An AU story about Naruto being raised outside Konoha's influence; when he does return to the Leaf Village, he meets everyone. And this is where he also meets Neji. There are OC in my story.

Pairing: A Naruto/Neji pairing, other brief Naruto pairings before the main pair takes place. (BRIEF)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, just borrowing the characters.

Title: A Difference in The Making

This is only the Prologue A Determined Beginning.

In the distance were the sounds of a fierce battle, where most of Konoha's forces were trying with all they had to keep the demon at bay. Protecting their village from the demon's overwhelming power from destroying their families and friends; their home.

As the Fourth Hokage finally finished the preparation of the sealing, he took a few moments to say goodbye for the last time. Just a few moments. Namikaze Minato stared down at the small bundle in his arms and smiled. No matter how much the grief of losing his wife was, there was always their son, their little Naruto. Wrapped in a dark blue, cotton blanket, only the baby's small flushed face and blonde hair was visible. Asleep, the little boy resembled his mother with his long lashes and pouting lips.


For a moment Minato wished to wake the sleeping child to see the beautiful blue eyes one last time. But precious time was running out and Naruto was peacefully sleeping in the safety of his father's arms, blissfully unaware of the torment that plagued the Fourth Hokage. He couldn't put this off any longer, his village needed him, and they needed his son as well. He would not fail, no matter what happened today, his son would be a hero.

/Our son is going to save this village Kushina./

He heaved a sigh before placing the child back in the crib. Slowly, as not to disturb his sleep, he leaned down to kiss his son goodbye. Inhaling deeply of his fresh baby scent Minato smiled as he pulled away. He slowly turned and assessed the man that had been waiting patiently at the doorway for some time.

The man was dressed entirely in a black attire of haori and hakama. His raven black hair was pulled severely back from his face into a topknot. His glittering, gray eyes were focused on the Hokage. His facial expression remained blank as he waited, silently waiting for Minato to speak. They may have been twins, but this man's personality was nothing like Kushina's; where Minato's wife was kind and soft spoken, Motoharu was cold and sarcastic. But even then, Minato trusted the man, especially for this.

"Thank you. Kushina would have-"

Minato's voice trailed off, watching Motoharu's stoic expression as he moved into the room and towards the window. He glanced at the darkening sky, then towards the west, where he could vaguely see the explosions of battle taking place.

"You have to leave. You have already said your farewells. Your son will not come to harm….you have my word."

Hearing the calm and cold voice, Minato nodded before he moved to the door to leave. With one final glance at the crib holding his son, Minato pushed down his despair and disappeared.


It wasn't long before the horrible sounds of battle ceased and all of Konoha was silent. Motoharu did not watch from the window, but stared down at his nephew as the seal appeared on his stomach. As the spiral seal glowed a fiery red, the baby's face scrunched up in discomfort, before opening his blue eyes and letting out a piercing howl.

/So it's done. Goodbye Namikaze Minato./


For the moment, Motoharu was at a loss; he was confused at what to do with an infant. For the last five hours the child had not stopped wailing, and after every hour it was getting louder and louder. He started rocking the child as he saw his brother-in-law doing, but nothing seemed to quiet him down.

He tried not to scowl down at the aggravated red face as he started to lose his patience. Minato reassured him that the seal would only surprise the child at first, but the slight pinch of pain would cease after a few minutes of the sealing. So now, here in the Hokage's office waiting for old Sarutobi to appear, he was worried that Minato might have been wrong about the pain to the little baby.

He was so occupied in his efforts to comfort the child that he did not hear the door open and close behind the Third Hokage.

"Perhaps I can help."

Motoharu turned around as he held the child protective to his chest. He regarded the old man with curiosity. He easily saw through the softly smiling face to the tired and sad man underneath. He did not have to ask what had happened, he was right to ask Minato for custody of Naruto. He silently nodded as he handed the screaming baby to the old man's welcoming arms.

Sarutobi had to chuckle at the surprised look upon the young shinobi's face when Naruto quieted down immediately upon seeing the Third Hokage's face. Hearing the old man laughing, Naruto smiled toothlessly in happiness. Sarutobi returned the smile before shifting his attention to the disgruntled man watching them. He shrugged his shoulders as he moved to sit down on the couch upon the far wall that faced the Hokage's desk.

