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Just a brief Vignette - my first attempt to capture K/S dialogue and a bit more. Thanks for reading!



Somewhere in the World

Scotty drew his fingers down Kelly's skin. He traced a line from the notch at the base of his throat, where his pulse throbbed with a rapid rhythm, to his breastbone, and the lean muscles of his chest.

Kelly's pale, curling hair felt electric under his fingertips. He felt an involuntary shiver that had nothing to do with the night breeze from the open patio door.

His hand drifted lower until he felt the ridged muscles of Kelly's abdomen. He was momentarily captivated at the sight of his own brown skin, darkened by the tropical sun to a deep mocha, contrasted with Kelly's light tan.

He spread his fingers, opening his palm against the taut belly, feeling the heat against his skin. The muscles there jumped under his hand, bucking with a sudden ripple of laughter.

Scotty looked up to see Kelly gazing back with that wide, curling smile that always made his heart skip.

"I hate to complain, man," he said, "But if you take much longer, I might just have to leap up off this sofa and tackle you."

Scotty grinned.

"That I'd like to see," he answered. "I'd really like to see that with you all looking like the Mummy's Revenge with your little bandages there and this thing..."

He reached back and rapped his knuckles against the plaster cast that started at Kelly's knee.

"...stuck up on your leg. That'd be something to see you hobbling after me - "

"Hobbling, you say?" Kelly broke in, "I'll have you know I never hobble, sir. Limp, yes. But hobble? Never."

Scotty shook his head sadly.

"It'd be pitiful, you hobbling along, tripping over the furniture with your little cast there and me right out in front of you the whole time, your hobbling, bandaged up self no match for my tiger-like reflexes."

"You're pretty sure of yourself there, Herman," Kelly said, shifting his weight to his elbows.

Scotty nodded.

"Definitely sure of myself. As sure as I am that you will never be a match for-"

The last words were lost in a flurry of limbs and colliding skin as Kelly launched himself from the sofa.


Author's Note

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