He'd always hated the sight and smell of hospitals, and was tremendously glad at the thought of never having to be a patient in one ever again. Harry would have to thank the vampire in him for that. There were medi witches and wizards zooming here and there, along with numerous Healers popping in and out of rooms. Hospitals were always hectic.

Harry, accompanied by Severus, entered the room in which Remus was recovering in. He was in a room that held five other patients, although only two of the other beds were filled. Inside, Remus was propped up in bed with a steaming bowl of something in front of him.

Remus noticed people entering the room, and so looked up. "Hi," he said, smiling at Harry and Severus.

"Remus!" Harry exclaimed, rushing up to him but managed to stop himself from pulling him into a hug when he noticed the bowl of soup. "Oh, maybe I should be more careful! How are you feeling?" he asked, taking a seat beside the bed.

"Fine, actually. You're both looking well, despite what I heard happening." He frowned lightly.

Harry lost his smile. "Yeah..." He said, the memories of two nights ago coming back painfully. Severus took his hand and almost instantly the pain subsided. "All I know is I'm glad for my vampire half."

"Yes, it was beneficial wasn't it?" Remus said thoughtfully, but then he brightened. "You'll never guess what's happened."

Harry was a little surprised at his sudden enthusiasm. "And what would that be?" Harry shot a curious look at Severus who just rolled his eyes like he'd expected.

"Well it's not certain yet, and I guess the likelihood is pretty low... but I need to tell someone anyway." He grinned. "The spell that Voldemort used on me was designed to change me from my Wolf form back to my human one, because he knew of the consequences if I bit him, of course. But... something funny happened." He paused to take a breath and Harry thought he was going to die from the suspense. "They think that it might have cured me," he finished impressively.

"Really!" Harry said, jumping up from his chair.

Remus nodded. "Yes. I've been wishing for this since I got bitten, all those long years ago, but I never even thought it possible. Well, it could still not be... but there's no harm in at least hoping."

"No, definitely not. I hope it works out, Remus," Harry said.

"Indeed," Severus said as his first input into the conversation, and it surprised both Harry and Remus that he was looking more than moderately interested. "Very interesting."

"Yeah, wasn't there a rumour that the Vampires knew the secrets of the Lycanthrope's? Or am I just imaging that?"

Remus chuckled. "That's Muggle folklore, Harry. I don't think it's factual for the Wizarding world."

Harry shrugged. "Oh well. When do you come home?"

"They want to keep me in till tomorrow at least, because the spell put a lot of stress on my body. So hopefully I'll be back in time for Christmas," Remus said, his eyes still sparkling with hope and excitement. Harry really hoped for him that everything worked out for the best.

"Yeah, hopefully."

"Dumbledore didn't really tell me all that much... but I think he implied that the vampire you knew was in fact a traitor?" Remus inquired interestedly. He'd been wondering about it so much over the past two days, having nothing better to do.

Harry sighed. "Yeah, Meier did. He led Severus and me to believe that he'd been used by Voldemort to infect me, and that he'd escaped, but really they were planning this all along. Meier was counting on me going and finding Voldemort, as was Voldemort himself, so yeah... he tricked me." Harry had a pained expression on his face. "I guess he really did take advantage of me, like Mrs. Weasley said. I'm angry, but I can't be angry at the fact he made me what I am. I'm quite happy like this." Harry smiled lovingly at Severus.

"That's awful. Do you know what became of him? I mean, now that Voldemort's finally gone?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. I've thought about contacting him, and doing something... but I don't know. I'm pretty sure I won't, because he's not worth it. But I don't want to think about that anymore, I'm too pleased that finally my parents deaths have been avenged, as well as everyone else Voldemort murdered and destroyed."

Harry sat back in his hospital chair. He really hoped that Remus was cured, and that he could now get on with his life because the man certainly deserved that and much more. Severus had asked Harry, on their first day of recovery, to come and live with him for the rest of eternity and Harry had willingly agreed - it was all he could ever hope for and more. Of course Hermione and Ron had bugged them with questions, that is, until Severus had actually yelled at them, which was humorous for Harry, but had thankfully shut them up until Harry was ready to talk.

The biggest and most important thing was, of course, Voldemort's death. That and nobody knew who was involved, only that Dumbledore had something to do with it. Harry really didn't fancy talking to the press any more, even though they were all frantically trying to contact him to comment on Voldemort's death after all the pain he'd caused Harry. But Harry refused, naturally. He was tired of their word twisting, although now that Voldemort was gone Fudge did seem a little friendlier towards him... which was suspicious, but Harry couldn't be bothered worrying about such a trivial thing.

School would be resuming after the Christmas break, and it wasn't long before he would be finished for good. Things were suddenly seeming a lot brighter, and even Grimmauld place wasn't looking so dank. Harry was just sad that Sirius never got to see this day, because he really would have loved to be set free and be able to roam the world without being just an escaped prisoner. But Harry knew that wherever Sirius was, he was definitely celebrating.

Harry may have now been a vampire, but he was nothing like the sort that Meier was. Meier had been charming, handsome and more than alluring. He had the almost magical way of getting under people's skin and getting them wanting more and more. The only thing Harry realised he could ever want more of was Severus, but that was inevitable since he was going to spend the rest of eternity with the man.

Harry was going to live the rest of eternity with the man he had come to love more than anything in the world, even and despite the many hours of darkness.