The two men were quiet for a while, listening to the cooing sounds the baby made. Motoharu was known for his exceptional patience, but his anger in this matter frustrated and worried his self-control. He broke away from his statue-like stance and moved to stand next to the window. Even in the pure darkness, Motoharu could still see the Hokage monument in his mind, every single face and detail.

His patience paid off, when he heard the voice of the Third Hokage pierce the silence of the room. Motoharu did not fail to hear how hoarse or quiet his voice was as he related what had happened.

"Minato has done it, the village is safe. And as I have promised, no one in this village will know that the vessel of Kyuubi is the Fourth Hokage's son. And as we have all feared, the council has demanded the child's death."

Motoharu turned to stare blankly at the old man. He watched as the Third Hokage of Leaf lowered his head in remorse, but Motoharu did not speak, for what was there to say. All that he had predicted has come to pass. There was no point in dwelling on lost chances. Now, he had a duty to fulfill; to Minato and his beloved sister, Kushina. His twin sister lived within Naruto, and he will honor her memory by caring for him.

"This should not have come as a surprise to you Hokage-sama. But I will not pressure you any longer, everything is ready."

Sarutobi peered at the younger man questionably. He was not so much surprised at the lack of emotion, but Motoharu was not one to forgive so easily. From the little that he knew of the man from Minato, he was a hard man to befriend, and even a harsher man to accept trust. It was fair to understand that mistrust; before Kushina came to Konoha, everyone in the Ninja World still held the belief that her clan had been destroyed.

As history states, about a hundred years ago during the creation of many of the villages, there was a clan who remained reclusive from the forming groups. They had a feared bloodline dealing with Ametsuchi. Masters of nature, they were called. Their advance bloodline made them arrogant to all the other ninja clans; refusing help and claiming supremacy; they withdrew from all contact from the outside world. Anger, fear and jealousy started to form and eventually the hatred for the clan grew so large that continuous attacks came upon the clan and finally wiped them out. It was told that all of the members of that clan were killed and the clan's name disappeared forever.

It seemed that history was wrong, for Kushina and Motoharu were proof that some members of that clan did survive and escape prosecution. Their ancestors managed to hide from destruction and lived in constant secrecy for years to come. And as the years went by, the Ninja World forgot that cursed clan and their name. Uzumaki.

Motoharu was the definition of Uzumaki, he was full of suspicion of anyone not of his clan. He was quiet and cynical in any company. Even now, Sarutobi watched as Motoharu silently moved to the darkened corner of the room and picked up a small pack and his katana. He strapped the blade to his back with ease, before pulling on the pack. He checked himself over once, before turning and moving toward the slowly standing Hokage.

Sarutobi placed the child in the shinobi's arms and shook his head mournfully, "I wish there was another way."

Motoharu glanced at the silent but happy face of his nephew before he held the gaze of the old man in front of him.

"I will bring him back when he has learned the full knowledge of the clan. He is still a member of this village, but to protect him from those who wish to harm him, he'll have the name of a forgotten people. Uzumaki…Uzumaki Naruto."


Motoharu silently slipped through the night, and out of Konoha without notice; that was the last time the Third Hokage would see Naruto in a long time.


The young shinobi of twenty years of age carried his precious burden away from Fire Country and to the most unlikely place, the Sound Country. There under heavy concealment of genjutsu, the Uzumaki clan have lead quiet lives.

Since their father's death ten years ago, Motoharu and Kushina were left in the care of their Uncle Shigeru, the clan leader. As years went by, Motoharu was trained as heir of the Uzumaki clan and Kushina left claiming to want to explore the world beyond their protective barrier. Time passed, and Motoharu's hope of his sister's return was dashed when she sent word of her love to a shinobi of the Leaf Village. With haste he left his clan, determined to bring back his wayward sister.

Now he returns home, without his sister; but her son. There was no choice, in that matter. The Leaf Village was ready to slaughter the only child of his sister and the Fourth Hokage for reasons being, that they were afraid; afraid of a helpless child that could have been a strong addition to their shinobi village if they only accepted him. But enough was enough, Naruto was here now, among people who will care and nurture him. The Uzumaki clan will teach him their ways and when the time comes, guide him to understand who his parents were and their sacrifice to protect Naruto's honor.


Naruto was readily welcomed into the village, but all mourned the death of his mother, Kushina. Shigeru, Motoharu's uncle, after hearing of Kushina's death and the cause of Naruto's misfortune promised that after training the child, he will truly do his parents proud, the Fourth Hokage's Legacy.


