Note from the author:

For all those who have enjoyed this story, I am glad that you have done so. I do have a sequel in the works, so this will not be the last you hear from me.

I have something of a wicked streak of my own, which is why I have something of a little contest regarding the sequel. I wish to make some type of signature-style image, so here's the deal: Email me an image somehow featuring something along the lines of "I heart Vetis", and depending of the level of creativity you show I will reward each and every image with a preview of the sequel. Something along the lines of just holding up a sign would earn at least a few sentences, but as the creativity increases so does the length of the sneak peak. Finally, the one that I decide is the most creative will not only receive a good-size chunk for a preview but will also have the opportunity to have a cameo in the sequel. With my eclectic writing style, I can work in pretty much any character type, and I will work with the winner on this. Send the pictures not to the email listed in my profile but the following address: Or, if you prefer, you can host the images on something like Photobucket and send me the link, no worries.

I will keep this up until I post the first chapter of the sequel, which considering my schedule will be something like a month, giving all you twisted lil shutterbugs a chance to really show off.

Until next time, my freaky little darlings.

grins and poofs out in a cloud of vanilla-scented smoke