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The LAST disclaimer is: If anyone recognizes this town I have changed a few things about it (okay A LOT) but it was all for the story, so just go with it okay? Oh, for anyone who needs to know this is taking place between Provenance and Dead Man's Blood in the actual town of Brentwood Bay, on Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. In Canada because, well ya know Canada rocks!


Wicked Little Girls

By K.M.R.F.

Chapter 1: Money To Burn

"Wooooo! That was close dude, that witch almost gotcha, bro!" Sam said laughingly, riding an adrenaline high that he'd get after a close call. Sam brushed mud off his jeans and hoodie, his hiking boots covered in mud. The mud had missed his dark brown hair and unlike Dean his face was clean, his dark eyes didn't have a mud mask.

Sam looked over at Dean his dark blond hair free of mud, though his hazel eyes peeked out of a partial mud mask, which also covered his jeans, and even Dean's beloved leather jacket was covered in mud too. He was even dirtier than Sam, because he'd been thrown into the tree, then fell onto the muddy ground, the witch had been magickally strong and seriously pissed off when they'd interrupted her spell.

"Not as close as you came when you fumbled your gun," Dean replied, lightly punching Sam in the shoulder, it had been too close, he was still shaking.

"I didn't fumble my gun, and if I did it was because I was tripping over someone who ran in there without a plan!"

"Easy there little bro, the bitch is dead and we're still standing." We're both still standing that is all that matters.

"Not to mention we actually got paid for this one. Man, we are RICH!" Sam looked up as they drove down the highway, a sign said 'Next Exit 5 km Brentwood Bay' (km kilometre) why couldn't Canadians use miles like everyone else? "Hey Dean didn't you promise me that after we got paid we could stay in a hotel?"

"Well I didn't think we'd ever actually get paid! We gotta save that cash!"

"Aw, come on man I am sick of these crap motels and sleeping in the car! Come on, that guy paid us over ten grand, half of that is mine, so just use mine okay? I just have to sleep in a room that wasn't decorated in the seventies. Okay Dean? Please?"

Sam turned on the puppy dog eyes and Dean couldn't say no, even if he'd wanted to, but Dean wanted a vacation too! Well at least we have money to burn. Dean thought with a sigh.

"Fine Sammy you win but only a couple of days, 3 max ok? I mean it." Sam just kept looking at him his eyes drilling into Dean. "Okay, okay five but no more!" The look continued. "Fine, fine a week, a whole goddamned week. What the Hell am I going to do for a week?" Dean wondered, trying to remember when he last had a week off.

"I don't know sleep, uh play pool, just play it no hustling. Just chill out, try and remember what fun is like," Sam shook his head smiling, "You do remember fun, don't you?"

"Yeah fun is Hunting down evil sons of bitches and killing the bastards. That is FUN!"

"Whatever, man whatever. Just take the next exit on the left, the one to Brentwood Bay, okay man?" Sounds like a nice enough place for some R&R Sam thought with a smile as his eyes fluttered shut and he fell asleep.


"Hey Sammy I got some bad news for you," Dean grinned at his little brother, he was sleeping his head against the window, "Hey, hey SAM!"

"Wha-? Are we there yet? Where's the motel?" Sam rubbed his eyes, sitting up looking at the darkened town. Dean was driving towards a park that was dark, unfriendly looking and deserted.

"That's what I was trying to tell you, everything is closed so we gotta sleep in the car for one more night."

"Quick smirking you bastard," Sam groaned closing his eyes again, "Man you're lucky you're short. Hey!" Sam's eyes flew open as Dean punched him hard in the shoulder.

"I am not short! You're just freakishly tall, now shut up and go to sleep, bitch."

"Jerk." Sam muttered trying to get comfortable, "Why'd you wake me up then?''

"Just shut up and go to sleep." Was the only answer he got.


The girl was screaming, blood flowing, thickly down her hands as she grabbed the cup and threw it off the altar. Sam could smell burning flesh and saw that her hands shook as she threw the cup, opening them to reveal blisters. She turned to Sam, and he could see her hands weren't bleeding, her wrists were as well as her eyes and her mouth and her neck. He tried to run to her but couldn't he looked down and saw that he was tied up and so was Dean and another girl. The girl who was tied up beside him was struggling to get free, screaming 'No, don't!' to the bloodied girl at the altar. She stopped struggling as the girl at the altar stopped screaming and fell to her knees cradling her bleeding wrists to her chest. The blood soaked into her t-shirt and continued to flow, more blood than Sam had seen in all his Hunts. Her blood began to pool under her, so much blood. His eyes met hers and as she began to fall onto her side she said something to him, it looked like 'I'm sorry.' but he couldn't hear her over…

"Sam…Sam…SAM…SAMMY!" Sam woke up with Dean about a foot from his face, beginning to look concerned.

"Whoa, Dean back up." Instantly Dean's face relaxed and he slid back to his side of the seat.

"Don't do that man! Geez you freak me out sometimes." Dean looked at Sam who was rubbing his forehead, eyes closed. "What's wrong? Vision?" About to say yes and explain what he'd seen, a sharp almost panic inducing instinct to say no swept over Sam.

"No, man no I just never sleep well in your damn car." Sam received a slap to the back of his head from Dean.

"Hey, you be respectful to my baby, she's sensitive you know." Dean ran his hand possessively over the Impala's steering wheel.

"Yeah, yeah whatever, what time is it, can we get breakfast already?"

"Somehow its…" Dean looked at his watch his eyes widening, "Holy shit, it's ten thirty already. Geez how the Hell did we sleep that long?" Sam just shrugged his shoulders. "I guess we really are on vacation if we're sleeping in."