At the tender age of two, Naruto began his training. Even at such a young age, the blonde child was showing signs of exceptional intelligence and understanding of everything around him. He learned to talk before he could walk; hours at a time, Motoharu would find the toddler sitting with an elder of the village holding a conversation with them. Granted that the child would stumble upon his words, but with his solemn and almost hard mannerism, everyone took him seriously. The first of their tasks, Motoharu sat Naruto down and explained their ways to the young boy.

"It is time that I told you the extent of our bloodline, the ways of our people. I will not be interrupted until I am done, understood?"

The stern voice in his uncle's voice caught Naruto's attention. He nodded slowly and made himself comfortable. His natural curiosity to know everything would be hard to quell, but he knew that his uncle would not tolerate disobedience. He was never cruel to him, however he spoke to Naruto in the same mannerism as any adult; he did not cuddle him or indulge his childish whims. Motoharu saw no point; for his uncle Shigeru was fond of Naruto and took it upon himself to shower the child with his attention and care.

Ironically, the child adored his uncle most and would follow him anywhere, even as a toddler. His demeanor started to mirror his uncle until everything else followed. His attire was similar as well, from his shoulder length hair that was pulled into a topknot, to his plain black haori and hakama.

"Ametsuchi, technically deals with nature. A long time ago, we were always referred to as the Masters of nature, but that is slightly incorrect. We can communicate with nature, humbly asking for its help, but its masters we are not. Telepathically, we are able to speak with it. For all things in nature has a voice, and our clan was blessed with the gift to hear their thoughts and feelings. But there are disadvantages to this ability. It takes a lot of chakra to maintain the connection, enabling us to use it for a significant amount of time. Of course there are those that are chosen to connect with nature indefinitely. There were few people throughout the years that were able to create a permanent bond with nature. None are alive today, that certain ability of our bloodline seems lost now."

Motoharu frowned as he turned his gaze towards his nephew. He had Naruto's immediate attention, but he could also see a fierce determination reflecting in those passionate blue eyes. He could probably guess what went through his little nephew's head, but he made no comment as he continued with his lesson.

"If nature accepts you, you are able to ask for its aid; from the very bottom of the ocean to the highest peak in the sky, nature is at your command. But you must never abuse this power, for there are certain creatures of nature that are not easily trusting of humans. They might refuse you, it is understandable-no one is able to hold every structure of nature in their hands, for there are beings in nature that will never get along. For example, no matter the motivation, a cat is always an enemy of mouse."

Naruto nodded in understanding but he could not keep the smile of amusement from appearing on his face at his analogy; for he befriended a mouse recently and he had to keep his uncle's large hunting cat from eating him.

"However, because of who you are, you may have a chance of gaining many respects from nature."

They both were quiet for sometime, Naruto reflecting inwardly, while his uncle watched his reaction. It wasn't long ago that he informed the boy who his parents were and their absence from his life. His honor demanded it, when the child asked why he had no parents like the other kids. Not surprisingly, Naruto took the news about his parents calmly, but there were a lot of questions, which unfortunately led to Kyuubi. What caught Motoharu off guard was Naruto's acceptance of the facts, he then continued to tell Motoharu that he has in fact been communicating with Kyuubi since he was able to comprehend anything. But the fox demon has been secretive of where his voice originated. Therefore Naruto came to the conclusion that Kyuubi was a figment of his imagination. A shadow that he created to keep himself occupied with his many questions.

After learning about the kitsune youkai in his stomach, Naruto immediately tried ways to communicate more thoroughly with the demon. After many attempts, Naruto finally found a way to visit his tenant trapped inside his body. That was a very unnerving experience.


Naruto softly walked down the dank hallway towards the double doors. His short legs kept stumbling when he realized what really awaited him at the end of this walk. He shook his head to clear the jumbled thoughts as he softly opened the heavy doors and walked through. The room was huge with glowing yellow lights reflecting off the walls. Parallel to his position at the only exit were tall steel bars resembling a cage entrance. Further beyond the bars was utter darkness, revealing nothing. But Naruto was not fool as he moved towards the cage front and spoke.


The silence was the only answer he got before a rumble shook the very foundation he was standing on. He tried to speak up, but his throat close up painfully as a huge, blood red eye appeared from the shadows. When Naruto kept silent, the red eye narrowed.


