To have a brother

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Imsocrazy: oh so now you are denying our love well then it's over!

Severus: but there never was… oh never mind I knew I should have just let Voldermort finish me off.

Enter Voldemort

Voldie: Severus my most loyal what are you doing with this pathetic muggle

Imsocrazy: excuse you! But this so happens to be my story!

Severus: so get on with it already!

Imsocrazy: oh hello again! I'm so sorry for forgetting you guys like that but my ex- fiancé and his looney master sidetracked me.


Imsocrazy: still denying our love are you? I never want to see you again! Runs out crying

Voldie: what happened here?

Severus: no clue. I guess I have to do the disclaimer and introduce the story

Enter imsocrazy with a baseball bat

Imsocrazy: no one will steal my story take THAT!

Hits Sev on the head with aforementioned bat. Said person falls down unconscious

Imsocrazy: now that that's over with I can introduce my story. Introducing the newest work by imsocrazy (me) TO HAVE A BROTHER Enjoy

Voldie tries to help Sev

Imsocrazy: oh no you're not stealing my man. Ha lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

Chases Voldie off stage

Chapter 1- Birthday letters

Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world, was staring into the night sky. He was currently perched on the windowsill awaiting the arrival of his faithful owl, Hedgwig. She had been hunting for five days now and to tell you the truth, Harry missed her. Harry heard the grandfather clock in the hall chime twelve. It was his birthday now. An empty feeling made it's way into Harry's soul. It was like this every time it was his birthday. Every time he would wait until midnight for his birthday and every time it came his soul or something would feel empty, like there was another part of him missing. Harry had vague images that would reoccur in some of his dreams. These where of his family. He remembered there had been another person who was the same age as him but he could never make out the face. Deep down Harry knew this mystery person, who ever he was, was the only one who could make him feel complete. Harry glanced outside and saw a mob of owls make their way to his window. He opened it and let the troop in. He relieved them of their burdens and watched as all but one flew out again. Hedgwig made her way to her cage, ready for a good rest. Harry gave her water and a few owl treats before he went to his presents. The first one was from Ron. He removed the letter on top and began to read.

Hey Harry

Happy birthday mate! How are the muggle treating you? I hope they are treating you alright. Dumbledore said you could come and spend the rest of the summer with us. We will be picking you up on the 12 August. Hermione should be here by then. I know you like her so don't try and deny it. I hope you like your gift. Don't let the muggles get you down.

Your best mate


Harry shook his head, how had Ron known that he liked Hermione? He set down his letter and opened the package that had come with it. Inside were whole assortments of sweets. Harry also found a jumper from Mrs. Wesley and a tin of homemade fudge. Harry smiled as he picked up his next gift. This one was from Hermione. He picked up her letter.

Hello Harry

Happy birthday! Enclosed in the package is the first part of your birthday present. The other part I will give to you at Hogwarts, as it hasn't arrived yet. It was mail ordered. How is your summer so far? My family and I went to France. It was sooo interesting. I got to visit so many museums and castles but we didn't get a chance to see the Mona Lisa. We went to the Eiffel tower. I would not go to the very top. You know why. I really am trying to get over my fear of heights. I hope you like your gift. See you at Ron's.

Love Hermione

Harry opened the package that had arrived with Hermione's letter. He grinned as a book fell out. He turned it over and looked at the title, Famous quidditch players and their histories. Just like Hermione to send him a book. He wondered what the second part of his gift was. He didn't ponder on it long as he reached for his next letter. It was his Hogwarts book and supply list for the year. He put this away with his other letters. He wondered if they would be going to Diagon Alley while at Ron's. He took his last letter, which was written in a scrawl he didn't recognize. It was addressed to him as my little seeker. Curious he opened the letter. Harry gasped it was from his mother.

