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Chapter 1: Expect the Unexpected

"Hi! Sakura-chan, Hi! Sasuke-teme," said Naruto as he walked up to his teammates.

"Hi Naruto," said Sakura

"Hn," said Sasuke

"So where's Kakashi-sensei," asked Naruto

"Not here yet," said Sakura

"Oh, Okay, he Sakura would you mind," asked Naruto

"NO," said Sakura

"But I didn't ask you anything yet," said Naruto

Just then Kakashi came out of nowhere and told them," Everybody in the entire Village has just been told to go wait out side the Hokages tower," said Kakashi

'So no training," said Naruto

"No today you have a day of," said Kakashi

"Alright," Naruto said

"So lets go," said Kakashi

When they got there they saw a lot of people already there.

"O-Ohayo N-N-Naruto-K-Kun," they heard the familiar voice of Hinata

"Oh, hey Hinata-chan, by the way were did you go in the morning, I woke up and you weren't there," Naruto said

"O-Oh,sorry N-Naruto-kun but Kurenai-sensei a-asked us t-t-to m-meet her early today f-for some e-early t-training," Hinata said

"Oh, okay Hinata," said Naruto as he put an arm around Hinata's waist

"Hey what do you think your doing," Kiba said angrily

"What does it look like teme," Naruto said

"BAKA," Kiba said






"THAT'S ENOUGH," said Sakura

"Now why don't you both start acting like chunnin so we can actually get somewhere," said Sakura

"But Sakura-chan the teme..," Naruto began to say but Sakura cut him off saying," I said that's enough Naruto now Kiba why don't you start, by saying why you called Naruto a baka even though he is," Sakura said

"HEY" Naruto said

"Well cuz Naruto shouldn't have even touched Hinata like that," Kiba said

"Alright now were getting somewhere, so Naruto do you have an answer to Kiba's remark," Sakura asked

"As a matter of fact I do, listen here teme the only reason I put my arm around Hinata's waist is because she's my girlfriend," Naruto yelled

Everyone stayed silent for a while until Kiba broke the silence by saying," why did you choose him, I mean what's he got that I don't," Kiba yelled

But what Kiba didn't know was that, that was the last straw for Hinata so she said," SHUT UP KIBA," Hinata shouted


"Hinata I've never seen you this way ," Kiba said shocked

"That's because I've always been to shy to say anything but after seeing the way you insulted Naruto-kun I just snapped, oh and Kiba to answer your question First of all Naruto was always ther for me he and I have shared pains almost similar," Hinata said matter of factly.

"Hinata your father kicked you out didn't he," Sasuke said

"Yes, but I don't mind," Hinata said in a sad voice

"Hn," was all Sasuke said

"So where are you living now." Sakura said

"With N-N-Naruto-k-kun," Hinata said

"Hey Sakura," they all heard the familiar voice of Ino followed close by her teammates Choji and Shikamaru

"What's with all the yelling we could here you guys a mile away," they heard Tenten's familiar voice.

"Hello Sakura-chan," Lee said as he blew a kiss to her.

But before Sakura was hit with the kiss Sasuke grabbed her waist and pulled her to his chest.

"She's mine," said an angry Sasuke

Everyone was quiet for a while and then stared at Ino waiting for a reaction.

"What are you staring at me for, I already have a boyfriend," Ino said

"Who," they all asked

"Shikamaru," said Ino as she entwined her hand with Shikamaru's

"GOOD MORNING KONOHA," shouted the Hokage as she stepped outside on her balcony staring at everybody in Konoha gathered there.

"Now your probably wondering why I called all of Konoha here…well the reason is that four of our shinobi that left years ago have come back to us……For those of you that don't know them, I'll just let them introduce themselves, Tsunade said

Just as the 5th Hokage said this a guy with blond hair wearing black pants and an orange shirt with the Uzumaki symbol and an open chunnin vest and who looked like an older version of Naruto and who looked to be about Kakashi's age stepped up to the balcony and said," Well it's great to be back," he said

"H-Hitaru," Kurenai said in a soft voice

"Well for those who don't know me allow me to introduce myself the names Hitaru Uzumaki heir to the Uzumaki clan that was obliterated by members of the Uchiha clan, I left Konoha 9 years ago with my 2 little sisters and 1 of my little brothers," Hitaru said

Everyone stood silent and said nothing until he spoke again," Oh yeah and I had girlfriend named Kurenai before I left," he said as he jumped off the balcony and landed in front of Kurenai and said," Hi."

Kurenai said nothing and then slapped him which caused him to stagger a little until he spoke again and said," I know I shouldn't of left but I waited for you to get back from your mission but you never did so I just took off, knowing that my little brother that I was leaving behind would be treated as a hero just like my dad said he should before he died, I'm sorry if I caused you any pain but you weren't the only one feeling pain inside, I thought about you day and night these past years, but its just…..I didn't know what else to do, I mean I was having a major meltdown, I mean my best friend had just killed my other best friend who was like a sister to me and I just couldn't cope with it okay," Hitaru said as he just stood ere with his head down until Kurenai did something that surprise everybody, she……….(A.N. Cue dramatic song DUNDUNDUN) hugged him and said," don't ever leave me again you goofball, it surprised him at first but then returned her hug and whispered in her ear," I promise."

"Hey bro what's taking you so long, just go ahead and ask her already, they heard a boy's voice say and then another boy appear and jump of the balcony the boy had blonde hair with the leaf headband on his forehead, and a face that would make any girl swoon over him, he had on a shirt that came only to the (A.N. just think about the shirt that Takuto wears in the 1st volume of Full moon Wo Shagashite) with the Uzumaki symbol in the front and an open chunnin vest on and some baggy black pants on.

"Hey!" don't leave us alone on the balcony," yelled two girls as the jumped of the balcony and landed right next to the boy both of the girls looked like Naruto's sexy Jutsu form minus the whiskers one of the girls had a orange shirt with the Uzumaki symbol on the front that showed her bellybutton and a open chunnin vest and a black shorts with bandages of her legs that reached al the way above her knee(A.N. Just for the record this girls name is Nami Uzumaki), the other girl also had a orange shirt on with the Uzumaki symbol on the front but also had the words BORN TO KILL in black letters below the symbol and some black knicker boker shorts on (A.N. she had the same shorts on that May from Pokemon wheres, also this girls Naomi Uzumaki) and an open chunnin vest on.

"Hmmmm, that girl seems familiar," Lee said

"Lee is that you," on of the girls asked

"Huh," Lee said but before he could do anything else he found himself in the tight embrace of the girl that had just spoken.

"I missed you Lee," was all she said

"Uhh," was all Lee said while blushing a deep red

"What happened to you Lee your all quiet," she asked

"Uhh," was all Lee said as he continued to blush a deeper shade of red.

"Come on Lee don't tell me you've forgotten about me, its me Naomi remember," the girl said

"N-N-Naomi," Lee said

"Yup! The one and only Naomi Uzumaki," Naomi said

"You were gone such a long time I thought you'd never come back," Lee said

"Well I'm back now aren't I," Naomi said

"Y-Yeah,…..YEAH my friends back wohoo," shouted Lee

Everybody looked at him like he was a weirdo until Sakura asked him," You know her?"

"Yeah, of course we were very good friends when were little, even though we were in different classes," Lee said

"Why were you in different classes, you're the same age right," asked Sakura

"We are the same age, but you see Uzumaki's have always been at the top of their class so much that they skip a few years at the academy, you see Naomi and her twin sister Nami got their leaf headbands when they were 5 years old as did the other Uzumaki children minus Naruto," Lee said still in the embrace of Naomi.


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