Naruto pushed down his fear and moved even closer to the cage. He could hear the blood pounding in his ears, his hands were clammy and his legs were shaking. But all he could think about was conquering his fear; the kitsune youkai could help him or destroy him.

An arms length away from the cage he stopped and gazed into that eye. He shrugged his shoulders in a common display of indifference.

"I'm two years old. I would be a fool not to fear you. But I won't let you intimidate me. I recognize your power, and I will respect it. But not before we get something straight. You may be a youkai, but you're living inside me. Our lives are connected, if I die, you die. I think that since I'm the carrier, I protect both of us. I should have some degree of respect from you as well, don't you think Kyuubi?"

The growl rattled his teeth, but Naruto did not cower. He held his ground and lifted his chin in defiance. He watched the eye disappear. But before he could question it, a large red tail slipped between the bars and wrapped around him. He was embarrassed to hear a scream erupt from his throat as his feet left the floor and he was suspended twenty feet in the air. He clenched his little fists around red fur and held on.

Horrified, Naruto watched a fanged mouth appear in his line of vision. He was able to keep the next volume of fear from escaping him as the demon's head appeared. His red eyes were narrowed as he peered at Naruto. From his viewpoint, the mouth stretched across razor sharp teeth resembled a feral grin. He was not far from the truth when, surprisingly, a hissing sound passed through those teeth and fanned over his face. The demon was laughing at him.

The indignant part of Naruto growled. He may be a child, sometimes acting silly, but he hated it when people laughed at him. He was not a joke and the demon was going to take him seriously whatever it takes.

Baring his teeth in fury, Naruto started pounding on the tail that kept him captive. "Let me go demon! Don't laugh at me!"

Naruto's growling caught the fox's attention. He focused his eyes on the squirming figure in front of him. He was amused to see that the fear was replaced with furious aggression; truly remarkable for one so young, especially a human child.





Naruto cocked his head to the side in wonder. Although Kyuubi's voice was ringing in his ear from the close proximity, he was curious by the soft undertones in the deep voice.

"How are you going to do that? When you're in here?"

There was that hissing sound again, and Naruto now realized that it was the demon's equivalent of a laugh.




That memory was still vivid in Naruto's mind. His thoughts were cut short by his uncle's voice.

"No matter what happens in the future Naruto, the secrets of our family must remain thus. Even your true identity must not be known outside our family. Understand?"

Naruto nodded his head in understanding. Motoharu had to smile a little at the humor of such an action. A child of two with enough secrets to last anyone a lifetime and he took it all calmly and respectively. His parents would have been proud.

"As you grow older, your link to nature will grow, do not force it. For now we will concentrate on building your chakra reserves. And since you are able to stand on your own two feet, we will begin your physical training as well."

Naruto smiled in anticipation as the declaration. He had been waiting awhile to hone his skills to match his uncle, whom he looked up to. He would not disappoint.


Over the years that followed, Motoharu and the rest of the village trained Naruto physically, mentally and psychologically. Every day he would wake up around five and join his taijutsu sensei, Gupo, in morning laps and exercises before they trained. The older shinobi would teach him the arts and forms that made their clan unique. Afterwards, at around eight, he would meet the elder shinobi in the village to study about their clan's history and their bonds with nature.

After four hours of studying with them, he would depart and spend his one-hour lunch with his old uncle, Shigeru. Where everyday, his ojiisan would play shoji with him or teach him to exercise his mind in other strategic games. Before leaving his ojiisan, Shigeru would ask him to display a genjutsu that he was given a week before. If mastered, the old man would present him with a new scroll. Naruto never failed to learn a new one every week.

Later in the afternoon, weapons-sensei, Mito, would train him with various weapons. She would instruct him of many, advising that any ninja must always be ready to use any weapon handy. Naruto easily learned to handle and fight with shurikens and kunai knives. He enjoyed the matches he had with his sensei on katana techniques the most. The one that really irritated Naruto in learning to use, was the Tessen. He continued to complain how useless a fan would be to help him in battle until Mito-sensei defeated him with the tessen against his katana.

"Never underestimate anything you do not know Naruto. That lesson does not only imply people, learn that well little one." Her voice was full of amusement as she helped him clean his wounds and soothe his bruised ego.