My beautiful baby it started

If you are receiving this then it means that both your father and I are dead but you have survived the war. I sincerely hope that you are being taken care of by your godfather Sirius but if you are with my sister Petunia then remember that I'll always love you and that you are very special. I charmed this letter to appear to you on your twelfth birthday because I felt that you are mature enough to handle what I'm about to write. Harry you may think that you are an only child but you are not. You are actually the eldest of two twins, your brother being only a minute younger. You two were absolutely identical except for your hair and eyes. While your hair was black like your fathers and your eyes green like mine, your brother had red hair and hazel eyes. You two were almost inseparable. Now I know you are wondering who your brother is and what happened to him? Well your brother is David Sean Potter. When we had to go into hiding I gave your brother to your uncle, Severus Snape. Yes the same Severus who probably teaches you potions. Severus is my half brother. We had the same father but different mothers meaning I wasn't muggle born as most believe, I was halfblood. Don't hate him because he is cruel. Knowing Sev he probably shut off all emotion from himself the day I died and you were placed with my sister. He is really a kind man; give him the chance to be your uncle again. You and Dave adored it when he visited. Back to your brother. I told Sev to place your brother with the Malfoy's because I knew Narcissa to be great person and she was Sev's cousin and couldn't have children. I was told his new name was Draco Lucius Malfoy. Giving your brother up was the hardest thing for us to do but it was necessary. James said that we should have probably given you to Sirius but I couldn't bear to be without both my children. James insisted and we were going to leave you with Sirius on the 1st of November. You were so upset without Dave, we all were. We couldn't get you to sleep that night. The reason that you have no recollection of your brother was because we put memory charms on both of you. They should break the day you start your second year at Hogwarts. Love and protect your brother Harry and give Sev the chance to be a part in your life. We will always love you and your brother and regret separating you two. Keep well and say hi to Severus for me. Oh and give him a kiss for me too.

Your loving mom

Lily Evans Potter

p.s. I know I shouldn't tell you but you and your brother are telepaths as well as empaths. Don't be frightened when you hear voices in you head as this is quite normal.


Harry sat in shock. 'My brother, my twin brother is Draco Malfoy and my uncle is the one teacher at Hogwarts who hates me with a passion. Why is it that none of my family ever loves me' he thought as he lay down and wept for the life he wished to have but couldn't.

At the same moment Harry received his letter Severus Snape sat staring at the one he received from his little sister who had been dead for about 12 years. Severus just stared at the parchment he held in his hand not really reading the words. Of course he had memorized the whole letter before. He still couldn't believe he had treated his nephew badly for the whole of the previous year 'well done Severus you caused one of your favorite nephews to hate you.' he mentally berated himself. Severus read the letter whose words he had long memorized.

My dearest brother, Sevvie

Ha! I know you hate that nickname but I couldn't resist. If you receive this letter, which I hope you won't, then it means that James and I are dead but somehow Harry and Dave have survived. Hopefully Albus put Harry with Sirius as we had planned on doing but something tells me that he is with my sister Petunia. Sev you HAVE to get him out of there! My sister and her husband are known for hating magic. They will probably starve and abuse Harry. Knowing you, you probably think that he has been pampered. That is probably far from the truth. Get my baby from there Sev and love him like you used to. I'm sure he'll need it. Get Dave as well. The memory charms we placed on them should break when they start their second year of Hogwarts. Reunite the twins and love them as your own Severus. They will probably need all the love they can get. Explain to Dave what we had to do. The twins have probably been feeling as if a part of them is missing, that is because their powers were bound together. You know how that works don't you. When twins are separated most of their powers are bound because they are not 'complete' in a sense. When Dave and Harry come in contact with each other their powers will be released. It is said to be painful. Explain to Dave about the changes he will be undergoing. And you Severus Lucas Snape! I know you have probably blocked out all emotion from when James and I will probably die. Open up and live my brother, love and cry again. Be the uncle that my boys will need. By the way my will is in our joint vault. You probably have not been there for a long time. Get it and give it to Dumbledore. It will hand all guardianship to you over the boys. Also there are two pendants. The blue one goes to Dave and the red to Harry. Make sure that they get them Sev. It keeps them safe. Your necklace is there as well. Wear it for me. It allows you to keep track of the boys and know if they are in trouble.

Now that's over with let me tell you about the powers the boys are going to probably receive. As you know the Snape family potions skills will probably be released more in Harry than in Dave. Dave always seemed to be more of the potions brewer. I remember bath times were he would insist on mixing the bubble bath. Oops getting of track. The twins' musical talent will also be released. Sev remember the music we could make. From what I researched Dave will be able to play the guitar, like me, and the saxophone. Harry will most probably be able to play the drums, like James, and the cello. James was so excited he had custom instruments made and they are in a vault as well, this time it is in my personal vault. Ask Albus for the key. Severus I want you to play with the boys. Get your violin out of the vault where you stored it. Please Sev I don't want you to be upset and not live because of me. After two years I will be able to visit you in your dreams. I will know if you are happy or not. Sev I want you to fly again, soar on the clouds so high but speaking about flying the twins are natural flyers like James, well I think they are, and Harry will most likely be a seeker, he has good reflexes even as a baby, and Dave a chaser or keeper. I think that's enough about the twins' powers. The rest will be a surprise. I wasn't nearly put in Slytherin for nothing.

