The idea 4 this fanfic came to me in the car to school this morning (I know, what a strange place to have inspiration) so I thought, 'What the hay, I'll give it a go! It can't be worse than my other fanfic!' See, aren't I so optimistic? OK, so this is a Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom crossover, but I put it in Danny Phantom coz most of the characters are from Danny Phantom and my fanfic is mainly set it Amity Park. I trust you all know the characters, or it MIGHT get a little confusing. Maybe. If u don't know the characters, I don't care. Review anyways. lol

Full summary: One day, Timmy was bored so he wished himself to a place he'd never been before, a place full of action. He had no idea what he was in for when he ended up in Amity Park…

Disclaimer (this is the only time I will do this, no bugging me): Everything but the plot is the sole property of Butch Hartman, and the last time I checked, my name was Steph…

Oh yeah, and ghost-hunting equipment also works on fairies. Too the story!

Timmy Turner's house, in Dimmsdale:

"I'm bored," ten-year-old Timmy Turner informed his fairy godparents as he flopped onto his bed. "Entertain me."

Cosmo raised his wand and, in a puff of smoke, a monkey appeared riding a circus-type unicycle.

Cosmo started spinning around in mid air. "Monkey on a unicycle!" he cried. "Weeeeeeeeeee!"

Wanda raised her own wand, making the monkey disappear in another puff of smoke. "I know," she said. "Why don't you do your homework?"

Timmy stared at her, disbelieving. She sighed heavily. "OK. Why don't you go play video games again, like you have all morning?"

Shaking his head, Timmy sat up. "I wish… I wish we were somewhere new and exciting. Somewhere where there's heaps of butt-kicking action!"

"OK," said Cosmo. He and Wanda raised their wands, and the three disappeared.

On some street, in Amity Park:

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda appeared out of thin air on a dark, dusty alley. Timmy looked around curiously, taking in the dumpster, boarded up windows and the doors leading into the buildings on either side.

Timmy looked at his fairy godparents. "This doesn't seem very exciting," he complained. "Let's go back home. I wish –"

He was interrupted by a large figure passing through the wall on his left, yelling out. He slammed painfully into the wall on Timmy's right and slid down to sit on the cobblestone floor, slumped against the wall, barely conscious.

"Hide!" Timmy ordered Cosmo and Wanda out of the corner of his mouth as he inspected this strange newcomer. It was a boy a few years older than Timmy, fourteen at the most. He was wearing a black jumpsuit with a white collar, belt, gloves and boots, and there was a white symbol on his chest that seemed to be a speeding 'D' with a black 'F' inside it. His messy hair was the colour of fresh snow, and when he opened his eyes Timmy noticed they were bright green and seemed to glow.

A figure the same colour as his eyes flew into the alley through the building this teenager had passed through. It seemed to be in the shape of an octopus.

The boy jumped to his feet, oblivious to Timmy. Two people ran into the alley, a boy and a girl. They looked the same age as the teenager. The girl, who had short, black hair, purple eyes and wore the clothes of a goth, was carrying what looked like a silver thermos. She threw it to the teenager in the jumpsuit, who caught it and jumped into the air to hover at the same height as the octopus-type creature. He hastily removed the lid of the thermos and pointed it at the creature. A blinding blue light emerged from the mouth of the thermos, sucking the creature inside.

He re-capped the thermos and flew down to stand next to the boy and girl. "I think that's the last them," he told them. Out of nowhere, two silver rings formed around his waist, one moving up and the other down. As they passed, his appearance changed. Snow-white hair changed to black, and a light shade of blue replaced the glowing green of his eyes. The jumpsuit changed into a red-and-white shirt and jeans.

He handed he thermos back to the girl as if nothing had happened. "Thanks for the FentonThermis, Sam."

The girl, Sam, turned and saw Timmy staring open-mouthed at the whole scene. She tapped the boy on the shoulder. "Um, Danny, we've got company."

Danny turned around, alarmed at the sight of Timmy. "Oh no," he muttered. He turned to the other boy and Sam, and they conversed in whispers. Danny turned around and spoke to Timmy again. "Kid, can you keep a secret?"

Winking at the pink and green rats at his feet, he replied, "Of course I can!"

"Then please don't tell anyone I'm Danny Phantom."

"Danny Phantom?" asked Timmy, confused.

The other boy glanced at Danny then said, "Don't tell me you don't know who Danny Phantom is. You must have heard of him."

"I'm not from here."

The boy stared at Timmy incredulously. "Never heard of Danny Phantom… I wouldn't think it possible… never heard of Danny…"

"OK, Tucker, we get the point," Sam said. "So he's never heard of Danny. Big deal."

Danny looked down at Timmy. "So, don't tell anyone you know who Danny Phantom is. No one. So where are you from, anyway? Where are you staying?"

"Um…" Timmy hadn't considered the thought of where he would sleep that night. Instead, he changed the topic of conversation. "So, can you tell me about this 'Danny Phantom' thing? Why you want it to be a secret?"

Danny thought about this and said, "Come with us to the Nasty Burger. We'll explain it all there."

Tucker grinned. "All the more reason to eat some burgers!"

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