"Wake up, honey

"Wake up, honey." Cloud gently shook the sleeping Tifa, and she groggily opened her eyes. "What's up?" she wanted to know. "You gotta get ready, the trial starts in three hours." Cloud informed her. Tifa moaned and got out of bed while Cloud strolled in the kitchen to ready breakfast.

"Cloud, I'm afraid." Tifa told her new found boyfriend while drinking coffee and eating ham and eggs. "What if somebody tries to shoot me?" "I don't think they will." Cloud tried to calm her down. "The next suitable roof for a rifleman is about 500 metres away, and I don't think that these guys own a sniper gun." "But...what if you get hurt?" Tifa whined. Cloud took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I won't get hurt, Tifa. And even if I do, the most important thing is to put the killers in prison." "Okay." Tifa murmured, still afraid of what might happen before the trial. She finished her breakfast and got ready to get dressed while Cloud did the dishes. Soon Tifa came out of her bedroom, wearing her best clothes. "I'm ready, Cloud." she told her lover softly. "Okay, honey, let's go."

While driving to the courthouse, Tifa got more and more quiet and nervous. Cloud tried to reassure her that nothing would happen, but he didn't really succeed in it. Finally the two of them reached the courthouse, and Cloud opened Tifas door. She got out and immediately was surrounded by various journalists. "No comment!" Cloud yelled. "No comment, I said!" Protected by his broad back, Tifa managed to get through the nerving journalists and started to walk up the stairs that led to the court, Cloud on her heels. He turned his back to her, checking the people that stood in front of the court for any guns. And suddenly the shot rang.

Tifa let out a shocked scream when Cloud was thrown against her. Blood splashed through the air and stained Clouds blue uniform. "Cloud! Oh, dear God, no! Cloud!!" The cop fell on the stairs, blood trickling from the corners of his mouth and seeping from the bullet wound in his chest. Tifa knelt down next to him, pulling him into her arms. "Call an ambulance!" she screamed, tears running down her face. "Please, don't let him die!" Cloud looked up at her and gave her a weak smile. "Seems that...I was wrong." the detective whispered. "They have...a sniper." "Shh, don't talk." Tifa sobbed. "Just lay still...please don't die on me, Cloud...I love you, please..." "I love you too." Cloud answered. "Go inside there, Tifa...go into the courtroom and...put the killers in prison. Okay?" "Okay...I'll do it for you...as soon as possible I'll be with you." Tifa managed to say between desperate sobs. Meanwhile, the ambulance had arrived; they took Cloud away, and Tifa entered the courthouse.

"...and so shall the high court put Michael Sander and Deacon Wallace in prison for their lifetime." the judge ended the trial, hitting the desk with his hammer. The two killers where led away by four cops, and Tifa left the courthouse as fast as she could.

The young bar hostess tiptoed into Clouds hospital room and was greeted by his weak voice: "You don't have to be quiet, I'm awake." Tifa gave him a heartily smile and sat down next to his bed, taking his hand. "How are you feeling?" "Well, I'm alive." Cloud whispered with a faint smile on his lips. "Yeah, lucky one." Tifa told him before leaning down and kissing him. "I'll ask my chief to transfer me." Cloud told her after the kiss. "I don't want to catch any more bullets." "That's a good idea." Tifa smiled. Cloud smiled back, and both were happy about finding each other.


Authors Note: So, it's done. Finally! Sorry it took so long to all people who waited for it, but I was suffering a MAJOR writer's block, and I had no idea how to finish this piece. Sorry again, and stay tuned for my next tale. Yours truly

Cloud D.