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Summary: One day, Harry receives a letter from his mother who turns out not to be his mother and James is not his father either. His real parents are Piper and Leo from Charmed. Don't read this story if you can't imagine Ron and Dumbledore being bad.

Chapter One: Finding out the Truth

Harry sighed. He had only been there for two weeks and it was already turning out to be the worst summer ever. His relatives ignore him except to give him an impossible amount of chores to do every morning after he made breakfast. And of course, they still hadn't seen fit to feed him properly. They gave him some food, but not enough to satisfy his hunger, especially since he spent a lot of energy doing all those chores. He used to be able to get a bit of bread while he was making breakfast but it seemed his Aunt had wised up to that since she watched him like a hawk from the table. Besides, most of the food he got, he had to share with his beautiful owl, Hedwig. She was locked in his room again this year and so she couldn't hunt for her own food. Harry occasionally managed to pick the lock on her cage and let her out to fly for a few hours but he couldn't risk it too often. His uncle usually came to his room unexpected and if he saw the empty cage, Harry would be in huge trouble.

Harry sighed again and then looked up when he heard a noise outside. He was surprised to see an owl just outside of his window. He quickly opened it to let the bird inside. She looked very old and he was a bit worried about her. He didn't want her to die delivering a letter to him. He gave the poor bird some of Hedwig's water and Hedwig surprised him when she didn't protest as she usually did. In fact, she looked just as worried as he was. He quickly picked the lock on Hedwig's cage, took the letter from the old owl and then left her to rest in Hedwig's cage while Hedwig herself flew to Harry's shoulder.

Harry walked over to his bed and after sitting and petting Hedwig, he opened the letter and started to read it.

Dear Harry!

Harry, if you are reading this, then we are no longer there with you. I am so sorry we had to leave you. If you haven't guessed already, this is your mother, Lily. I hope you have grown into a handsome, smart and most of all, happy young man. Know this; I will always be proud of you, no matter what.

Harry, there is a reason I wrote this letter. I want to tell you something that nobody except James and me knows. Harry, it involves you. I hope that after this, you won't hate me, because this will change your life completely.

I don't really know how to tell you this, Harry, so I'll just put it down bluntly. Sweetheart, you're adopted.

Harry dropped the letter with his moth hanging wide open. It couldn't be true. It had to be a lie. Maybe Fred and George had sent him this letter as a joke. But unfortunately, he had to admit that even the twins wouldn't joke with something like this. He picked up the letter again and carefully looked at it as if to make sure it was real. It was written on real paper and not parchment so he knew it couldn't have been written by most of the pure-bloods, especially those on the dark side. And the writing looked to be pretty worn out, which meant that it was probably written some time ago. It was definitely possible that it was written thirteen years ago by his mother. After he was convinced that the letter was true and he calmed down a bit, he continued reading the letter that would change his life.

There, I said it. I'm so sorry that I couldn't tell you the truth personally. James and I intended to tell you the basics when you turn five and the whole story before you go to Hogwarts but obviously, we didn't get the chance. Now, I'm going to tell you how you came to be with us.

When I was just a little girl, I lived in America, in a city called San Francisco. My best friend was a girl named Piper Halliwell. She is also a witch but she doesn't use magic like we do. For one thing, Piper and her sisters don't use wands. Of course, they didn't know anything about their own magic until they already grew up. A year before I started Hogwarts my father got a job transfer to England and so we moved. Despite moving, I kept in touch with Piper through all seven of my years there. I even got permission to tell her that I was magic. At the time I was really surprised at how easy it was to get permission, but I guess those in charge knew who Piper really was. When I was nineteen, she came to me, asking me for help. By that time, I was already married to James and we had just found out that we couldn't have any children.

Piper told me that she had started a relationship with someone and that she was pregnant but that she couldn't keep the baby because it was too dangerous. Her boyfriend was a Whitelighter and thy weren't allowed to be in a relationship with anyone, let alone have a child with someone. Piper and her boyfriend Leo were afraid that Leo's supervisors would either take the baby somewhere they didn't know was safe or that they would kill the baby because it wasn't supposed to exist. So, Piper came to me and asked me if I could take care of her baby when it was born. Harry, that baby is you. Your mother is Piper Halliwell and your father is a man named Leo Wyatt. Leo also talked to me and he told me about Piper's magic and that it will soon be time for her to find out about it as well. He said that it might be safe enough to bring you home than. I've left you a journal in my personal vault at Gringotts. Just ask the goblins to take you to vault 5459. I wrote everything I knew about Whitelighters and that other kind of magic in my journal for you. Your father then asked me to Obliviate the knowledge about you from his mind because otherwise the Elders, his bosses could learn of you and that would be dangerous. Your mother, on the other hand, visited often during the first months of your life.

There is something else I have to tell you, although it's about me. Harry, I'm a seer. Not a really strong one, but a seer nonetheless.

Harry stopped reading for a moment because he thought he heard his Aunt yelling downstairs. He listened for a moment but he heard nothing so he went back to his reading.

Just before your first birthday, I had a vision. I know that I will die Harry, and I came to terms with that already. I would do anything to save you, even die. I only regret that I will have to leave you alone but at least you will have your godparents. I made sure in our will that they will get custody of you.

I saw one more thing, Harry. I saw Piper fighting demons, although she still had no magic. She was very brave but she failed. I don't know why they didn't kill her but one of the demos did something to Piper. He made her forget about the most important thing to her. I guess they could have tried to make her forget about her sisters so they never would have activated their magic but they didn't know that she had something even more important to her. And that is you. Nobody noticed anything because they didn't know about you. Piper thought it would be safer if nobody knew about you so she didn't tell anyone, not even her family.

I guess that explains why Piper didn't visit us in the last few months. For the first year or so of your life, Piper came for a visit at least once a week using a Portkey James made for her. She would come and play with you for a few hours and then she would give you a bath and put you to bed before leaving. But, one week, she didn't come. And there was no sign of her the next week, or the next, and the next… It must have happened already. She didn't remember you anymore. You were inconsolable when she stopped coming. You would sit there for hours and cry for your Mama, which is what you called her while James and I were Mommy and Daddy. Even as I'm writing this letter I'm watching James trying to calm you enough to go to sleep.

I made a potion for Piper to help her regain her memory. It's in the vault. If you want to meet Piper, get the potion, find her and give it to her. Or you can try to get to know her without the potion first. Whichever you want is fine.

Well, I'm approaching the end of this letter. Your father isn't having any luck calming you down so I'll go have a try. Just know that both James and I love you very much and we consider you to be our son. If we had lived, you would have had two sets of parents. I hope you get to know us better through my journal. Goodbye Harry!



Lily Marie Potter