Hello! -eats cookies-

You don't talk.

You talk too much.

How do you get your hair over your eye like that?

How do you get your hair to defy gravity?

What's wrong with the eye you cover?

What's wrong with your fashion sense?

Why do you always do what Seifer tells you to?

Why do you always force your friends to do what you want?

I'm a leader.

I'm a follower.

What does Seifer look like without his hat on?

What does Pence look like without his headband on?

Why is your hair purple? Is that natural?

You tell me, Blondie.

Maybe we aren't as alike as we thought.

Opposites attract.

-pokes profile- I'm changing my penname... Go see what it shall be :D -notices reviewers wants cookies I am eating- Oh fine! -throws cookies-