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Chapter 15: The Plan…At Last!

"You'll have to repeat that Kim. I don't think I quite understand." Robin choked out as Jason stared dumbfounded at the trio, while Adam gaped. Andi, being the only one who hadn't been around last night was the only one not flabbergasted, as she had no previous image of Sam and Dean to compare these new forms with.

"Does she really have to? Because I gotta say it's uncomfortable enough without having to hear it every five minutes." Sam spoke to the silent and staring crowd, Dean glaring daggers at everyone daring them to make a joke or laugh.

"Well…" Adam began suddenly the attention of everyone, trying to think of something to say that might break the tableau. "Um…"

"Yeah?" Dean scowled at him.

"Seriously?" Jason quietly questioned, not truly believing what he'd heard and now that told began to see.

"Honestly, truly, etc. Really guys this is true and I've been racking my brain as to how this could happen and I'm not coming up with much." Kim looked around the table with earnest eyes. "Not a one of you can do anything other than tricks, no one in the family did this." She looked accusingly at Rose. "Though some of us are doing other illegal things. So who did it?"

"Kim I know you don't want to hear this, but it could have been one of your little protégés, they are probably still pissed you abandoned them." Adam threw out as he handed back her phone. "There I think I fixed it, again. Though you'll probably have to replace the screen, yet again. Honestly Kim, you have to stop exploding your phones, its just not cool."

"Not the point, right now." Kim gritted out as she waited for the penny to finish dropping so she could find out what was going on. "Everyone ready to focus now? 'Cause seriously we need to figure this out and the sooner the better." Dean and Sam nodded vigorously in agreement, while everyone else attempted to return from shock land.

"I still put in my vote for you fault due to the kids you were teaching." Mike spoke up as he moved to behind the bar, gesturing for Rosie to follow him. "C'mon Rose, we need to clean this place up so we can open in half an hour."

"Well I can't say I remember feeling anything odd last night but being master of ceremonies is a hard job." Jason muttered finally breaking the silence.

"I didn't catch anything either but I was a little out of it." Adam admitted sheepishly.

"Understatement!" Rosie yelled from across the room, as she swept the floor.

"Shut up Rose, I can tell Catie about the potion." Adam threw back at her as she began to clear a table.

"Back to the major issue at hand." Sam felt like begging for help but couldn't lose his cool in front of Dean.

"Yeah, that we have lost our Y chromosomes and so you all need to figure out what happened and how to fix it! 'Cause I don't plan to be like this for the rest of my life." Dean ground out, fighting to keep calm because becoming hysterical wouldn't be a good thing to do in front of Sam.

"Okay this is the plan then; Sam, Dean and I are going to check out the clearing. Adam go back to school and keep your eyes open. Andi, Robin can you two maybe check over the family's Book of Spells and see what may have done this? Jason if you could track down Lily and Iris? With the parents gone we're going to need all the help we can get."

Everyone sat in silence for a moment all trying to let the fact they finally had a plan sink in.

"What about me?" Rosie asked avoiding Mike's eyes as he glared at her, knowing all she wanted to do was get out of work. "Shouldn't I have a job?"

"You're on waitress duty, besides we've still gotta figure out your punishment for playing pranks on your elders." Sam ground out, very embarrassed by his earlier behaviour, his blind love for a girl he had just met.

"Aw come on, I'm really sorry! Now that I got caught that is." Rose tried to be earnest and innocent but the glint in her eyes gave her away.

"Does everyone know what the plan is?" Kim asked glancing at her watch, and getting no questions she stood up, signalling everyone else that it was time to go.

Everyone cleared out of the bar, leaving Rose and Mike to finish cleaning up and get on with their business.


"Are you ever going to level with us as to why everyone seems to think this is all your fault?" Sam asked Kim as he held the door open for her, trying not to beg or whine, but feeling a little desperate.

"No idea what you mean." Kim walked past him, only to have Dean grab her by the lapels and push her against the wall.

"Quit screwing around, you know something about his and I need to know what!" Dean put all his strength into holding her against the wall, as she pushed back against him.

"Honestly it couldn't' be these kids, its above their power levels, they aren't capable of it, not last time I checked." Kim offered, pushing back hard enough to break away from the wall. Sam and Dean looked at her with contempt and annoyance. "Fine! We'll check the kids, but it can't be them."

"Famous last words." Sam muttered as Kim stalked towards the car, leaving Dean and Sam trailing behind