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Harry was lost and was dark, so very dark.

But Harry could no longer care; he was past feeling pointless emotions, and 'caring' fell under that particular category. He had been screwed around firstly by Voldemort and then again by Dumbledore. When Dumbledore had told Harry of the prophecy it had frightened him and he knew he was to become a murderer or be murdered; it was his inevitable fate. At the present however, Harry just shrugged that thought away.

He'd left the Dursley's - what was the point of staying there anymore anyway? Voldemort, if he were to achieve his own pathetic destiny, would get him one way or another - with or without the added protection of being at Privet Drive. Why should Harry have to endure their ignorant stupidity any longer than necessary? He'd been there long enough.

Harry knew that he'd be spotted if he ventured into Diagon alley and the only alternative he knew about, of course, was Knockturn Alley. And that's where Harry found himself lost and delightfully alone.

It was dark, very dark, and late in the night too. Harry was mildly amazed by the fact that there were still many people lurking in the dark crevices and pitch-black shadows. No one recognised him. Harry blended himself in wearing his long black school cloak with the hood drawn over to cover all his face, save for the glint of light in his eyes.

It soon became apparent that many sets of eyes were watching him, Harry being the only figure in constant forward motion. Harry grew nervous, but forced himself to push the silly emotion away. He'd been through too much for something so simple as a few creepy shadow dwellers eyeing him off to be afraid.

Harry knew he'd die in the end, and so made a vow to himself to never again fear death.

He stopped short when a tall, cloaked figure blocked his path. Harry didn't speak first.

"What be your business down here, stranger?" asked a flowingly deep, very male voice. It had a creepiness about it that sent shivers right up Harry's spine, as if he'd been blasted with a cold wind.

"Walking," was all he could reply, for it was the only truth Harry could tell. Despite the eerie vibes this man exuded, Harry was strangely comforted by the voice and found he wanted to hear it again.

"May I walk with you, unless you are undesiring of company?" The voice seemed to be the only sound in the shadowy alley. The only light source Harry could see was the thin slice of moon hanging ominously in the starless sky. Harry saw a sparkle of moonlight reflect in the mysterious mans' eyes as they met his own. Harry noticed his face was angular and his skin pale. He also decided this man was incredibly handsome, yet strangely beautiful. Or maybe that was just the effect of the moonlight?

"No, it's okay, you can walk with me. Mind you, I am heading nowhere in particular." Harry couldn't drag his eyes away from the mysterious ones holding his gaze. The man couldn't be any more than twenty-five at the absolute maximum.

The stranger bowed lightly. "I am pleased to have your company, stranger. And I too have no specific destination in mind. May I ask your name?" he asked, and his tone was gracious.

Harry didn't even think before he replied, "I'm Harry."

He frowned. Harry was not used to speaking so formally, but tried to sound somewhat respectable. "May I ask yours?" He was hoping that the man wouldn't pick up on the fact that he was not 'just Harry' but 'Harry Potter'.

"Indeed, Harry. I'm Meier. Shall we walk?" Meier stood aside, and gestured with his hand. Harry noticed his fingers were slim and graceful in their movements, with rather long nails that were slightly pointed. He felt a little ashamed by his own, most likely ratty appearance, and instinctively pulled his cloak tighter around himself.

"Okay," Harry smiled lightly at him. Meier smiled back, his perfect teeth gleaming in the moonlight just like his eyes had. At once the alley seemed to begin its movement again, almost like a prolonged breath being released. Harry sighed and walked side by side with his new, he supposed, friend.