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Time Line

June 20th – Last day of school

July 04th – Rescue from the Dursley's

July 09th – ( late at night) Harry wakes up from healing sleep

July 10th – Draco Finds Harry

July 18th – Ron and Hermione invited to Malfoy Manor

July 20th – Harry runs to Remus at Grimmauld Place

July 28th – Harry wakes from second healing sleep

July 30th - Harry wakes after two days


Atar - Father (or in Harry's case Papa)

Chapter Eleven

Harry slowly blinked open his eyes, wary of the pounding drums just behind them and sighed briefly in relief at the very dim light he encountered before closing them once again. /Papa?/ he barely whispered, as even that slight sound caused near agony in his throat.

A gentle finger parted his lips and slipped something onto his tongue. As it dissolved it soothed his throat and turned down the volume on the drums just enough to be able to open his eyes. Seeing his father holding a familiar vial of pain relief, he carefully lifted his head just enough in order to take it.

"Feeling better child?" Severus asked softly a few minutes later.

"Think so. Still feel fuzzy, and I can't remember exactly what happened after I left the manor, but I don't hear the drums anymore which is a good thing, and I think I might just be babbling a little bit so I think I'm going to shut up now." Harry stated, closing his mouth with a snap.

Severus huffed softly in amusement as he busied himself with gathering a few more pillows for Harry, allowing him to sit up fully instead of laying in a semi sitting position. Casting a mild heating spell on the pillows he settled himself back into his recliner, and sent an house elf for a light meal for his son, along with a nutrient potion and plenty of mineral rich water.

When Harry finished his meal, Severus banished the dishes and took a deep breath. "First my son, I wish to apologize for my part in the fiasco that sent you running from the Manor. I knew better, but I found that I couldn't really think for myself, and just followed what was being said." Severus tried to explain.

"I know." Harry said sadly. "I could see it happen. It was like everything that made you you was just being dulled or smothered, and it hurt to see happen, but I didn't know what to do, and that hurt even more. All I could remember thinking was that I had to leave, had to get out before whatever was happening to you happened to me as well, and there was this...this little voice... in my head that told me how to leave, how to block anyone from following, and how to find someone that could protect me when you couldn't." Harry tried to explain, desperate for his father to believe him, brushing away tears before they could fall.

"Oh my son!" Severus exclaimed softly, moving back to Harry's bed, and gathered his son into his arms, holding him close once again. It took a few minutes before Severus started to talk his voice soft and some what hesitant as he wasn't sure if he would be able to explain things to Harry properly. "Your Grandmother is an exceptional being, who has helped guide several generations to be happy, healthy and safe. Her influence is tempered by having others both younger and older who are trained to recognize and have the ability to reign in hers and the other members of the councils, ability to manipulate those around them. She forgets that she does it, and that we are susceptible to what she does."

Harry sat silently for a few minutes thinking about what his father just said. "It doesn't make it right." He mumbled into Severus shoulder, wiggling slightly to get comfortable.

"No youngling it doesn't make it right." Severus sighed.

Hidden almost entirely from view, Harry allowed the tears to fall, soaking in the warm comfort once more being freely offered, and once more fell asleep.

Feeling Harry go limp in his arms Severus grumbled half halfheartedly under his breath, and made himself as comfortable as he could with an undersized teenaged lump clinging to him. Summoning the book he had been reading to himself, he made a slight motion with one to order tea from a nearby house elf, and with another small hand movement sent a note of to Healer Van Der Meulen letting the man know that his son was awake after the week long restorative sleep he had been.

Hopefully this time, Harry wouldn't sleep nearly as long as he did last time.


It was early two days later when Harry once more woke up. This time the drums in his head sound more like very distant thunder and not the untalented bashing of before. Pulling himself carefully into a sitting position, Harry allowed his eyes to scan his unfamiliar surroundings looking for something familiar. A soft sound beside him, had his eyes swinging around to the dozing form of Remus and smiled at the man's unusual sprawl. "Remus." He whispered hoarsely.

Golden eyes snapped open immediately and found green. "Good morning cub. Would you like some water?"

Wincing slightly at the rough feel of his throat, Harry just nodded in answer, and accepted the nutrient rich water that Remus held out to him. "Thank you." Harry said, after he had his fill, voice still soft and rough from disuse.

"How are you feeling Harry."

Taking inventory of his body, Harry found that he could breath without the hitch that he had been trying not to let his friends see since he woke up in Malfoy Manor. He also couldn't 'feel' Remus like he could before, but could still 'feel' him at the edge of his mind. Going deeper within himself, he found that the minor aches and pains that he had been living with had all but disappeared as well. Looking up at Remus with a frown of confusion, he opened his mouth, closed it, and then tried again. "Why do I feel so good?"

Remus laughed softly, "and here I thought you would be asking where you were first." With a sigh, Remus gave the teen a found look. "Your...Father...had a Healer come and take a look at you. I believe he spelled you into a healing sleep and 'fixed' everything he could over a few sessions. From what I was lead to believe, you'll still have problems, but nothing near what you had before."

Harry nodded his head in understanding, thankful that he no longer have such extreme problems breathing. "Where's Atar?"

Remus tilted his head to the side slightly in confusion, "Atar?"

Harry scrubbed his hands through his hair, "Father...I think."

"You think?"