"Who knows, come on let's go, I'm hungry."

Dean started the car, and stole another look at Sam who had settled back into his seat. Dean decided to be nice and threw in some classic AC/DC. Sam ejected the tape.

"What the Hell man?"

"If we're on vacation, it means local radio okay?" Sam knowing Dean wouldn't say yes easily, turned on the puppy dog eyes. Dean just glared at him.

"Sure, fine, whatever. Just quit it with the look. Man you should register that look as a weapon or something."

Sam turned into some station calling itself the '91.3 the Zone' it played 'modern rock alternative'. Dean sighed missing good music already. Noticing Dean's discomfort Sam turned up the music and leaned back into the seat, This is going to be a good vacation.


"Well this town is actually a village, too small to be a town, but it has two bars," Dean smiled at Sam, "I think I'm going to like it here. Good choice Sammy."

"It's Sam." Was the inevitable reply, "Can we get something to eat already? I'm starving!"

"Geez, man you are such a whiner sometimes. Well," Dean cracked a wry smile, "At least I know you didn't have a vision, you're never hungry after those."

Huh, that's right normally the idea of food makes me feel worse, and damn I'm stupid, I don't have a headache. Sam smacked himself in the forehead; Dean gave him a weird look but didn't say anything. That is just damn weird! Well, maybe my visions are taking a holiday too? But then why the blood, and altar and what else WAS there? The vision was beginning to slip away, Sam was grasping desperately at the details he could remember. He grabbed his notebook from the back seat and scribbled them down. It was then that he realized that they had stopped moving and Dean was looking at him.

"Dude, I thought you were starving?" Dean looked at him expectedly.

"Yeah, sorry. Just wanted to write down thoughts of what I want to do while we are on vacation." He dropped the notebook on the seat and ran to the door of the restaurant beating Dean by a mile.


Sam opened the door and Dean gave him a playful shove through into bar. Sam just about fell into the restaurant followed closely by Dean, they both stopped just inside the door looking around the place it was like a different country, Ireland to be exact. There was just too much detail to take in and both brothers stood almost hypnotised, in the door way until a redheaded girl walked up to them smiling at their dazed expressions. She caught Dean's attention right away because of her bright green eyes, and straight red hair, and a heart-shattering smile.

"It's a bit much to take in all at once, huh? I work here and I am always finding stuff on the wall that I forgot about." She smiled as she took in their clothes and dishevelled appearance, "I'm Rosie, here let me get you some menus and if you want, I could even get you guys a table, maybe."

Sam blushed as he 'zoned' back in, he looked at his brother who also looked a little embarrassed but hid it better. They were both still covered in mud from their adventure the previous night, he dusted himself off a little and looked around, The Tavern, 'cause it was a 'Tavern', that was about a third full not bad considering it was a Thursday before noon. The were some people playing pool, some playing darts, some on stools at the bar and others grabbing some lunch.

Rosie came back as promised with menus and led them to a table by a stained glass window. On the way to the table Dean checked her out, a bit young for his taste, but still nice. She was wearing a bright pink t-shirt declaring to the world 'If you can READ this you NEED another BEER', and tight low-rise jeans. She was not too curvy and not too skinny, just in that teenage phase of life. Not bad at all Dean thought. He looked up at her and flashed his 110-watt smile, but the only response was a raised eyebrow and a cheerful smile.

"So, can I start you guys off with anything to drink? We have beer on tap and all the usuals plus our microbrewery that has three types, my sister Iris's 'Cat's Meow', my brother Mike's 'Devil's Elixir' and my sister Lily's 'Angel's Tears'. My brother owns the bar and brewery, and let us all make a beer and name it. I don't have one yet because I'm still too young legally." She made a face, unhappy that she was too young to make her own beer. The brothers exchanged a look that said Is this chick for real?

"Are you even old enough to drink legally?" Dean asked eyeing Rosie questioningly.

"I'm part Irish." She replied, as if that explained everything. The brothers exchanged another look, this chick was weird. "Look I'll let you guys look over the menus and I'll be right back, and for the record I'm not a chick." Dean watched her go, then looked at Sam.

"Okay she's probably not legal but still she's hot, if a little young." Sam raised an eyebrow. "Aww come on dude."

"Just read your menu you dirty old man." Was Sam's reply.


"She's gotta be ten years younger than you, man that is dirty." Sam would have gone on but Rosie was approaching their table with two mystery drinks in hand. She placed them on the table; Sam noticed she was wearing a Claddaghs ring. "Um, Rosie? Uh, we didn't order yet."

"I know, I told Mike that you guys didn't know what to get and he sent you…" She looked at Sam expectantly.

"I'm Sam." He supplied without thinking.

"Sent you Sam, a Angel's Tears and you…" Rosie gave Dean the same look.

"I'm Dean." He said rolling his eyes, he felt like he was playing the name game.

"He sent you, Dean a," she paused dramatically, lowering her voice, "Devil's Elixir. And before either one of you asks, yes he did specify which drink to which person. He's Talented that way."

"Okay, well that's kinda strange but okay. Um." Dean looked at the menu. "I'll have the Brentwood Burger with the works, real mayo."

"What's the soup of the day?" Sam asked, wanting to avoid fast food, like burgers.

"Cream of potato, we also have a great beef stew, if you want." Rosie smiled at him. "If you want you can get a soup and a sandwich, the roast beef is really good with the potato soup."

"Sure that sounds good. Thanks." Sam handed her his menu and settled into his seat looking around at the décor of the place, there really was just too much to take in at once.


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