They think I don't notice, and I don't know why. After all, how long have we been friends? How long have we been sharing each other lives?

As long as we've known that Sirius is being beaten at home.

As long as we've known that James still sleeps with a ratty blanket, pushed under the many covers of his four-poster.

As long as they've known I'm a werewolf.

As long as Wormtail has been in our group, knowing nothing, contributing nothing.

And they think I don't see it. See James light up when Sirius walks in. See Sirius wake up from the stupor he sinks himself into. See James eye Sirius's bruises when he comes back from every break, see him wince with Sirius. See Sirius watch James push away the flocks of girls with jealousy.

And I smile, because they're in love, and I know it. And they smile, because they're in love, but they don't know it.