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Shadows abound in the musty corridors of Hogwarts. Some find solace in the darkness, a place to hide from the world or just to relax in dark's comforting embrace. Others shun the shadows and darkness, fearing the loss of light which allows them to pretend that they have some control over their lives. There was one, however, who did not fear the shadows, nor embraced them, but rather used them in ways that shook this school to its foundation.

Despite a life that was later found out to be one of nothing but constant pain and hardship, he did not waver in the end, and with his actions he protected us all. Those who had shunned him, hurt him, and made his life far worse than any of us could possibly dream, were saved by the very creature we helped condemn. I can't help but think that this was, in some way, the greatest prank ever played, something that the Marauders of old would have loved to claim. Perhaps he's somewhere looking at us now, laughing to himself as those who survived live each day with the almost crushing weight of well deserved guilt. Just the thought produces a feeling akin to cold water running down my spine, considering the note on which we parted.

For those of you who have the stomach, let me relate the tale of our cursed savior, who was known to most as Harry Potter, but like everything else about him we aren't even certain that this was his real name. Very few have access to most of the story as it really happened, and only four other individuals have experienced the agony which is Harry's old pensieve, so this account of events will be as accurate as possible under the circumstances. Since no one living knows the full story, I will transcribe some of the late savior's notes and journal, which were for some reason left into my custody, into this account. One of the only constants in his life was a deep hatred of lies and skewed perceptions, so I will try to do justice to this brave, cunning, damned savior.