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Marriage of (In)convenience posted by Lockedinaroom on the Harry/Hermione challenges forum at Portkey.


The trio are hunting for Horcurxes

Hermione finds a powerful spell that might break the horcruxes power but it requires a newly married couple.

a. Arthur/Molly doesn't count
b. For some reason, they can't contact Bill/Fleur. (Maybe to keep their mission secret?)
c. Tonks/Lupin are still courting but not married, so they're out. (And again, the trio don't want to advertise their mission all over the countryside.)

3. Who does that leave?

a. Well, I would like a scene where Hermione runs up to Harry with a book in her hands and says, "Harry, will you marry me!", while trying to catch her breath. Ron must be around (somewhere) to say, "Bloody hell!". (Because movie!ron is adorable that way...)

b. Notice that Hermione runs straight up to Harry. Go where you want with that...

c. On that note, I'm kind of a fan of H/Hr being kind of shy around each other, especially after the events of last year...

4. "Hermione, for the first time in her life, had failed to thoroughly research a topic."

a. It's in quotes. I would like exact line put somewhere in the fic.

b. The problem? Muggle marriages do not REQUIRE consummation. However, magical marriages are magically binding and don't go into effect until the marriage is consummated. The only way to break it is to commit adultery. (Either way, Harry has lose his virginity... le sigh...) And H/Hr don't find this out until AFTER they've 'signed on the dotted line' so to speak.

c. "There is no such thing as a marriage-of-convenience in the Wizzarding world."

d. H/Hr have 24 hours to reconcile their feelings for each other and consummate or "else". "Else" can be anything you want (like losing something that might help them on the mission...).

Marriage of (In)convenience.

They'd been searching through musty tomes in the library at number 12 Grimmauld place looking for a way to destroy the Horocruxs for what felt like an eternity. They rarely spoke and Harry was personally beginning to feel as though he was glued to his chair. So when Ron had suggested that they spend the afternoon at the Burrow flying he'd gone despite the fact that Hermione had refused to accompany them and had glared at them as they left.

It was the perfect whether for flying, the air was crisp and the sun was shining. Harr was so happy to be out in the fresh air and up on his broom flying that he did a few loop the loops to celebrate the afternoon of freedom. Ron pulled up beside him as he came out of a dive.

'Harry, was this a good idea or what?' He asked a massive grin splitting his face.

Harry couldn't have contained his own smile to save his life.

'Ron, you're brilliant! This was the best idea ever. Race you to the orchard!'

The two boys took off to the orchard with Harry in the lead. Harry won easily but when he came to a stop to gloat over his success Ron looped back around and called out.

'Race you back to the house!'

This time Ron started out in the lead but Harry's broom was faster and he still won though narrowly.

They came to a stop beside the house but before Harry could even open his mouth to do any gloating he heard Hermione calling out to them.

'Harry! Ron! Come here!' She was halfway between the house and the orchard and it looked as though she'd been walking out to them when they'd turned around and flown back to the house.

They flew down to meet her and Harry was surprised to see her former look of grim disapproval was gone and she was beaming at them ecstatically.

'I've done it! I've found the solution!' She exclaimed as they landed beside her.

'Wow Hermione!' Ron said looking at her in admiration.

'That's great I knew you'd find it.' Harry replied, 'So, what is it? What do we have to do?'

'Well it's a bit complicated.' Hermione said catching her breath, 'and it needs to be performed by a couple that has been married for precisely one month.'

Harry and Ron deflated at her words.

'We don't know anyone who has been married for exactly a month' said Harry remorsefully.

'Yeah the last wedding was Bill and Fleur and that was nearly a year ago now.' Ron added.

'Well that's fine, Harry will you marry me?' Hermione asked breathlessly.

Harry's mind froze.

'Bloody Hell' Ron said quietly next to him.

'What! Why me? I mean isn't there another way?' Harry asked panicked.

'No offence Hermione but I kind of pictured my wedding as being a little different than some rushed thing done just to destroy Voldemort.'

'There isn't another way Harry.' Hermione snapped impatiently, 'You already said we don't know anyone who fits the criteria and even if we did we'd have to tell them what we're up to and we can't risk that. .Besides' she added, 'I think I've thought about my wedding day more than you have and his isn't exactly what I imagined either But I am willing to make that sacrifice because I know how important this is.' Hermione said angrily her cheeks flushed.

Harry knew when he'd lost

'I'm sorry your right.' He said resigning himself to the inevitable.

'Alright I'll do it. What do we have to do?'