Remember I love you a lot Sev and will miss you more than you can ever imagine. Tell Dave and Harry that I love them more than life itself. Take care.

Your loving sister and friend

Lily Evans Snape Potter.

P.S. WAIT I almost forgot to tell you that the twins are both going to be telepathic and empathic. Dave is more empathic than Harry though. He will be able to feel Harry's emotions before the binds and charms break. Harry will also be able to feel Dave's emotions but not at the same intensity. .


Severus got up from his place in front of the fire and moved to his chambers. He went to his wardrobe and took down a box which he kept at the very top. He sat on his bed and took the photos out. He searched for the one of his nephews. There. Severus glanced at the photo. Harry and Dave where both in the bath tub and were splashing him with bath water. Lily came and gave him a towel to wrap both twins in. since he had his back turned he hadn't seen the evil grins which were identical on the boys' faces. He remembered that as soon as he had bent down to pick them up they had pulled him in the bath. Since the floor was wet and he hadn't had very good balance he had fallen in. Both boys laughed at him as well as his sister. Severus placed the photo on his bedside table and for the first time in twelve years he cried.

Draco was sleeping fitfully so it was no surprise when he woke to the tapping on his bedroom window. He glanced to it. There was a pure black owl, which looked impatient. Draco got out of bed and opened the window. The owl flew in and Draco relieved it of its burden. The owl then flew to the other side of his room and fell asleep. Puzzled by the antics of the owl Draco looked at the letter in his hand. Deciding there was no way he was going to get back to sleep Draco sat on his bed and opened the letter. He began to read:

My baby oh my precious little chaser

I miss you so much! Your brother has been so miserable ever since we had to give you up. That was the hardest thing we ever had to do and we only did it so to protect you. We loved you more than life itself. You and your twin. If we had had a choice we would have kept both you and your brother. Unfortunately we had to give you up when we discovered we were in trouble. Your uncle Sev and James, your father, had to put me in three body binds so they could take you. I really had over reacted. Oh you are probably very confused. Draco you are the younger of two twins, your real name is actually David Sean Potter. Your twin brother is Harold, or Harry, James Potter. Harry is your older brother by a minute. You were both born on the 31st July. Harry at midnight and you at a minute past midnight. You were my miracle babies. You and Harry were absolutely identical except for your hair and eyes. Your brother had gotten your fathers black hair and my green eyes while you got my red hair and his hazel eyes. Unfortunately you were both cursed with the untidiness. Nothing you try will make it lie flat. We tried with James and by we, I mean your uncle Severus, myself, your godfather Sirius and Remus. I sincerely hope you are happy. If you think your brother has been pampered then I really hope you are right but I have a feeling that my sister and her husband will not love him the way he deserves. Please Dave, love your brother. When you were younger you two were almost inseparable. The only time we could separate you was when you were fast asleep and even then you were aware when the other was missing. You are probably wondering about Severus. Well he was my half brother. We had the same father but different mothers. Dave your uncle is a kind man but he has probably cut himself off from all emotion from the moment I die. Help your uncle open up Dave, help him be the man he used to.

When we were going to give you to the Malfoy's; Nacrissa is Severus' cousin; we had to put charms on you to hide your true appearance. The charms should break when you start your second year at Hogwarts. Also your hidden powers will be unleashed when you come in contact with your brother. A bit of friendly advice, Dave you're an empath. Try and avoid situations where there is a high concentration of emotion. Ask your Uncle Sev about it but not even he knows all about that. Maybe he can train you to bock out the unwanted emotion. It is said to be painful, the charms binding your powers breaking I mean, but at least you'll have your uncle and brother to help you. Love them Dave, they both need it.

Keep well and know that I will always love you, more than life itself. I will always look down on you.

Your loving mother

Lily Evans Potter

Draco placed the letter on his bed. 'Well that explains why I feel empty every time this date comes around. So I really am a Potter, which explains why the sorting hat wanted to put me in Gryffindor/ Ravenclaw. I'll have to apologize to Harry and his friends. Also I have to ask Uncle Sev about all this but that can wait until morning.' Thought Draco. He climbed into be and was drifting off when a flood of emotions bombarded him. He felt sadness, despair, and loneliness, fear and pain. He shrugged it off and fell asleep unaware of the thoughts of one Harold James Potter.

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