A/N: Thora0916 wrote most of this one. So I'm giving credit to her. We do not own Harvest Moon, Tylenol, or Gigantor. However we probably own a bottle of Tylenol and one of us owns a giant robot. . Not saying which one. .

Jack awoke from a sound sleep to yet another banging on the door. "AAHHH! NO BOB I SWEAR I DIDN'T PUT A WEED IN THE BOX!" Yet another note appeared above his head. The I'm a Liar Liar with Pants Constantly on Fire Note. Jack swats it away from his head, "I am not lying."

Suddenly he heard a voice, "Oh wait sorry...wrong note..." He then hears some shuffling around. "Just a minute...Just a minute...Just a minute...THERE IT IS! Here." Dreaming of Another Man Note.

"Can't you at least say a nightmare about another man?"

"That would mean I'd have to get the note back from you and find my car keys, then I'd have to get in my car to take it to the repair shop and it's just too much of a hassle."

"Can I at least have a different note?"

The Complains Too Much Note. "There...don't call me again or I'll put my fingers in my ears and go 'LALALALALA,' so there."


Jack then gets hit quite suddenly with a violin and starts up in bed. "What the hell?" He rubs his head and pops another Tylenol in his mouth. "Why are you hitting me in the head all the time!" Another note falls on his head and he lays on the floor with big swirly eyes. 'The having a concussion note.'

Meanwhile, outside of the house, Ellen stood outside the door with her ear pressed against it. "These doors are too well made...I can't hear a thing."

Suddenly the door opened and Ellen fell through knocking Jack over. Jack and Ellen lay unconscious on the floor until the dog that had traveled with came in and licked Jack on the face. "Mmm...you know miss we just met and while I'm flattered...Oh" Jack said as he awoke.

Ellen woke up on top of him and looked down, "Why is my dress wet? And what's this stain...EWWWW! You creepy little...!"

"I'm sorry," Jack pleaded as he tried to get up from under Ellen. "I really don't know what that is on your dress."

Suddenly The Wet Dream Note appeared over his head. "COULDN'T YOU HAVE WAITED UNTIL SHE LEFT!"

"Here!" She yelled pushing the small dog into Jack's arms. "Take the dog, name it, I'm leaving."

"But I..." Jack started before being interrupted by the door slamming. Jack sighed and looked down at the little dog sitting at his feet. "I guess I should name you then." Suddenly a box popped up, covering Jack and the entire room. "Hey!" He yelled trying to peek around the box. "Oh fine...I think that I'll name you Bob..." Jack's eyes widened as he realized what he had just done. "NOOOO! Not Bob, not Bob!" He cried but it was too late. The box had already left to wait for another decision making thing. The new Bob looked up at his new owner, a series of three dots appearing above his head with a question mark at the end. Suddenly another note appeared over Jack's head. The Obsessed With Another Man Note. "I am no..."

Suddenly Jack got tackled by Sprites and they stole his violin away. "We're giving this to the statue, I mean Goddess! Yea! Bye yea!" They then ran off with Bob chasing after them and biting one of their heads off. Fade to black.

Jack finds himself in his house with Bob standing beside his bed happily chewing on the sprite's head. Jack walked over to his tool box hoping to find a shovel to bury the sprite's head and body. "I hope the Harvest Goddess doesn't smite me...I can't help what some random dog that some random person brought me does. I have an axe, a hoe, a watering can, and a fishing rod but no shovel. Why isn't there a shovel?" he asked his voice shaky. "I know, I know...He broke in and wanged me over the head with a violin...Yeah yeah this is good." The Panic Note suddenly appeared above his head. "Damn right I'm panicking!" Suddenly a shovel appears right in front of his loins. An inch closer and they woulda been cut in half. Jack of course wet himself by now and was rubbing his head as another note hit it. The Pissing in Your Pants Note. Jack looked around to see a shadow moving across his lawn and jumping into the river. "What the hell?" Jack asked forgetting completely about the decapitated sprite laying in his back yard.

"FISH! WEEEEE!" He heard coming from the river.

"What the hell?" Jack asked again, walking to the river bank and peering in. There going crazy over the many many fish in the river he saw a man with brown hair swimming happily among his fishy buddies. Jack watched the man for some time, scratching his head with one eyebrow raised. "Um...Hello?"

The little brown haired man looked up shocked. "Fish?" He said confused.

"Um...yeah...what are you doing?"

The little man jumped out of the river "FISH!" he screamed, wielding his fishing rod like a sword.

"AH! Don't hurt me!" Jack cried, covering his head with his hands.

The little brunette landed in front of a quivering Jack. "Hi!" He said beaming. "My name's Ray and I love fish!"

"I gathered that...What are you doing?"



"And what might your name be?"


"That's a nice name...It makes me think of fish..."


"Do you like fish?" He asked enthusiastically, his eye twitching.

"Um...sure...just don't kill me in my sleep...and don't rape the fish...I might want to eat some of those..."

"You're funny...I bet we'll be good friends. Anyway...I don't give you anything of any importance now but after you've used your fishing rod enough I'll give you a copper one but you'll probably forget about it and get the one in the junk shop. You know, it's kind of interesting that they named their shop the junk shop. You know what else is interesting?"



"Are you crazy?"

Ray began laughing hysterically for at least an hour. "You're funny, but I have to go to my secret island now but I shouldn't have told you that...LOOK A MONKEY!"

Jack turned to around to find a monkey walking up behind him. "Hey there really is a monkey." He turned back to find that Ray had left. Suddenly The Meeting the Person That Most of the People in the Village Think is Creepier Than You Including Ellen Note appeared above his head. "Um...right..." Fade to black.

Jack found himself standing outside his house with Ray walking around beside the river. "What the hell?" Jack asked once again. Suddenly The Curses Too Much Note appeared. Ignoring it he walked over to Ray. "I thought you went to your 'secret island.'"

"What are you talking about? I don't have a secret island where I stand with my fishing rod all day but never try to catch a single fish."

"Alrighty then." Jack said walking away. Finally deciding to get some farming done, Jack began to hoe at the dirt surrounding his house. As he done so he started singing a happy tune under his breath. "Gigantor, Gigantor. Gigantor the space aged robot, he is at your command. Gigantor the space aged robot, his power is in your hand. Bigger than big, taller than tall, quicker than quick, stronger than strong. Ready to fight for right, against wrong." unbeknownst to Jack, Jamie chose that moment to walk by as he yelled, "GIGANTOR!"

"AH!" 'it' started. "What the hell is wrong with you!"

Suddenly The Likes To Sing Like a Sissy Note appeared above his head.

Jaime started laughing hysterically at this new note.

"Gee thanks..." Jack said to the benevolent note giver guy thing.


"Um...Look a monkey!" Jack said preparing to run.

"Yeah...That's Chinky...Everyone knows about him..."

Jack sweat-dropped and turned around. He was about to pick up his seeds when a bullet went through his leg. "Ahhhh! What the hell?" He gripped his leg and an old man walked up to him. The old man glared at Jack and kicked him.

"How dare you kill one of our beloved Harvest Sprites!" Jamie by this time had run away. 'It' got queasy and threw up in the river. Jamie was then lynched by the weird fish guy for messing up his fish. As all of this was going on Jack passed out from blood loss and was taken to the crazy ass doctor again. Jack woke up to maniacal laughter and pissed his pants again. He was hit on the head again by the Pissing your pants mach II note. Jack scowled up at the note guy.

"We did this one already!"


Jack got out of bed and was trying to sneak away from the doctor when an old lady leaped onto him." Mine!" Jack screamed and threw her at the doctor and made a run for it. "Where is this place? Hell?"