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Nasty Burger:

Timmy grinned widely at the three teenagers he shared his booth with. "That would be so cool to be half-ghost!"

Danny made frantic shushing gestures, looking around. "Could you keep it down?" he hissed. "You'll blow my cover!"

"Oh, sorry."

"'Ey Danny, we should show 'im your lab," Tucker suggested through a mouthful of burger, spraying crumbs all over Sam who was sitting opposite him.

"Tucker, could you be any more gross?" Sam snapped, wiping bits of chewed burger off her face.

Tucker just swallowed and grinned at her.

Timmy still hadn't figured out where he would be spending the night. He was not going to leave this place in a hurry. It was far too interesting. "Hey Danny, can I camp at your place tonight?"

"Won't your parents wonder where you are?"

Timmy smiled to himself. He had left a clone of himself at home to serve as a replacement. No one would know the difference. "No."

"I dunno." Danny shrugged. "It might take a little while to get used to my family."

"I'm used to strange people. My dad's a complete idiot, and don't even get me started on my teacher, Mr Crocker…"

Danny laughed. "My dad isn't the brightest bulb in the box, either."

"Yeah. My teacher, Mr Crocker, is a complete fairy-obsessed nut."

"I think I should warn you about my family first," Danny smiled. "I mean, I love them and everything but… they have their faults…"

"How bad can they be?"

"My parent's are completely obsessed ghost hunters. Mum's OK (A/N should I spell it "Mum" because I'm Australian, or "Mom" because they're American shows?) but Dad hasn't got a clue… and my sister is the biggest Know-It-All you've ever met…"

Timmy laughed. "Hey, I came here for action and adventure. A strange family isn't gonna make me turn home."

Danny shrugged again. "I s'pose. I –"

He stopped and looked up as a teenager, who looked about sixteen, burst through the double doors of the restaurant they were eating at. She ran over to their table, her long, red hair swinging behind her. "Meet my sister," he mumbled to Timmy.

"Danny, there you are!" she exclaimed, grabbing his arm. He looked meaningfully at her hand on his arm, and then raised his black brows at her but she didn't release him. "You still haven't done your Math homework! If it's not handed in tomorrow, you get detention!"

"Cut it out, Jazz," he groaned, ripping her hand off his arm. "It's just Maths!"

"Yeah! And detention if you don't do it!"

"C'mon, Jazz! It's Maths! I hate Maths!"

"I hear you, dude," grinned Timmy.

Jazz raised her own brows and looked he youth over. She smiled warmly and held out her hand. "I don't believe we've met. My name's Jazz."


Jazz turned to the other two teenagers. "You two should know better," she scolded them. "He needs to do his homework. He's already had two detentions this week. That's more than I've had this year!"

"It's more than she's had her whole life," Sam whispered into Timmy's ear.

"Come on, Danny! Just do your Maths and I'll leave you alone!"

Danny groaned and stood. "It'll be worth it."

Fenton Works:

"OK, Tucker, last one." For the last couple of equations, Danny had been getting Tucker to work them out on his PDA. "Another algebra one. 3p(2f+8)–4f(2p-5). What's the answer?"

Tucker pressed random buttons on his PDA then replied, "The answer is 6fp+16+20f." (A/N is that right? I worked it out myself. Aren't I a smart cookie!)

Danny scribbled down the figures. "Thanks." He stood and stretched. "Finally! That took ages!"

Timmy glanced up from where he was playing a loud, noisy video game. "Maths always takes ages. Teachers designed it do drag on for hours!"

For the few seconds his attention had strayed from the video game, a loud sizzling sound emitted from it and a sharp, monotonous voice blared, "Game over! Game over!"

"Aw, man!"

A sharp rapping came from the window. Danny looked over and yelled out in fright. Staring back at him was the sneering face of the big, blonde bully of Casper High.

Throwing open the window, Danny yelled, "What are you doing, Dash? We're on the second floor!"

"Look Fenturd, I've got wings! Now I can wail on you in the air, as well as on the ground!

He grabbed Danny by the scruff of his neck and pulled him out of the window. Indeed, Dash sported a pair of big, blue wings. Danny just gaped.

"Dash, where did you get those?"

Dash smirked. "None of your business, Fenton!" He let go of Danny's collar and he dropped.

As he fell, he put a touch of his own flying abilities into use, enough so that he would land on the concrete below safely and painlessly but not so much that Dash would notice.

Sam leaned out of the window, worry in her eyes. "Oh my gosh! Danny, are you OK?"

Danny glanced at her. "Yeah I'm fine. I'll be right up." He looked around for the bully, but he had gone.

When he reached his room, Timmy asked, "Dude, what was that about?"

"I dunno…"

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