After leaving Mito-sensei around four in the afternoon, Naruto was given time to rest before meeting his uncle Motoharu at the dojo where he taught him ninjutsu and stealth arts. Mostly learning stealth from him, Motoharu explained that when Naruto has mastered everything that their clan has to offer, they would be traveling to enhance his bloodline limit as well as learn other types of ninjutsu. Meeting other people and new lands in different villages would help Naruto learn as well as connect more with nature.

During these sessions, Motoharu would occasionally tell Naruto about his mother and father. Upon hearing about his father's mastery in Fuin Jutsu, he wanted to learn that as well. Motoharu patiently promised him his due when they'd visit Konoha someday and claim the Yondaime's scrolls that were waiting for him in the care of the Third Hokage. To placate the boy's protests, Motoharu would explain the amount of work that Fuin Jutsu required that he did not attain yet.

It never failed, after hearing this Naruto's determination mounted and he would train harder, pushing himself to honor his fallen parents.

On the rare days that his teachers did not run Naruto to exhaustion, he would visit one of the elder members of the clan, their priestess, Haruka. He was one of the few people that she tolerated around her for long periods of time. She was rather fond of his quiet but charming nature. When visiting her, the old woman would teach him about herbs and healing techniques. The lessons ranged from her large experience with poisons and healing remedies to physical and mental injuries.

With her, Naruto learned proper etiquette as well. Upon their first meeting, the old woman was horrified at the two-year old's lack of manners. To her secret desire and amusement she taught him grace in manner and behavior. It was truly humorous and surprising to see a two-year-old talk properly and sit with a straightened and posed humility. For she never married, her lack of children and want of having a child pushed her determination to at least dress the boy properly.

At the age of four, Naruto's constant attire of black was changed. She understood his role as a future shinobi, so his clothes were altered to help his movements in battle. He dressed in a well-fitted, dark blue inner kimono that matched the color of his eyes. Over the kimono was a white yukata and black shinobi pants. After the change, Haruka demanded that the weights that Naruto sported all the time be removed. To placate both Gupo and Lady Haruka, Shigeru taught Naruto the seals to use a gravity field to increase pressure upon him.

Even Naruto found this technique thankfully easier, leaving him with room for his kunai holster strapped to his thigh and pouch bag at his waist full of shuriken and tags. At both his sides he hid each of his tessens while he strapped his katana to his back.

"Now you look more like a shinobi, with grace and nobility of your clan."

Six-year-old Naruto smiled at the priestess, before he leaned over and kissed her weathered cheek as she poured them a cup of tea. She smiled with pleasure at his affection.

"Thank you for helping me Haruka-sama. I don't think I could ever survive my senseis without you."

The old woman chuckled, for they both remembered the many times the woman would scold Shigeru and the others for their intense teachings to young Naruto. Naruto never complained to her and insisted that he wanted to get stronger, which she always ignored by lecturing the adults.

"How is your training?"

Naruto smiled turned into a frown. He shook his head in silent contemplation. He was not doing as well as he should, he was almost seven and he still was not satisfied with his progress. His teachers reassured him that his training was equivalent to a chunin level. But he still had a lot to learn in his ninjutsu as well as taijutsu.

"Uncle is teaching me Kyuichose no Jutsu. If I am able, I will have a contract with dragons."

Lady Haruka nodded in understanding. "That is a great honor, you have been waiting awhile for this moment. Your constant fascination with dragons will help you. You cannot dishonor your uncle. If he thinks your ready, then it must be so."

Naruto met her gaze and smiled in gratitude.


"I think you're old enough now to sign the contract with our family's summons. But before you are allowed to, there is always a series of tests. You must prove your worth to the dragonlord. Are you ready Naruto?"

Naruto silently watched at his uncle explained what he must do. Before he could answer, he took a deep calming breath, cleansing his mind of any doubt he focused his attention again on his uncle. When he nodded his uncle held his eyes for a second before turning and moving to the sidelines of the training area. He paid no heed to the specters as he concentrated on the first test.

The first tester was his weapon's sensei. Mito approached him with their chosen weapon. He tried not to groan when he realized that she brought two staffs with her; his weakest handling. He could not be sure, but he could have sworn that she was trying not to smile.

/I'll show you funny sensei./

Mito threw one of the staffs before she moved into position. "You must defeat me using nothing else but that. Begin."

