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"Nakeji are you sure about this?" Naomi asked as she approached her older brother.

"I'm not sure of anything anymore," Nakeji responded trying to catch his breath.

"Then why are you insisting we keep it a secret!?" Nami asked anger clearly evident in her tone.

"Its better this way," Nakeji responded.

"I think it's unfair that we have to lie to them" Naomi said as she looked down in shame.

"But it's what Hitaru said would be best" Nakeji said as he looked over towards his younger sister.

"Hitaru said this, Hitaru said that, I'm sick of this! Why can't it be what we want! We always have to follow his orders!" Nami said as she punched a nearby tree causing it to fall.

"Nami think about what you're saying!" Naomi said as she walked up to her sister.

"I am thinking for once in my life! I'm tired of taking his orders or doing everything he wants us to do, of being the obedient little sister that does whatever he wants!" Nami yelled in exasperation.

"Nami, I know how you feel-"Nakeji began.

"NO YOU DON"T" Nami yelled at Nakeji not letting him finish.

"No I do, I do know; but there's nothing that I can do about it" Nakeji said as he let the tears fall down his cheeks.

"You know I think that it's about time you guys finally got this of your chests" Naomi said as she hugged her sister's arm.

"What do you mean?" Nami said as she looked at her sister with a questioning look on her face.

"What I mean is that I've notice that you guys were dyeing to say something but wouldn't say it" Naomi said as she kissed her sister's cheek.

"You've always had a keen sense of knowing these types of things you know that" Nakeji said with a little smile at his sister, quickly trying to wipe the tears from his tear stained face.

"So what do you guys suggest we do about this?" Nami asked as she leaned her head to lie on top of her younger sister's.

"I suggest that we tell them all the truth" Nakeji responded.

"Same here" Nami said.

"Well then it's settled then" Naomi said.

"On the trip-" Nami began.

"-we'll tell them-"Nakeji continued.

"-Everything" Naomi finished as the three of them quickly sped away towards home.

-----Uzumaki Compound------

"Hey Naruto-kun have you seen Nami and Naomi?" Sakura asked as she walked into the main living room quarters were Naruto was.

"I dunno, I haven't seen them since the morning they said that they had some business to take care of whatever that means" Naruto said casually.

"Oh I see," Sakura responded.

"Why is something wrong?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow and getting up from his sitting position.

"No nothing, I was just wondering if I could talk to them for a bit" Sakura responded.

"That's not the whole truth is it?" Naruto asked.

"How'd-"Sakura began.

"I know?" Naruto finished.

"Yeah that" Sakura said.

"I've noticed that something was up for a while now, I just haven't said anything about it" Naruto said as he paced around the room.

"Is that why you haven't been responding all surprised to this return of your siblings?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why but something is fishy and I want to find out what it is" Naruto responded.

"Do you think that maybe they aren't really your siblings or mine for that matter?" Sakura asked again.

"I don't know probably, I really don't want to think the worst for now, I've changed you know" Naruto responded.

"Yeah I know I've noticed you're no longer the crazy hyped up kid from when we were all Genin in Team 7" Sakura said as she took a seat on the couch.

"Yeah that's for sure, I've grown and I think differently now. I don't want another serious incident happening to the village so I've been on my toes about them coming here and claiming who they claim they are" Naruto said as he took a seat right next to Sakura.

"So tell me" Sakura said.

"Hmm?" Naruto asked.

"Do you believe that you're really my brother and that I'm your sister?" Sakura asked.

"Like I've said I don't want to think the worst, but honestly I don't know what to think anymore it's a lot to take in you know" Naruto responded.

"Yeah I would figure it would be I mean it's kind of not really believable to me" Sakura said.

"So it seems we're in the same boat then you and me I mean, about being a bit suspicious about this all" Naruto said .

"Yeah but thankfully we're in this together and what's more better than having a good friend of yours on the same boat as you" Sakura said smiling over towards Naruto.

"Yeah" Naruto responded himself with a smile of his own.

"Hey Naruto, Sakura! There you guys are we've been looking for you guys!" Nami said as she, Naomi, and Nakeji came walking into the main living room of the compound.

"Looking for us? Is there something wrong?" Naruto asked getting up from his seat.

"No not really , we just came by to see if you guys were packed for the trip?" Naomi asked coming from behind her sister and taking her hand in hers.

"Yeah I'm all packed I don't know about Sakura though" Naruto responded.

"I'm all ready to go, my gear is in the room you gave to me to use" Sakura responded as well.

"Well good because I don't like waiting and we have to be there in 30 minutes so I suggest you guys hurry up and go get your stuff" Nami said.

"Hai" both Naruto and Sakura responded and went to go get they're things from their rooms.

"Do you think what we're doing is the right thing to do?" Naomi asked as she lightly squeezed her sister's hand.

"Yeah I think it is" Nami responded.

