Quick note: Wow, I started this fic YEARS ago and recently stumbled upon it saved on my computer. I got horrible writers block while originally working on Ch. 2, and real life pretty much distracted me from any writting. I rediscovered my account and felt really bad for abandoning the story after so many people left me such supportive reviews. (Thank you by the way! ^_^) So here's Ch. 2, part of it was written back when I originally posted the story and part I just finished writing recently.

"Back to the ships," ordered Odysseus. His words were picked up and repeated by the commanders leading their men back to the camp. The Greek soldiers along with Hector had thought that it was Achilles fighting, and some still did not understand why the battle was cut short. But Odysseus could not let any of the Greeks provoke the Trojans; it did not take a clever mind like his to know that Hector now possessed a powerful leverage.

Eudorus and Odysseus were the last two standing on the battle field, watching the Trojan forces disappear behind their wall. There was sadness in the Myrmidon's expression. Eudorus had helped to train Patroclus and even he was impressed with the boy's skills, but Patroclus just did not have the experience to face an opponent such as Hector. Now he feared the young warrior would never get a chance to gain that experience. "We were going to sail home today."

"I don't think anyone is sailing home now," replied Odysseus. Zeus only knew the implications of these events.

The sad burden of informing Achilles fell on Eudorus' shoulders; Odysseus had taken advantage of his royal rank and gone to inform Agamemnon of the disastrous battle.

"Achilles!" he called, waiting for his leader to emerge from the tent. Eudorus had pledged long ago to follow no man but Achilles, and he blamed himself for being so caught up in the heat of battle not to recognize Patroclus' deception.

There was a sated grin on Achilles' face as he strode blinking into the morning light. He expected to hear the cargo was loaded and ships ready to sail with the tide, the sight of his commander in armor fresh from battle quickly reversed the grin into a frown.

"You violated my command." The shock of Eudorus ignoring a direct order added to Achilles' anger.

"No my lord, there was a mistake"

"I ordered the Mirmidons to stand down, and you led them into combat"

Eudorus fell to his knees before Achilles. "I did not lead them m'lord, we thought you did."

The meaning of his words, and the words Eudorus was carefully not saying, sent the chills of Hades up his spine. Achilles knew only one man with the courage and ability to pull off such a foolish impersonation "Where is Patroclus?"

"We thought he was you my lord. He wore your armor, your greaves, your helmet. He even moved like you."

"Where is he?" Achilles knocked Eudorus on his back with one slap.

"He-he's…Hector took him, back to Troy."

Hector. The Trojan prince Achilles spared in that desecrated temple of Apollo. He swore by the River Styx Hector would pay, all the Trojans would pay. "What happened?" Briseis had silently followed him from the tent and took his arm, trying to calm or comfort the warrior, but Achilles shrugged her off.

"Patroculs lives, my lord." Eudorus rose cautiously to his feet. "He fought boldly, but Hector's blow dazed him and knocked his – your- helmet from his head. Hector said he would talk if you faced him yourself…"

"You think I fear the little prince?" roared Achilles. "I have faced a thousand armies, stared Hades in the face and laughed as he claimed the souls of my enemies. I do not hide behind my walls or my armies like a cowardly jackal."

Briseis attempted to approach him again. She could not believe Hector would choose deceitful techniques such as kidnapping if he had any other choice. "Achilles, you have met Hector in battle. You know he is an honorable warrior."

"What honor lies in the kidnapping of children?"

Eudorus deemed it wise not to remind Achilles that Patroclus was more than old enough to be called a man, years older than some of the young recruits who had already died before the walls of Troy.

"There must be an explanation…" Briseis was cut off by Achilles' fist crushing her throat.

"You make excuses for him?" Achilles threw her down in the sand and stomped away. "Eudorus," his faithful commander fell into step besides him. "I need armor."

"Yes m'lord." Eudorus had grown accustom to Achilles' sudden moods long ago. "Odysseus is already with Agamemnon. I will see to your chariot as well." He bowed and quickly turned back to the Myrmidons' camp to see to the preparations. After dispatching two of the men to find Achilles' spare armor and another to hitch a horse to the chariot he looked in on Briseis. By Achilles' orders she was no longer guarded as a captive, and Eudorus expected that after witnessing his lord's rage she would have run off.

"You're still here?" He was surprised to find her kneeling in Achilles' tent.

She flinched, as though expecting a blow, but stubbornly held her ground. "I am praying to the God Apollo, that he may prevent the disaster I fear is looming over all of us, Trojan and Greek alike."

Eudorus did not move from the entrance. "Patroclus was his cousin, Achilles' only kin. He looked after the boy after his parents' deaths."

"I swear by the sun god, Hector would never allow harm to come to Patroclus, or any in his custody. If Achilles would only speak with him, I'm sure."

"Then pray priestess, and pray hard," advised Eudorus before leaving to see how the men were doing in camp.

Final Note: Not sure if it's quite as good as my original chapter, but I'm trying! Sorry it's not very long, there's some serious writer's block when I try to plan what will happen when Hector gets Patroclus back to Troy. (In my defense I did start this back in 2006, so I don't really remember what my plan was for the plot, or if I had a plan) Any ideas, let me know!