Naruto had hoped earlier that Mito-sensei did not choose this weapon, nevertheless he was prepared and had planned for the unfortunate. He knew the basics of this skill but never particularly liked such a long-ranged weapon. He also knew that his sensei did not prefer it as well. That of course did not prepare him for the hit that his sensei delivered to his side. He scolded himself for his lack of concentration.

"Pay attention Naruto-kun. Or this is going to be a very short evaluation."

Paying no mind to her taunts, Naruto gritted his teeth against the pain and raised his weapon in front of him. He was not going to let her through again.

He split his concentration between the fight and finding an opening to execute his plan. He kept on the defense as his sensei's forced offensive pushed him back. Because of his heightened reflexes, he was able to block her attacks. After a full five minutes of dodging her, Naruto saw his opening when Mito-sensei smirked at his feint stagger. She took a calculated step back to swing the staff at his head when he dropped his body into a crouch to avoid it. Because of the force of her swing, she was unable to stop her forward momentum as she leaned over his ducked form. He did not give her any time to gain her footing as he delivered an uppercut to her chin with his weapon. As she stumbled back from the blow he stepped to the side while he positioned his leg in front of her two feet. He brought his staff horizontally down upon her unprotected neck, making sure to hit the side only.

The speed and force of the execution left her too dazed to see the positioned foot in front of her. Through her pain and surprise, she lost her grip on her staff. She fell forward onto her face and stilled as the end of his weapon pressed into her back. She raised her head a little only to see Naruto's foot kick her weapon away.

/I'm going to get a lovely bruise tomorrow./


Motoharu watched as Naruto matched Gupo in every fist and kick he delivered. He was able to counter the attacks with speed and precision. And because of his huge amount of stamina, Naruto was able to tire Gupo out to deliver the final blow that left the taijutsu master haggard.

He realized that again, Naruto depended on speed and endurance to defeat both Mito and Gupo. He wasn't going to make it so easy on the kid, for the last test, Naruto was going to understand the real meaning of patience.

Motoharu pulled off his katana and started to get ready as he waited for Naruto to catch a breather. From a few yards away, he could hear his uncle encourage the boy on his development. Without glancing in their direction he walked to the center of the training area.

"When you're ready Naruto."

He did not have to wait long, as his nephew ran up so he could walk by his side. They did not speak as they stopped in the center of the area and separated to widen the space between them. Looking across at each other, Motoharu spoke, "Ninjutsu only Naruto."

Naruto's response was a quick hands seal and a hardened cry, "Suiton: Suishouha."

The water wave that came barreling toward Motoharu surprised him. But his hesitation was slight as he countered quickly. "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu."

The pillar of water was erected just in time to cancel out the huge wave. This time Motoharu did not wait to see what his nephew did next, "Doton: Jishin Satsu."

Naruto wavered unsteady on his feet before the earth opened up beneath his feet. He back flipped into the air and as he continued to descend, his hands were busy moving through the seals. Just as his feet touched the ground several feet away from the cracked earth he was ready, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu."

While his uncle was countering that jutsu, he was prepared for another one. "Doton: Doryuu Taiga." When his uncle was caught in the landslide, Naruto did not dwell on it. He rapidly finished his attack. "Doton: Doryuudan."

Using so much advanced ninjutsu was taking a strenuous attack on his chakra. He was very low, and his uncle was still standing. He took a ragged breath and fought for a calm center. It took him a few moments to realize what he had to do.

"I'm guessing that you are low on chakra, at this rate you can't defeat me."

Naruto glared at his uncle and scowled. He set his feet and braced himself. "Suiton: Suishouha!"

The second he let the huge wave go, he felt faint and disoriented, he closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Kyuubi-sama, lend me your chakra."

He heard an answered growl before he looked up and watched his uncle's water dragon blast cut through his wave and headed straight to him. It didn't take but a second as he felt the red chakra move through out his body. Naruto echoed a thank you into his subconscious as he made his attack. "Tajuu Kage bunshin no jutsu!"

Everyone was surprised as they watched hundreds of clones line themselves in front of Naruto. Motoharu watched with amazement as the clones were used as a barrier to stop the dragon blast.

That minute of lost concentration was all Naruto needed to slip silently behind his uncle; "Doku Gasu!" Motoharu turned only to inhale poison gas. It worked fast in his system, moving through out his body; disturbing his motor skills and pushing relentless pain everywhere.

"Katon: Karyuudan!"

The last thing Motoharu felt before darkness took him was scorching heat that washed over his body as he collapsed.