"Same here" Nakeji responded as well with a raised eyebrow.

"Something wrong nii-san?" Nami asked with a bored expression on her face.

"No nothing I'm just wondering when you two are going to come out" Nakeji responded with a knowing look on his face.

"What!?" Nami said as her bored expression left to be replaced with a shocked one.

"I know about you two" Nakeji responded.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about nii-san?" Naomi said.

"I'd be easier on you two if you just admitted it to me because I've known for a while that you two were in love with" Nakeji began and then took a pause.

"Don't you even say it!" Nami said with a stern look on her face and a pointed finger at her brother.

"Please nii-san don't" Naomi said as well.

"Each other" Nakeji responded.

"That's it I warned you!" Nami said as she lunged herself at her older brother.

"Nami, Nakeji what's going on!?" A shocked Naruto said as he and an equally shocked Sakura walked back in to the main living room at that moment.

"Nothing Naruto-kun they were just playing around like usual" Naomi quickly responded with a smile covering up her previously shocked face.

"Yeah like Naomi-chan said we were just playing around right nii-san" Nami said as well as she got up from where she had tackled her older brother to the ground.

"Like Naomi and Nami said we were just playing around, now I do believe that we should get going" Nakeji said as he walked out into the garden and motioned for his siblings to follow him.

"Umm don't mind my asking guys but where are your things?" Naruto asked.

"Right here" Nakeji said as he walked over towards some bushes and brought out his and both of his sister's bags and gear, picked them up and handed them to both girls, while slinging his bag respectably around his own shoulders.

"So we ready to go?" Nakeji asked, with a quick nod from everyone they were off towards the Hokage's office.

------Hokage's Office---------

"Tsunade-sama sorry for the lateness but there was an incident that prevented us from arriving sooner" Nakeji said as he and his siblings entered Tsunade's office.

"Let me guess the gaki had to stop for some ramen before leaving the village?" Tsunade asked already knowing the answer to her question.

"I'd like to say otherwise but I'm afraid I can't, so yes it's as you say" Nakeji said a faint blush appearing on his face from embarrassment.

"Its fine I'm used to it by now from him, but onto more pressing matters Tenten if you could please come in" Tsunade said yelling the last part out as Tenten took that as her queue to walk into the office.

"I don't understand Tsunade-sama why is my cousin here?" Nakeji asked eyebrow raised.

"She is here because this incident involves her just as much as it involves you guys" Tsunade responded.

"Hai," Nakeji responded with a nod and a smile directed at his cousin. Happy to see that she would be joining them on the mission.

"Now as you all probably know you 6 will be going on a mission, and not an ordinary mission. This mission is not to be taken lightly it is to be treated with the upmost importance. The 6 of you will be sent out to the land of snow to retrieve an artifact, and not an ordinary artifact, but the sword of Uzumaki," Tsunade began.

"What exactly is the sword of Uzumaki?" Naruto asked.

"I'm glad you asked that gaki, the sword of Uzumaki is a legendary sword that is passed down from generation to generation to an Uzumaki of chosen birthright. It is no ordinary sword it is said to hold miraculous powers and cannot be wielded by any except the one who is to be its next wielder. Its current wielder is your older brother Hitaru but he has seen that it is time for him to give up the sword and let a new wielder be chosen, for the sword has stopped allowing him to use it" Tsunade finished.

"And he thinks that it might chose one of us?" Nakeji asked.

"Yes he does, hopefully it will and with it maybe the other weapons of the Uzumaki will appear" Tsunade responded.

"Other? You mean there's more than one?" Nami asked.

"Yes there is not as powerful as the sword but the same rules apply to them, they too must chose a wielder of chosen birthright ," Tsunade responded.

" I see, so what class mission would this fall under the category of if you don't mind my asking?" Naomi asked.

"Well since it is of great importance that you find the weapons well rather that they chose you guys as wielders it will be classified as an S rank mission" Tsunade responded.

"Is that all?" Nakeji asked.

"Yes, now with that being said I'll let you guys get started on your mission I wish you safety and hope that you guys come back soon without serious injury" Tsunade said as she dismissed them and they disappeared with a blink of an eye.

"Its done Hitaru you can come out now" Tsunade said as soon as she was sure that they were alone.

"Thank you Tsunade-sama" Hitaru said as he stepped out from his hiding place.

"You really think that they weapons will appear to them?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes I do they haven't appeared in over a century so I'm very concerned" Hitaru responded.

"Hopefully they will now as you've said" Tsunade said.

"Time will tell I wish them luck, this will not be a simple mission to accomplish" Hitaru said with a serious face.


"Well this is it, you guys ready?" Nakeji asked as he turned to face the younger ninjas.

"As ready as we'll ever be" Nami said as she and everyone else responded.

"Alright then lets set out" Nakeji said as they started off on a mission that none of them would ever forget.