Daniel wanted children!

"Wait!" Sam cried and she moved her hand down between her legs, pulling Jack's with her.

"What are you doing Sam?" he whispered.

"My mom touched me before I was born, I want to do the same with our baby." At this Jack couldn't hold the tears and he cried with Sam as they felt their baby's head for the first time. For a second only they and their baby existed, the world forgotten, until Sam got the urge to push again.

"Careful Sam, I don't want to be witness to a projectile birth!" Janet's warning came sternly as she eased the baby's shoulders out and Sam gave one last push. "Ok, you're done." But Sam didn't hear her, all she was aware of was that her baby had been born but it wasn't crying. She began to panic. Why isn't he crying?

"Jack! Jack's what's wrong?! Why isn't he crying? Jack I can't hear him! He's not breathing!" Jack pulled his wife's arms around her in an effort to soothe her.

"It's boy? Doc, Sam says it's a boy!" Then, "It's ok Sam, he's fine, he's absolutely perfect."

"Talk about a mother's intuition, it's a boy." Janet replied as she tied the cord and Jack lent forward to cut it, bringing his son up on Sam's chest. At the feel of her baby's warm, live, breathing body on hers, Sam cried. She wrapped her arms around her son, stroking his head and kissing his face. Jack encircled the two in his arms, whispering.

"I'm so proud of you Sam, look what you did; he's beautiful." He leaned down to capture her lips and whispered to his son; "Welcome to the world little one."

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1. It was out of the blue, the teacher insisted, they were on an excursion to a local waterfall. One minute Grace and Evelyn were fine, the next minute one was unconscious and the other one screaming. What happens when memories of their ordeal in the AU, suddenly come flooding back to Grace and Evelyn?

2. Grace's parents have always told her that the kidnappers were bad people, but her and Evelyn only remember being told they were special. Who will they belive?

3. When the girls' abilities suddenly appear and become uncontrollable, the family must journey to Atlantis to find help.

Ok, so those are my ideas, in each there will be flashbacks into Sam's pregnancy and the baby's early months, there will also be a complication with the baby, but not what you think! The problem is, these plots are incomplete. I only have bits of the stories, and I have a real thing about leaving a story unfinished; I already have one and that's bad enough. I feel like it's leaving the characters in limbo forever and it's really quite sad. So, suggestions are very, very welcome. I also have about 6 other stories on the go, so look out for them.