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All That Matters

When he first came here he was quiet, as though something had been ripped away from him and he had just realised it was never coming back.

I'd sit in the back of class and watch him; maybe I was worried that he didn't really make friends too quickly.

He'd smile a lot, but there was a haunting in his eyes, whenever the lights flickered in the room his expression would change, and his hand would linger over his phone, but he'd think better of it and return to study.

When he first met with me he was happier, and I fell in love.

But every year on his brother's birthday he would stop studying and go out to a bar by himself.

There's something missing from him.

And no matter how hard he tries he can't fill the gap.

But maybe I can.

When we moved in together I thought I did. So did he.

But then someone broke into our house and he was reminded of what he'd walked away from in anger.

He was reminded that his brother had never come before now, that he had come. He was reminded that he could never be normal.


She used to take me out, introduce me to friends.

She'd pretend that there wasn't something missing from me, she never knew what, not until it broke into our house.

But then I think she knew.

And I stared at him with loathing. Not for him, but for the life he was going to bring down on me.

And I pushed him away to save myself the pain of seeing his desperate eyes one more time.

I just wanted to be normal, to stay with Jess.

He knew it too, but he needed me just one last time, so in return for the years he protected me I went.

Never knowing it would be the worst mistake of my life.

---- The end ----

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