"It's weird really. Grandmere said that mum cast a complex spell that hid everything I would have inherited from Atar, but the spell would start breaking down before my 16th birthday, allowing my Elven heritage to come through. It's been more noticeable in the past month, but I noticed some changes even before. It's like I have two different people inside of me, and I'm trying to make them into one."

"So two languages, two sets of magical knowledge..." Remus trailed. When Harry nodded, he added. "How is that possible?"

"Simple Wolf. An elf is born with what they need to know. The knowledge is just locked away until needed. Through an Elfs life they just master and add to the genetic knowledge they had at birth" A new voice added.

"Atar!" Harry exclaimed a smile crossing his face.

/Good morning Child. How are you feeling this blessed morn?/

/Better then I should I think./ Harry replied. "English Papa." He added with a smile.

Glancing at Remus with a slight frown of unease, Severus nodded. "How long have you been awake?"

"Only a few minutes Severus." Remus answered.

Harry looked between the two men, and frowned slightly himself. "Where are we?"

"Prince Manor. My mother's ancestral home, it was left to me when my grandparents died when I was young."

"I thought that your mother was an elf." Harry said, confusion colouring his voice.

"Half elf. It would take several generations to dilute the elvish blood enough to produce someone that is less then half elf. My great great Grandparents were elves, they had Grandmere, who married into the Prince family who's elf blood had been diluted quite a bit and wanted to infuse it with new blood and they had my grandfather who married another half elf, further strengthening the elf blood and they in return had my mother who married a muggle..."

"Who had you, and then you and James had Harry." Remus added in. "What I'm trying to figure out is how James was able to conceive a child. I know male pregnancy is not unheard of within the Wizarding world, but I was under the impression that both parties had to have some non-human blood."

"They do." Severus admitted softly. "But I didn't know that he wasn't fully human, I don't think that James realized it either until he conceived Harry, and then spent the rest of the time, trying to hide it from the world."

Harry shifted slightly when he felt the deep shaft of pain his father was trying to hide. "He loved you Papa, you could tell that from the letter he left you." He said softly, trying to ease the pressure he was feeling in his head.

Severus gave his son a piercing look, noticed his distress, and pulled back his emotions again. "I know son, I know."

Fishing around for a less emotionally loaded subject, Harry continued with his earlier question. "If you have this manor, why was I taken to Malfoy Manor?"

Snorting Severus gave his son a knowing look. "Grandmere," was all he said.

"Right, what was I thinking?" Harry grinned wryly. "So, not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but why here and not back with the Malfoys?"

Severus hesitated for a second, and darted a look at Remus.

Remus snorted softly and stood up. "With that I'm going to see about a few more hours of sleep. I will see you later cub." Remus said, leaning down to gently ran his hand through Harry's hair. "Severus" he finished with a nod and left the room.

Severus watched him go, before turning back to his son. "I was called, shortly after dealing with the fallout of telling the Order I was your father." He told the teen.

"Fun...Glad I wasn't around for that." Harry mumbled under his breath.

"Indeed, as it was, you reacted to the emotionally discharge harshly, even with you being in another deprivation bubble with Bill Weasley shielding your mind. We were just getting ready to move you, when Lucius and I where called. It was a very short meeting, mainly to tell us that the Ministry had gotten a little to close for the Dark Lord's comfort and that he was moving into Malfoy Manor. I went back to headquarters and sent Draco home, and brought you here." Severus finished giving Harry a general rundown of events.

Harry sighed, knowing that he wasn't being told the whole story, but left it alone. "Remus said that Healer Girret was here." He said, silently asking for more information.

"He was." Severus acknowledged. "We don't know what's going to happen when the last of the blocks that Lily placed on you fail. We don't know if they'll all go at once, or if they'll go slowly. We don't know what changes there are going to be...We just don't have enough information." Severus stated, running his hands through his hair in agitation. "We want to be as prepared as possible, so that meant a fair amount of healing, that needed you to be as still as possible, so we took that chance and spelled you into a coma." Severus finished.

Harry reached for the cup of tea that had materialized at his bed side with shaking hands. "What did he do?" He whispered.

"There's a spell that was developed years ago, to help with lung function. It basically allows a Healer to remove the most severely damaged portions of a persons lungs, and then encourages them to regrow. It meant having another spell to breath for you, and it was painful, both for you to go through and for us to watch. There was a lot of damage that needed to be healed, and even now it's not quite finished"

Feeling the strength leave him, Harry quickly placed his tea cup down, and rubbed his left arm in remembered pain from having it regrown. "But..."

"As long as you take it carefully for the next few months, everything will be exactly the way it's suppose to be. He also took samples of your blood to figure out why you can handle that fang, healed anything he found that hadn't healed correctly over the years, and has prescribed a set of potions to try and counteract the malnutrition you've suffered over the years. We're hopefully that you'll have at least another one or two growth spurts."

"Do I still have to follow the list of do's and don'ts that he and Madam Pomfrey gave me earlier this summer." Harry asked. Just thinking about being able to use the magic he could feel coursing through his body, made his fingers twitch, never mind the though of flying again.

Sighing heavily, knowing what was coming Severus just looked at the teen for a moment before shaking his head.

Feeling a grin cross his face Harry tried to tape it down slightly "Sooo...quidditch?" He asked hopefully.

Severus pinched the bride of his nose, but nodded his head anyway. Hearing Harry's whoop of excitement made up for the knowing loss of the quidditch cup for the rest of Harry's Hogwarts career.